Disguise tips, tricks and ideas.

Discussion in 'How To' started by ZombieDocBrown, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. Here is a list of ideas for you to safely hide your identity and to keep you truely Anonymous.

    Please feel free to add any other ideas you can think of to help with hiding your identity.

    Face Protection.

    Masks: When it comes down to it, Nothing beats a mask for hiding your identity. Any mask will help to hide your face but obviously the more of your face hidden the better. A full head mask would be best, this would also hide your hair, your ears and any piercings in your ears.
    What you could be recognised by when not wearing a full face mask: Facial Hair, Hairstyle, hair colour, Piercings, Scars or a facial disfigurement, Glasses, Tattoos.

    Don't like wearing masks or have restrictions on wearing a mask where you are?
    Then you can use the following:

    A full Burka, Claim it's for your Religion, there's nothing they can do about it then.
    Scarf/Bandana, Available easily .
    Medical Mask, Claim it's because you have a cold.

    Face paint, bear in mind that although your face maybe covered in paint hiding your features, the rest of your head is not hidden. Also some facial recognition technology could STILL regonise you.


    What you could be recognised by when not covered by clothing: Tattoos (especiallty on your arms, neck and hands), Scars or disfigurements, Piercings.

    Full body cover, ideal for covering your clothes: Boiler suits, Disposable full body suits, Full latex body suits, A robe, 'Onesies', a Ghilly.

    Shoes: When it comes to shoes, something you can swap over easily would be best, Something easy to store.

    Converse styled baseball shoes, Sandles, Flip flops.

    Ladies: Hide your frame, Pad out your chest or strap down your chest.

    What to do when you are finished at the protest and need to hide your protest clothing.

    1st of all, always make sure you are not being followed and go somewhere safe to change.

    Carry a back pack,You can keep your items in here, when on the protest keep your backpack in a plastic shopping bag.

    Plastic bags from local shops/stores, if you carry a few plastic bags with your items in you could look like you are out doing some shopping.

    If you have worn some disposable clothing over the top of your clothing, or have items you really don't care for, Dispose of them.

    Even when you are now in your normal clothing, Stay away from the Protest area, just in case.

    Powers in numbers.
    It is not a wise idea to be alone as Scientologists can use that opportunity to "Bull Bait" or try to provoke/harass you, then turn around and inform the police/local authorities of your retaliation. The more Anons you group up with, The more eye witnesses


    No matter how much you are covered/hidden, NO disguise will protect you 100%

    I hope this little guide is of help to you at your protests.

    Stay Safe.
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  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Glad you found this and extra points for re-sharing this.
  3. Thank you, I wrote it all up myself, Took me a while and a couple of re-writes but I don't think there's much I missed and I hope people find it useful!
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  4. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    That is good that you found all this info and posted it. This can be a good read for new members.

    You should also mention that there is powers in numbers. It is not a wise idea to be alone as Scientologists can use that opportunity to "Bull Bait" or try to provoke/harass you, then turn around and baww to the police/local authorities. More people you group up with == More eye witnesses.
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  5. This was mainly for disguise ideas, I guess I could put it in near the end of it?
    Added now.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Most of this has been thrashed over before a number of times, there are some good threads on staying anonymous, safe, disguised etc., losing tails etc.(though may be buried in several years of posts), suggest doing some searches on site (once everything is up and running again), and if a mod has a minute to spare do a merge with an existing thread for the bump. :)
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  7. I haven't been 'at the races' for some time now however when one was in the know one heard street cameras on most streets in the developed world had the technology to'14 point plan' anyone's face.
    There are said to be 14 areas on anyone's face ( eye width, length of nose bridge, width of cheekbones etc etc) that it is extremely hard to alter. The solution IS how you've mentioned a full face mask however,a persons gait stride length ankle to knee height, which if recorded can be scrutinized by a software program or good old fashioned eye use to determine identity, alas fuul face mask or not.
    I only write this as a concern for persons to be aware and forarmed. Maybe write a follow up to your original post raising these and other pertinent issues
    Keep it up!
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