Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by pooks, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    I'm also up for complaining. I doubt they'll pull the ads, but it'll make them far less likely to associate with Scientology in the future,
  2. vananon Member

    Re: scientology dianetics commercials

    I feel so left out. I watch Discover (and it's sister channels), A&E, and History regularly and haven't seen any of these commercials :(
    It's probably the fact that It's the Canadian 'versions' of these channels...but still I feel so left out.
  3. semysane Member

    Re: scientology dianetics commercials

    Yeah, it looks like they might have given up on us up here. That doesn't bode well for the Canadian orgs :D

    A while back I went to a local Chapters to put YouFoundTheCards in their copies of Dianetics and only found two copies. Also, no other Hubbard books or biographies on ANY scilons (that I knew of at the time; I'm more educated now and might spot some next time)

    Note to self: put cards around Tom Cruise DVDs in video stores.
  4. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: scientology dianetics commercials

    uhm... no they will gain people... and with the introduction of will smith being pussy whipped and converted...

    we are going to see a huge influx of ethnicities.

    in order to counter this campaign we need to direct our targets in the masses.

    fliers that have information on the racismt and ill treatment of african americans.

    the racist remarks made by l ron hubbard.

    we need to re think our shotgun blast approach at getting people to become aware and start bringing in a good pr where we can get people to actually think and spread the word.

    and no dont tell me that we are because we arent!

    we arent handing out fliers that ask questions like...

    "in a letter to his wife... lron hubbard said this about black people."

    we arent doing that.
    we arent going for specific ethnicities..

    we need to target comunities and make them become aware of what is going on.

    because as of right now....
    we truly need to step up our game and start going for specifics.
  5. Consensus Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Jeff Hawkins is a former scientologist who actually designed and executed the original tv book campaign that got Dianetics on the new york times best seller's list. Reading his account of it all, it sounds like Miscavage, in his arrogance, killed the project for being 'downstat' (becuase the trend of high sales peaked early and then slowly declined, even though it was selling orders of magniutude more books than before the campaign).

    This may be Miscavage eating crow. My fear is, the initial campaign was actually successsful. On the other hand, it looks like they're targeting the exact same demographic they targeted in the mid 80's, and that demographic is not going to be anywhere near as receptive to scientology now (since that's the south park demographic).

    I think we do need to step up to this. We need to make sure everybody knows dianetics=scientology, and scientology=danger! It's kinda funny, if they started a major tv ad campaign six months before we formed, we'd have our work cut out for us - but we've got a six-month head start on them.
  6. xenubarb Member

    Re: scientology dianetics commercials

    Yes, there has been a huge push lately. Volcanos on cable channels everywhere. I've been reading Jeff Hawkin's blog, where he describes how he developed the Dianetics commercials and ad campaign. The first project doubled the sales of Dianetics. The massively successful campaign was so effective, Hubbard himself kept his paws off it, and Hawkins had people running interference for him when grubby little middle managers tried to take over his office.

    One of the things he talks about, regarding the success of the Dianetics media blitz, was his decision to use a very focused campaign, rather than the BUY THIS BOOK approach that had been used earlier. He sent out feet on the street, interviewing people and having them fill out questionaires in order to determine the best "niche market" to focus on. Who was most likely to buy Dianetics?

    A later campaign made the commercials more personal. "Why are you not succeeding in life?" "Why is fear holding you back?" This one was very successful as well. Then Hubbard died, and DM took over; his ignorance and heavy-handed control destroyed Hawkin's office, sending the team scattered to other projects or, as in Hawkins' case, out of Scientology completely.

    Now we see that DM has reconsidered the effectiveness of the "personal" approach that once sold so many books. He is trying to recreate the past success by having these commercials all over cable; but the thing is, Hawkins chose to advertise on cable channels back when cable tv was new and relatively cheap compared with broadcast tv.

    Is it too little, too late? There are huge differences between then and now. The elements that made Hawkin's campaign succeed are no longer viable. Too many people know about Dianetics and Scientology. They're advertising to an audience that, demographically, is well-informed, intelligent, and wired up to the net. Cable advertising is no longer cheap, and these ads are running in "young adult prime-time." Dianetics in my South Park?

    We can learn from Jeff's experience. Focusing on niche demographics is a good idea, as Lord Ceptimos points out. It works. Hell, if it'll sell a crappy book like Dianetics, it's bound to kick ass for us!

    I sense an air of desperation in this current Dianetics blitz. They're not selling books at the stress tables. They can't get them into legitimate bookstores. Solution? Advertise when people who are netizens dip into cable tv for their daily dose of animation! Yeah...that'll work! DM thinks so, anyway.

    They want the young, bright college students, who can be coerced into dedicating their lives to Ron's vision. Quit school for a higher purpose, you idealistic seekers!

    But, youtube for 'scientology,' and the second video today is Epic Walker Lady, aka Wingranny. Blocking an older woman with a walker from going home down her own sidewalk isn't gonna sell many books.

    Ads don't mention Scientology though. Perhaps we need a push to inform people that Dianetics is the gateway to the Bridge to Total Failure.
  7. AnonLover Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    i agree we should definitely take steps to counter this. who gives a shit what kind of market value thier getting from the ads, the bigger boner is it gives anon a possible new venue for protesting the cult for more media attention.

    and there's lots of angles we can work on this - write letters complaining to local cable companies & the national networks, post topics complaining on the network show messageboards, make a dedicated flyer or two and gather a list of the network ad sales offfices...

    eg: A&E Network checkout the next to last page for network contacts in this national ad sales brocuhure

    note the marketing/advertising divisional offices in NYC, Chicago, detroit, and atlanta. tasty targets for specialized flyering raids maybe?

    we just need to gather a list of these locations + few flyers and spread this down to the decentralized sites & local cells in those areas. then try to start a new flashraid or localized picketing trend for specifically targeting the networks for "STOP SCIENTOLOGY ADS" & "STOP SUPPORTING A DESTRUCTIVE CULT" message spreading. the networks might not pay us much mind, but maybe the media will cuz it's new/different... when was the last time a major network was protested or boycotted? nevar?
  8. LOLserker Member

    Re: scientology dianetics commercials

    I tried to enturbulate on Comedy Central's website, but they apparently don't have a forum to access and exploit. Either that, or I botched the search too early (it was real bad, I had to unplug the comp).

    At any rate, I think the best course would be to boycott any station that advertises Dianetics, and inform them that we will continue to do so until the commercials are pulled. I believe that, given our numbers and fluid nature, we could seriously cripple a station that runs Dianetics ads. If every anon got even one friend to boycott with them, there'd be untld numbers of individuals, an entire demographics worth, down the tubes overnight.

    Either that, or we take to the streets and start re-educating people what scientology is all about.
  9. Anonymimity Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Let them waste money on the ads. It's true, they're just wasting cash because they probably won't sell nearly the amount of books they need to get that money back.

    Also, it's kind of a footbullet... seeing as scientologists deny the existence of Xenu but the exploding volcano is an integral part of the Xenu story. And there the volcano is, on the commercial. Which, BTW, makes me lol every time I see it.
  10. DTWanon Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Hmmm interesting that many of those networks belong to Viacom, no?
  11. AnonLover Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    yeah, imagine that :colbert:
  12. Consensus Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    I think the most effective thing we could do is make a good parody of the ad.

    Not a lame parody, with fart noises added or something, and not a 'serious' parody, where we talk about how incredibly evil the cult is... but just a poke-fun-at-while-being-incredibly-hilarious parody. Like a 'Read the book, Join the Cult!' campaign.

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