DM's New Strategy - CASH IS KING

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    DM's new strategy is CASH IS KING.

    The demented midget is having continual problems with cash flow. Not enough cash coming in to keep things running, and that includes paying for armies of attorneys to keep his ass out of jail. Most of his money is tied up assets that are not easily converted to cash (e.g. real estate, blighted buildings, parking lots, morgues, etc...) His BIG solution is to put the squeeze on orgs.

    Step One - as reported previously - COB has ordered that all OOTs pay for their services, including room & board, up front and in cash. No more discounts, no more inter-org accounts receivables that never get collected. He views the OOTs and outer orgs as parasites that will never pay for the training they received at Flag.

    Step Two - as reported a few hours ago - the orgs are now requiring that all new VIII e-meters be paid for in CASH, up front. Parishioners are not allowed to use their money already on account, to purchase these. The official reason is the orgs don't have the cash to stock them. The real reason is negative cash flow.

    Step Three - soon to be announced - ALL services must now be paid for in cash, up front. If you had money on account and services paid for....too bad.... that balance will be considered a donation toward your next IAS level, and transferred to the IAS. COB feels that the parishioners have not yet recognized the perilous situation the church is in, and how much he has personally sacrificed for them. He considers this a WAKE-UP shot over their bow, and the first step in their liability formula.

    Step Four - to be announced within the next 12 months - The xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will be closed, permanently.


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  2. Kimbayah Member

    Tin Foil. DOX or STFU
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  3. Agree. I think this is a distinct possibility but we really need some DOX.
  4. Random guy Member

    Dox on Rindrs blog. One of the "under tha radar" chaps phoned Bridge Publication to ask, here's an excerpt:

    I know reading the Indie bloggs isn't every ones cup o'tea, but this one is enlightening:
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  5. Yes, I found it after my indignant demand for DOX:)

    An interesting read, this really is quite an outrageous demand to make. You actually cannot use your money on account to purchase 2 of their overpriced 2004 era garbage.

    Their might be something to this. I agree with many of the posters over there that this will piss people off. Hopefully it will cause more people to blow. We could use some new blood around here.
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  6. Random guy Member

    It seems to me they are trying to bypass the orgs, so that they can't cut (a probably already marginal) profit on sales. Orgs are by design being fleeced, but this seems to be a new tactic. Not letting the orgs earn money is not a sustainable strategy, even Miscavige must know as much. End-time strategy?
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  7. Its really hard to get a read on what Miscavige is thinking. Pretty much everything he has done reeks of fail. From what we hear he probably is insane -as this strategy demonstrates. I am just not sure he has the humility(?) to realise that the end game is hear. As we discussed before, he could actually believe that these orgs and functions mean expansion.

    We get an objective outsiders view of his destruction. It is so much fun to watch
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  8. Random guy Member

    Yeah, applying rational strategy to the cult has it's pitfalls.

    The insistence on not using money on account is interesting. A rational explanation may be that this money is already spent (I believe this is BFG's main hypothesis) , and the point about orgs not being able to buy e-meters is just to hide it. A more irrational explanation is what OP suggested: Those funds will be confiscated.

    I believe OP is the same chap who gave us the rumours about the cockroaches, he seems to be somewhat in the know.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    redundant speculation:

    The Scientology corporation is squeezing ever larger sums out of ever fewer clients. New clients are hard to come by now that internet.
    What's a middle-aged cult-leader to do?

    Circle the wagons and increase the pressure on the remaining victims. If you thought things were bad for the people in the cult before, just wait and see their conditions get harsher and the sacrifices required become greater.

    The die-hard followers that will follow Miscavige wherever he leads no matter what are in serious danger.
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  10. Random guy Member

    I'm sure John P. would agree that his aim is to keep the earnings more or less level. To do this, he'll have to squeeze more out of the remaining clams. This will lead to more people leaving in disgust, or just plainly being flat broke. This leaves fewer people, who will have to be squeezed harder etc.

