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Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by Hufsa, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Hufsa Member

    If you don't have an account, it's easy and it takes a few seconds. Digg is a powerful too to reach a vast area of internet citizens, it is something we must use to our advantage to spread the word.

    I suggest you to get a new e-mail account (Gmail, hotmail etc) instead of your personal one to remain anonymous when registering on Digg.

    1. Register an account on It's free.
    2. Click this link
    3. Click on Digg!
    4. ???
    5. Profit!

    #1 Frontpage:
    #2 Frontpage:

    NEW Direct link:

    Also it is always best to Copy & Paste the urls in another tab in your browser instead of direct clicking the links. This way, the algorithm will not take into account that all diggs are coming from the same source thus making the articles reach the frontpage more easily.

    More Diggs!
  2. IranPetition Member

  3. Hufsa Member

  4. Hufsa Member

  5. IranPetition Member

  6. Ten min email not working

    yes it is not working for the ten min email
  7. Hufsa Member

    You mean digg is not accepting 10 minute mail anymore?
  8. It does not work for me anymore, baby
  9. BlazeOne Member

    i dugg all the links shown in this thread... numbers were still pretty low on most.

    clicky the links people!
  10. Just chiming in to confirm that 10 minute mail e-mails are being rejected by Digg on my end as well.
  11. Hufsa Member

    Alright fixed. Apparently there is an IRC channel open for the Digg Army. You can join it on SSL on port 6697, non-ssl on port 6667 at #Diggarmy.

    If anyone can submit articles, videos and links to this forum on Reddit, Slashdot, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Buzz that would be a nice addition too. Let's not limit ourselves to only one social media
  12. IranPetition Member

    the server is just irc.whyweprotest ?
  13. ive posted it on facebook and will keep refreshing it as my status for as long as needed. strait from america's midwest.
  14. Hufsa Member

  15. I dugg!
    Dugg everyone and help Iran!
  16. sono_blink Member

    knowing the truth and spreading it < peace and love to all >
    stop fuking the american people and leading them into war,s for to gain a few,
    waken up america to the truth.
  17. Dig all the links!

    Over 300 people are viewing this forum. Why aren't there over 300 diggs on all of these links?
  18. link to video please

    Im in europe and the video is not accessible here "due to copyright restrictions" please mirror or set up a new site so those of us outside the US can view it. Thanks!

    dugg anyway
  19. * correction: the video
  20. Freedom

    Peace & wisdom for people from Iran ! wrote by a Romanian people.
  21. Freedom

    Peace & wisdom for peoples from Iran ! wrote by a Romanian citizen.
  22. IranPetition Member

    please digg the other two links. we've already got the main article on the front page, now lets get the rest there.
  23. Scythe-IRAN Member

  24. Video remix!

    Remixed the video, using animoto:
  25. I really hope

    I really hope that Unitade States attac Iran soon and liberate country from uber religiuos fanatics.Iran is a fine country but those leaders should decapitate!!!
  26. AR. Member

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  28. CreamyG31337 Member

  29. Nul.nul Member

  30. phloflo Member

  31. Been using Digg to spread word about Iran for several weeks now, I'll use it to help you all out.

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