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    The KGB used this method of silencing enemies of a different regime:

    Special Services Against the Ordinary People

    and this family claims that ordinary terror morphed into a pattern of years of
    attempts to wipe out intellectuals who might oppose the regime. Were they
    actually victims, as they claim, or were they mentally ill? Who knows...
    In any case, clicking on the other pages brings up a frightening pattern that is
    fascinating. The sickness of power gone mad is revolting.
  2. Sometimes, the people win.

    When hunting Bear, sometimes you get the Bear, sometimes the Bear gets you.

    During WWII, someone at British SOE came up with an idea to conceal explosives for use by the French Underground. They had a Taxidermist stuff Rats full of Plastic Explosive. The idea was that they could be hidden in plain sight as nobody was likely to investigate a dead Rat very closely.

    The first shipment was to be delivered by parachute drop but the aircraft was shot down. The Germans, upon examining the wreckage found the ersatz Rats and became alarmed.
    The Gestapo put out a notice to the French population to deliver any Rats they found to Gestapo headquarters. The French, seeing the potential humor in this, began to deliver Rats to the Gestapo in enormous quantities. Some were still wiggling. The Germans were overwhelmed.

    It caused more damage to German morale than the explosives would have caused, and kept thousands of their troops otherwise occupied for Months.

    You just have to be creative and see the potential in any given situation that might arise.
  3. Jakomeyu Member

    pretty much every government has done something like this in the past

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