Disturbing Sweden is disturbing

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by nailinpalinnow, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Enturbulette Member

    The following was posted on Tony O's blog comments. This is not a dox situation unfortunately, but it is reasonable to assume the poster isn't just dishing out entheta for kicks. If true, Scientology's infiltration of Sweden seems to be going along at a nice clip. I can't help but think about the influence of Karl Rove and his dark arts PR machine, which was charged with and successful at putting the current far right Prime Minister in office. Same crowd also had their fingers dipped in the honey pot sting of Assange.

    People speaking out against Scientology in Sweden apparently get told "Watch out about defaming anyone's religion" and signaled to back off.

    One of life's enduring mysteries is how an obviously criminal mind control cult with many instances of human rights violations as well as documented illegal activity can operate with seeming impunity in the US on a (failing but still) large scale. With Sweden's current leadership as an example of a climate willing to accommodate the cult it makes you ask - are right leaning governments actually in favor of mind control cults on their soil?

    Are there active Anons in Sweden? Sorry haven't lurked on that yet.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Good question.

    Certain mind control cults have been ignored in the US for years despite years of documented law breaking. Scientology and the Moonies immediately spring to mind.

    IMO, this fact is NOT an oversight on the part of the .gov either. The cults do handy things for them like practice brainwashing on people, maintain a steady international network of 'relgious workers' and provide payola.

    Also IMO, they are also used to test the waters and further certain agendas, especially from a 'religious' angle.
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  4. rickybobby Member

    Sounds like there is a lot of education to be done in Sweden.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Fair enough. but it makes sense in light of the fact that serious legal investigation of scientology has not occurred since the oh-so-secret IRS agreement. We're talking about a group that infiltrated the american govt (Snow White). Recent cases that FBI and Homeland Security have been reported to be investigating evaporate like so much pixie dust.

    Even if it's just money to the right campaign that is hindering prosecution, it is still a RICO-type violation, ie conspiracy.
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  6. hi iam josje and narconon netherlands was the only clinic for me in 35 years whom where able to help me. noiw i give lectures at schools with them. the lectures have nothing to do with scietology. we tell the kids how it is to be addicted on drugs in the hope they will never trie drtugs. scientology is not an issue in the lectures and also not in the clinic. they just use therapie whom is develeped by ron hubbard the man who started scientology. in all clinics they use a certain therapy and this is the therapy nn use that s all. they where the only clinic who really did their best to help me. this is really true. friendly greetings josje p.s by now narconon and me warned all people in netherlands for drugs and addiction. this i want to share with you.
  7. Anonymous Member

    ^ This is your brain on scn
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  8. Random guy Member

    Yeah, and tell them all drugs are bad (including prescription drugs), that the reactive substances remain in the fat cells and all sort of unscientific nonsense Narconon is based on. Narconon success rate is below that of any major drug rehabilitation. I'm happy for you that you managed to kick your habit, but the program you are supporting is medically unsafe and a barely veiled front for the cult.
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  9. billybob Member

    Do you tell the children that all drugs are poison?

    Do you tell children that drugs are stored in fat cells? That drugs can be "sweated out?"

    That drugs are released from the fat cells and cause "flashbacks?"

    Do you tell the children about how their "thought pictures" get scrambled when they use drugs?

    Do you tell the children about the tone scale?

    If so, then you are lying to children, and you are teaching Scientology.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Do you tell the school children that L. Ron Hubbard was a great humanitarian? If so, you're a lying scientologist.
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  11. Ze waren er nog niet aan toe. Ik geloof je wel. Scientology is een klein nietszeggend kerkje. Maar er zijn wel mensen onder verdachte omstandigheden doodgegaan in Zuthphen
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  12. ,klein nietszeggend kerkje in Nederland dus
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Just found out that the Queen of Sweden is the president of Mentor Foundation, an anti-drug NGO headquartered in UK. with 6 full time staff. Narconon International is listed in the site as a legit anti-drug organization as well as all it's national subsidiaries.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Gotta link, plox?
  15. Anonymous Member

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  17. Random guy Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    I noticed that, too; I am thinking Ikea didn't go all out in the research department.
    If Narconon wasn't mentioned, it would be hard (I think) to associate these guys with the scilons. Am I missing something?
  21. Anonymous Member

    I need to find time to give the site a very close reading.

    A cursory glancing suggests documentation giving details of where Narconon is, everywhere in the world. This can be good to know, but WWP already knows.

    A careful looking suggests that the listings are in place so gullible people in the world can locate NN close to where they are and therefore become victims of the scam. This is disturbing.

    If IKEA is financially supporting the Narconon-Scientology operation, it rapidly becomes extremely disturbing.

