Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by novocherkassk, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. novocherkassk Member

    Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    This anon would like to get some intel together about the state of Australia's sci infestation.

    We have orgs in Melb, Syd, Adel, Perth and Bris, and a "mission" in Canberra, right?

    In other threads here it is reported that Canberra is being propped up only by 2 SO tards, and that the Bris org is fail and most of their members have been 'recalled' to Syd.

    Ausfags, report in.

    My contrib: Melb org is still there. We have a *complete* staff list (full names, divisions and positions) current 1/08 from someone who blew. It lists about 70 staff. It is incredible the number of staffers that are related to each other. We must have the most incestuous org in Australia! Melb org can't even organise the move up to their 'ideal' out in the suburbs. They postponed the sale of their city HQ in december.
  2. Anon23517 Member

    re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs


    I did a bit of reading last night while waiting for it to cool down, and found some tid-bits about our local org on exscn.


    Full thread here: Canberra Org shrinking not expanding - yet another move - Ex Scientologist Message Board

    This is what it looks like on Google street view: Scientology Adelaide South Australia - Google Maps
  3. novocherkassk Member

    re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    Thanks, Anon. It has been hot as in Melb too, but I heard that Adel has had it even worse. Anyway, it has cooled right down now thank Xenu! It was win when Jane Lomax Smith said Scientologists were "bastards" who should be taxed!

    It is good that Adel org seems to be doing badly.
    On paper, there are loads of staffers here in Melb, but the number of actual clams I've seen on raids is harder to determine. Last time, we saw the cult leader Manny, and maybe 4 or 5 scilong on the ground floor at the most. The Melb Org is a 4 or 5 storey building but I don't think there could have been more than a dozen clams in thar.

    Also, one anon watched the building on a sunday when the weekly "service" was meant to happen (ha, they're pretending to be a church! so cuute!) and noted that not a single clam entered the doors.

    /r/ing info on syd, perth, syd orgs!
  4. Anon23517 Member

    re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    No cool change for us until next Saturday, sob.

    IIRC, none of the Scios have come out to handle us since the first protest. They tend to clam up inside their org.
  5. auchraw Member

    re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    Can any Ozanons help to spread information about the con linking Co$ in Britain and in Australia? It depends ont he fact that Co$ is a charity and tax-exempt in South Australia.

    The significance of this is that Scientology in Britain (or at least in England) claims to be a branch of Scientology in South Australia and by virtue of this fiction has decided not to pay tax in the UK. The UK serves as a channel for tax-free funds, ie, money laundering. Turnover in 2006 was 11.4 million GB pounds; membership in the UK is about 2,000.

    Quoting from 2006 annual accounts for "Church of Scientology, Religious Education College Inc" (ref 100802/30 and FC009154): deposited in Companies House London (from Wikileaks),

    1 Its accounts are prepared in accordance with the special provisions of Statutory Instrument 1990 No. 440 relating to overseas companies.

    2 The CoS REC Inc. was incorporated in Australia as a religious charity on 19 October 1976 and commenced activities in the United Kingdom on 1 May 1977.

    3 Taxation: The Church is a South Australia charity, and is established in England for charitable purposes only. The trustees consider that corporation tax is therefore not applicable.

    I believe some Adelaide politicians are opposed to Scientology. Are they aware of this con? Can Ozanons spread the information?
  6. Anon23517 Member

    re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    Adelaide Anons have been looking at this, but no one seems to be quite able to explain how it works and why the status is lodged here. It's all very strange.
  7. Pacifist Member

    re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    This is indeed strange. However, this does mean if tax exemption is removed in Australia, it will domino over on to the UK, right?
  8. re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    Some have sent info to the tax review panel:

    They still want more submissions from the public.
  9. novocherkassk Member

  10. re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    I r want join yew guiz. :(
  11. Anon23517 Member

  12. DeathHamster Member

    re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    Send some of that down the tubes to Ontario, and I'll send back some of tonight's -18C. (They say that molten ice is supposed to fall on Saturday, but that's a lie designed to break people's spirits entering the second half of winter.)
  13. An0nand0n Member

    re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    Ausfags, Britfag here. Pacifist, if they manage to get their status in Australia canned, it's canned in the UK too, so no VAT exemption, hopefully no nice council subsidy for their London [STRIKE]white elephant[/STRIKE] headquarters and less of an incentive for them to use St Hill as a bolthole if (when) things go tits up in the states. The smaller orgs in the UK are hanging on by the skin of their teeth and most of the bigger ones are receiving life support in the form of SO slave labour. Getting rid of their VAT exemption would be HUGE, and its in the hands of the Australian government.

    TL:DR This op is v. important for victory in the UK. GO AUSTRALIA! HARRRRPOOOOOOOOOONS!!!
  14. AnonL Member

    re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    Brisanon here.

    Yes, brisbane org seem pretty empty, there are two guys who run the stress tables and last time we where at the org (which is in the suburbs in back streets) there where two woman and 1 child inside, staff or public: i have no idea.

    I'll ask some of the more active info holding brisanons and post more if i can find anything.
  15. p0m Member

    re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    Just also chiming in from Brisbane, Australia.

    The org itself has seen better days. Going by estimates by our flashraids and by our intelligence agents around the region there's around 4-5 max full time staffers there, though a few look like pressganged publics.

    Stress test tables are back out, but seem to be only manned by two people at most, average of one. They ignore us completely when we set up and persistantly annoy the cops when we're counter-tabling.

    It seems their 'secret' wannabe Narconon office is still active though, as one of the staffers of the place brought her kids decked out in "I'm drug free" shirts to the stress test table one weekend.

    Either way, awareness is up, staff enthusiasm is down and so we're sitting pretty.
  16. supafreak Member

    re: Discussion - Status report: Aussie Orgs

    I've been spying on the Canberra "org" and it's dead, no matter what time of day it is. The glass door is shut and the stairwell usually isn't lit. There's no signage. No public going in. I'll have to camp out one morning and see if I can spot the staff coming to work.
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