Distinction between composition and translation

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    Distinction between composition and translation

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    Re: Distinction between composition and translation

    What do you mean? Only in terms of procedure or also in terms of distinction when you see the thread title (because I think we should always point out in the title if it's composition or a translation project by some kind of standard abbreviation).

    From my experience on translation (but could maybe also be used for composition) I have just written this 11 point procedure below. It also has some ideal elements and certainly isn't complete. Please suggest changes. The following procedure can be seen more or less applied here and here and here(in the case of a wiki page) to get an idea.

    Suggestion of procedure for translation of documents:

    1. Someone announces that he'll translate a specific section of the orgiginal text

    2. Posting of the "raw" translation in a thread just for translation this text (and also in translation wiki if possible)

    3. Review thouroughly the translation
    - first just reading the translation (in the target language) to spot any kind of unnatural or awkward sounding and unclear parts as well as to find mistakes of any kind
    - compare original text with translation if all sentences have the same meaning and style in both language
    - keep in mind frequent translation problem (too literal; parallel sentence structure although not common in target language...)

    4. Comment on translation in thread or wiki (announcement in thread)
    - copy&paste original and raw translation of parts in question as quotations with appropriate labels (and with enough context)
    - make suggested changes as visible as possible (maybe using formatting tags)
    - give explanation for suggested major changes
    - make clear how important a modification is for you
    - also post to inform that one part needs some work if you don't know an alternative or if you're not sure your alternative is better (better too much then too little)

    5. Go through comments of other translators and comment:
    - write if you agree or disagree on a change. In the latter case, give your arguments. Mark those lines of disagreement in a special color so that less involved helper anons can focus on sections where a third opinion is needed
    - if an agreement on a new version is reached: immediately change the current translation (easy with a wiki page; more difficult and less transparent when updating the first posting)
    - maybe we should have a thread/wiki page where we collect sentences that cause problems (more anons, more suggestions, more win, [more chaos?])

    6. Announce when the state of clear translation is reached. :)

    7. Everyone read through the translation one last time keeping 3. in mind and commenting if you spot more mistakes or problematic sections (which normally happens); discuss; reach an agreement.

    8. Every collaborator announce clearly that you approve of the translation (in very controversial cases we might go for the majority decision).

    9. Send text to the anon that delivers to the final destination.

    10. Update wiki page: copy translation with comments (and possibly mixed with original text) to discussion page of wiki and put a clean translation on the wiki page.

    11. For the very paranoid: Compare the translation being used in the final destination with the original to spot possible post translation edits.

    Also to consider:
    - special problems with translation of video because subtitle length is very limited
    - it would be nice if the issue of procedure would be discussed, put into some final version and stickied as a suggested procedure
    - I admit that the above procedure is quite detailed as it is also directed to anons totally new to the business of translation (maybe too much?)

    Looking forward for your feedback!


    PS: Quite possible there are a number of mistakes... No concentration left to reread..

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