    If it turns out to be what I suspect it is, I'll be 'pooning IKEA.
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  22. sallysock Member

    My bold, I found this from 1998:
    subject: scn: Swedish royals deny Scientology link after video
    To: Keshet <>
    From: Personal Agents <>
    Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 06:12:08 -0700
    Note: Email notification from a news-searching service, for search-term "Scientology".

    Swedish royals deny Scientology link after video (Reuters; 04/06/98)

    STOCKHOLM, April 6 (Reuters) - Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia on Monday firmly denied any links to the Church of Scientology after footage of the royal couple was used in a promotional video.

    Palace spokeswoman Cecilia Wilmhardt said old television footage, dating back 10 years, was used with a voice-over saying the king expressed his approval of the work of anti-drug agency Narconon, which is linked to the Scientology Church.

    "The royal couple had no idea they had been linked to the Church of Scientology until a Swedish television channel saw the video," Wilmhardt told Reuters.
    She said the only contact the royals have had with the church was, indirectly, in 1997 when the King sent a telegram of congratulations to Narconon which was celebrating 25 years in Sweden.

    Wilmhardt said this was the usual procedure when organisations in Sweden celebrated a special anniversary.

    Note: Did they? Critics have suggested that the section was removed only on Swedish editions of the video.

    "Narconon has now apologised and they have assured us that they will withdraw the section of the video with the royal couple," she said.

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  23. sallysock Member

    All kinds of background there:
    Much that may be worth looking over.

    From: &quot;Peter Wennerholm&quot; &lt;;
    Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 11:58:44 +0200
    Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
    Message-ID: &lt;6gah00$3d4$1 outlink.gif &gt;
    A national TV station here in Sweden yesterday showed some interesting footage that was never intended for Swedish viewers. It was taken from a Narconon propaganda movie, a real piece of Oscar-winning material which apparently has been received with standing ovations in the Scientologic communities outside Sweden.
    To make it fairly brief:

    Sweden, right in the middle of the drug swamp, is fighting a losing war against dealers and pushers.&quot; Well, I live in Sweden and this is certainly news to me.
    …The highest crime rate in the Western world.&quot; Bullshit squared and cubed. Check any non-scientology reference work you want.

    ;The police, which has stood powerless against the onslaught has finally recognised the solution - Narcocon (and a no-sound clip of a smiling policeman picking up a book from a table). Just as well there was no sound — the news reporter let the same policeman speak this time, and this is what he said: &quot;I had no idea they were from Narcocon!&quot; He wasn't smiling anymore, either.

    Then a whole bunch of frontpages from our major newspapers were displayed, all of them praising Narcocon — and all of them forgeries.
    And to cap it all, another silent clip, this time of our King and Queen discussing something with their aides, with an ecstatic speaker claiming that they, too, now give Narcocon their full and undivided support. Mrs Tarras-Wahlberg, spokesman for the Royal Court, had this to say: "The King does not support Narcocon. The video was from a private workgroup concerning something entirely different, and I have no idea how it has come public. We will speak seriously with Narcocon about this."
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Awesome reports, Sallysock! Thank you! <3
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  25. Anonymous Member

    There is a shit ton of stuff to examine on this site.

    It may be best to proxy up for it.

    I haven't found a 'scientology' or LRH reference... yet.

    Still looking.

    In general, the site is wearing the humanitarian costume and promoting NN like it's the latest fashion statement. And yes, IKEA is fucking-up, Big Time!
  26. sallysock Member

    There is a ton- I hope that it may provide help in understanding what is going on now.
    I recall visiting it from some time before (maybe during the leila willis time, idk).
    FWIW, background on the site:
    Ted Mayette
    I was a Scientologist in Las Vegas, Nevada, on-and-off for about 12 years. I left in 1995 and became an active critic when I opened an internet account and discovered the Church's crimes (you never hear about those while a member). I picketed for a refund of the money left on my account and was one of the rare individuals to be successful.
    Red outlink.gif
    I am the originator of the Scientology Racism website. Dumbfounded that Scientologists had received NAACP awards —Church founder L. Ron Hubbard harboured many prejudices, which became official Church doctrine— I quickly put up web pages to publicize the blunder. Although most of the responsibilities for Scientology Racism now fall to Keshet, I remain involved in research, I advise on Scientology tech and culture, and I take care of the administrative aspects of maintaining the website.
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  27. sallysock Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Umm...Stockholm cell?
  29. Anonymous Member

    The Swedish royals connection seems fishy -- but just to play devil's advocate -- it seems to be a cult m.o. to "mock up" a link to a legit organization.

    For instance, according to a book I read on the "Reverend" Moon (founder of the "Moonies"), he would get pictures of himself shaking hands with a politician or other and then strongly (!) imply that this person supported the Moonies' mission.

    It's possible this is just about gullible people being tricked. Possible, anyway.
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