Did Anonymous accidentally the whole world?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    China affected. Gold prices at record. My gas tank is hurting.
  2. none given Member

    Yeah, I think maybe we did.
    It is destabilizing but it will be much better in the long run. Huge markets are going to open up because of this.
    Also, we can't take all the credit. these situations were ripe and ready to happen. We just provided a template and an arsenal.

    EDIT: re: China; that shit is gonna assplode big time.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    No. The world did.
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  4. We may have been a catalyst, but there were far, far more things that contributed to the fall of two regimes and counting. Insofar as we helped Iran, we were important in that we showed the rest of the world how they could get it done. That said, Failbook and Twitter were more important when the shit really got serious.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts ... diddly dee
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  6. Anontacular Member

    The people did it. That's what good people do. They keep things right.
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  7. Stickman Member

    It's a fascinating phenomenon, the idea that they might get some of us, but they can't stop all of us seems to have swept through a massive swath of downtrodden humanity. When a feared dictator of four decades starts getting pwned by 3 year olds, it's definitely game over.

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Sleeper anon. Gov.Walker.jpg
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  9. Anonymous Member

    We didn't start it, we didn't finish it, but we were there.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    No, you were in your basements thinking you were there.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Thanks Herro. As always you bring a breath of fresh air to the proceedings.
  12. Anonymous Member

    I'll wager anything this anon doesn't do shit cept chat with other nerds and talk shit. Provemewrong.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    In my dreams.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Her was virtually there in cyberspace. Meatbodies are so last century.
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Mods, please send this thread far away.
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  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. Timmibal Member

    Anonymous did insofar as a leaderless group of like-minded individuals collaberated towards a single goal.

    That is all.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Next up:
    Anonymous declares war on Anonymous.
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  20. cooljetguy Member

    I am somewhat surprised that the media has not credited anonymous to these political uprisings. They instead credit facebook and twitter neglecting the fact that it was us who started the groups on facebook and coordinated the efforts via twitter.

    Meh oh well.. All that matters is that everything is going according to plan.
  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Herro Member

    You know it seems to me that many people on this site are having problems with causal order. It's kind of hard to claim that Anonymous caused any of these uprisings when all the stuff that Anonymous has done has been in response to what is happening "on the ground."
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  23. Anon500 Member

    Oh Anonymous was there being beaten by the pro-dictator thugs in the streets, and Anonymous was there providing communication support, hacking into lamp posts for power in Tahrir square, carrying portable harddrives full of footage to the only guy close by who had a working internet connection, etc. And Anonymous in other countries have been setting up TOR nodes and websites and spreading tools and information. This has been building for years by the way.

    If you pay a tiny bit of attention to the in-depth articles about this wave of democratic uprisings, the Internet, has been instrumental. Some of the named activists in Iran, Tunisia and Egypt have credited Anonymous (as in us, the empty suit mask faggots) for essential help, while anonymity online in general also has been credited. But even those anonymous activists who have been arrested, beaten, and had their identities revealed continue to speak out. So you don't have to be anonymous, but it helps.

    Herro and you might stay in the basement, but some of us other people have been doing some legwork.
    You can help from the basement though - we need some people to wade through all the information. We also need people to distract the "enemy" with pointless drivel, of which Herro posts and 4chan memes are useful.

    That said, Twitter and Facebook also deserve credit as useful tools. The Egypt protests started as a Facebook event after all - that's impossible to dispute.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    This is just the tip of the iceberg ! This is going to effect every country including the U.S. People are sick of their governments and our next goal is the Federal reserve system . It is time for the Treasury to give us back dollar that is backed by something other than debt ! Watch the dominoes fall people !
  25. Anonymous Member

    Wasn't that the 'dome?...
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Not Ron Paul's personal army, dude.

    Note that this uprising is for the very right to be heard and have influence. We already have that here in the "free world", even though our systems aren't perfect. Progressives, socialists and religious conservatives in the Middle East joined together in demanding freedom.

    Take your Gold Standard and eat it.
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  27. LOL there is no Gold Standard for decades now
  28. veravendetter Member

    TOTALLY. Get over yourselves keyboard wannabes. Anonymous does stuff to help, no doubt, but 'we' did fuck all to spark ANY of this shit. Jesus Fuckin' Christ! Get back to me when you're getting shot at for flying the wrong flag faggots. Herro gets so much shit here, and sometimes, yes, he's being a contrarian, but fuck knows where your teenage egos would end up without people like him patrolling these boards.
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  29. Silly433 Moderator

    zeitgeist much?
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  30. Anonymous Member

    You seem to fail to appreciate the international nature of Anonymous. You realize that there are Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans, etc. who are Anonymous (both big A and small a) right?

    Just because Herro is useless doesn't mean the rest of us are.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Sort of my point, actually. The main value of money is that other things of value can be obtained by spending them. Gold is only useful as a raw material, in artwork or as a collector's item. Using it as currency is no more God's law than using dried bricks of tea.
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  32. Herro Member

    Then Anonymi in those countries participated. That's not the same thing as causing this shit. The most any of you are is tools. Moderately useful tools but tools none the less. Not everybody on this planet needs white folks from the West to save them. Some people around here seriously need to check their egos. Not me of course. I'm just pure awesome.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    I wouldn't say Anonymous had no part in it,
    but WWP has been pretty much just an off-site cheerleading squad.
  34. the infrastructure and quality of the housing/buildings of a country are the bottom line now
  35. Anonymous Member

    Are you confining your definition of Anonymous to those who post on /b/ and WWP only? If so, then you're correct. If not, you're wrong.
    But even if you're right, being a willing tool of change and fun is what always appealed to me about Anonymous.
  36. Anonymous Member

    That and the creativity, competency and work ethic of its workforce.
  37. veravendetter Member

    People doing things on computers doesn't mean they give a fuck about or identify with Anonymous/anonymous. They don't give a fuck about GF masks, chans, memes or Linux Mint, and any attempt to co-opt them into your white-boy group and thereby inherit some credit is disingenuous. That's what I'm objecting to. You seem to be saying that all I.T. know how in these countries is somehow connected to 'A/anonymous'.
    aalso, you assume a lot by saying Herro is useless
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  38. Get a life LONG LIVE ANONYMOUS.

  39. Anonymous Member

    You'll find that the memes are slightly different - while they have some of the same TV shows as you do in America, they also have their own cultural references added in. "Anonymous" is also often translated into the local language, but treating "Anonymous" as a single person, trolling, and other attributes of what you think of as unique to 4chan, also occurs in the non-English Anonymous variants, and there is also cross-pollination due to many of them knowing English and communicating internationally.

    The Wikipedia article on Anonymous (group) lacks content from the non-Anglophone part of the world, but this isn't the wikipedos' fault - it's just that media reports and academic research hasn't had time to cross the language divides.

    After the dust settles, you'll have lots of interesting reading to do.
  40. veravendetter Member

    If you're talking to me ,I'm British. Also, if you class anyone who uses a computer intelligently and prefers to remain 'anonymous'; as part of a group we can all claim collective credit from, then personally I think that's naive.
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