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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Vincent Watts, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Vincent Watts Member

    Publishers like Hal Leonard and Cherry Lane are having guitar tabs taken offline as they claim they are the only ones given permission to interpret how to play certain music. They are claiming that any sharing of a visual representation and how to play protected songs is illegal as they alone on the rights to do so. They claim this power is given to them directly by the artists.
    I feel this goes against the values of freedom of information. I would like to help do something about this, but I am brand new in this movement. I started a petition a long time ago but nobody signed. I could use stone help and suggestions.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Not knowing anything, I would think that scanning and uploading published musical scores would be infringement. But listening to a song, writing down the lyrics, writing chord changes over the lyrics, and sharing this amateur info with others would be fair use provided nobody was making any money from the effort.

    But maybe there are web sites that earn money somehow from collections of tabs. In that case, I guess the owner of the copyright might have grounds for requesting removal of their songs from the tab library. But I don't think most musicians would care. In fact, people learning songs makes them more popular and probably boosts sheet music sales.

    So I guess I'd respond by creating a web site listing people who don't want guitar tabs of their music shared. Then everyone can avoid those songs like the plague and the copyright holders can enjoy feeling lonely.
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  3. Vincent Watts Member

    Pretty good idea. I'll start collecting the info.
    I understand that the mentioned publishers want to sell tab books, and I believe that they hold contracts with the record companies rather than the artists. However, these are not photocopied works. Hundreds to hundreds of thousands of characters are painstakingly typed to share. It is the fact that the information is censored. The tabs do not even have to be accurate, match the printed tab, or match they way the artist plays the song. I only want to act because they are suppressing the sharing of information. It would be like getting a ticket for telling you the chords in Knocking on Heaven's Door at G,D,C.
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  4. Hugh Bris Member

    But maybe you should get a ticket.;) You only gave half the progression.:confused:
    Repeat as needed

    About 8 years ago some agency knocked a whole bunch of tab sites off the net, including OLGA, on line guitar archive.
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  5. Vincent Watts Member

    I forgot about OLGA. That place was a mess. :p. Wish I cared more 8 years ago.
  6. Anonymous Member

    So the people who want the tabs taken off the webs are planning to sell books full of tabs? I guess they'll sell more books if the on-line libraries of tabs are missing a lot of good songs.

    If the on-line libraries are getting ad revenue, then someone is making money off the intellectual property. That person can't really complain if the copyright owner isn't cool with that, because the income means the tabs are not "fair use." IANAL though.

    Another idea: de-centralize the tabs. Get a bunch of bloggers to post tabs in their blogs, which presumably are not making money off the tabs. Then you can Google the song and get the tabs that way.
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  7. Vincent Watts Member

    Ad revenue is something I had never considered. Thanks for the wisdom and idea.
  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Hugh Bris Member

    There's another business model.
    I'd say in this case it's because the material is so good that once you get a taste, you want MOAR
  10. Vincent Watts Member

    See? Why are these assholes so uptight when they can be banking? Instead they restrict access and piss people off.
    Anyway, I think I'm done with this cause. Its not a very popular one and the copyright issues seem rather complicated. Also, with some of the sites making money from advertising, I don't know if this is feasible. However, I may blast the publishers on the Internet out of frustration.
  11. The Internet Member

    And by "blast" you mean you will author a sternly worded post on your blog.

    Don't underestimate the Federal government's capacity to over-react to "cyberthreats."

    Ordinary people learning how to play some artist's songs is just about the best advertising for that artist ever. So this isn't about the artists. Who knows what's going on, really. Maybe a company is getting some cheap license rights for a ton of tabs and they plan to clean up while they can.
  12. Vincent Watts Member

    Thank you for the warning, but I have no intention of making threats or any slander. Just the facts, an opinion, and my reasoning.
    Now I just gave to get a free site, install WordPress, design a website, and wire my first blog ever. *sigh*
    Anybody know a good, no ad site with SQL and PHP, and a gig of space? Preferably Linux Apache.

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