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Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Anonxmous, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Discussion - Kiwis - IAS donator info.

    KiwiAnon down?

    Anyway, pulled the donation info for NZ and did a bit of googling.

    These (except Dr Helen Smith) are not harpoon targets (unless discovered otherwise) - we don't want them donating MORE because they/the cult is under attack.

    They need educating to dry up the money supply.

    948 Patron with Honors @ $100,000.00 = 98,480,000.00
    4373 Patrons @ $40,000.00 = 17,492,000.00**

    NEW ZEALAND 11 Patrons 1 Patron with Honors


    Anne Carmichael

    Vicky Casement

    William Chesterton

    John Cooper

    Denver Frater

    Ron & Suzette Gramann

    Michel Losser
    No Losser in NZ White pages

    Paul Redfern

    Helen Kay Smith
    Auckland PHO - Practices - Holistic Medical Centre
    ECT not made treatment of last resort - Medicine - NZ Herald News
    CCHR YFHR etc

    Ben & Shelley van den Berg
    Scientology - Ben van den Berg a Scientologist - find out what I have gained from Scientology...
    Scientology/Dianetics/L. Ron Hubbard/Church of Scientology

    Peter Zimmatore
    No Zimmatore in white pages
    Zimmatore in New zealand - White Pages? New Zealand
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