    At some point we arrive at a situation where just a few whales feed the whole of the SO. At that stage the cult will be horribly vulnerable.
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  11. "Humility", like "compassion", does not exist in the Scientology lexicon. Hubbard taught his willing followers to be narcissistic and egotistical, as he was. Needless to say it always goes over like a lead balloon.

    If Mahatma Gandhi or the Dalai Lama define "humility", then Miscavige embodies its diametric and polar opposite. This is the cause of the Miscavige foot-nukes and much LULZ.
  12. Enturbuleak Member

    If it's not on the Tone Scale, it doesn't exist.

    Oiliness Table notwithstanding.
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  13. RightOn Member

    Attention all Scilons!!!
    Carry on with your fail.
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  14. interesting....

    I wonder what is going to close?
  15. Ethics Bait Member

    "Money on account" is bookkeeping money. It was spent within a week of being received.

    DM destroys long term relations for short term gain. That is not forward looking, that is the 'burn your bridges' strategy.
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  16. Random guy Member

  17. Yes. Its a poor strategy.

    He is a very poor manager, blinded by his own ego. This guy spent 70 odd million on his Gold Base offices. Literally money down the toilet. If you can justify expenses like that then anything is possible
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  18. John P. Member

    Your question sparked a post which is now up on my blog, that explains the issue in detail. I think you're on the right track but I think that Miscavige is actually managing a slightly different number: the gross cash balance. That's because that's the easiest common financial metric to "game," to convince yourself that your business is doing far better than it actually is. Unfortunately, with the increased lawsuit settlements the cult likely faces in the next couple years, it will be very hard to keep earnings either flat or trending up from year to year.

    Check out the post at:
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  19. Anonymous Member

    If you say John P.'s name three times in the mirror...

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  20. Anonymous Member

    OP is a faggot. Scientology has always been about cash. Also, DOX or GTFO.
  21. JohnnyRUClear Member

    This is the same kind of fun as watching a drunk skier head off down a steep slope.
  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. CarterUSP Member

    Posts in the future will read:
    Rinder's blog or it didn't happen
    Rinder's blog or GTFO
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  24. Eventually escalating to Rinder's blog or DIAF

    Look I don't mind Rinder's blog, he writes quite well and there are some good nuggets on there occasionally. It just shouldn't be forgotten that he was a paid (albeit poorly) liar for the cult for many years
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  25. Aurora Member

    Not putting any money on the veracity of something closing (besides maybe a bunch of outer orgs).
    But, my guess would be the Failwinds. Seems to me it spends most of its time docked in Aruba and where have all the course flyers for cruises been lately?
    My second out-to-lunch guess would be Stain Hill, thinking that wee Davey is jelly that it is still so strongly associated with Hubtard and Davey wants to break down the Hubtard worship as Davey is trying to ascend to god-like status. Also IAS moved to CW.
    How long till Davey's pics replace Hubtard's?
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  26. Anonymous Member

    That will be the very last thing to close. That ship will be Miscavige's final home, hiding at sea from the authorities who want him arrested.
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  27. RightOn Member

    yeah some people say he is going to go down with the "ship", (stay at Gold Base) but I think he is way too much of a coward, and will flee like the douchebag he is.
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  28. Quentinanon Member

    And he will blame "all the SPs" who "constantly and continuously obstruct him".
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  29. RightOn Member

    no I think he will say he is going off to explore where he is going to expand Scientology next. If he says anything at all, I think he will just up and disappear though.
    My guess? Columbia. After a while, Columbia will tire of his BS, take all his money and leave him broke, I just hope I get to hear about it.
  30. Random guy Member

    Thank you for the analysis, John. You may be right, in fact I think you likely are. The problem (as Golden Age of Protest pointed out) is that any model necessarily assume the the modelled entity acts rationally, which is not a given here. Miscavige may have had a brainfart or some idea that seemed really good when viewed through the bottom of a bottle of Scotch.

    Your point about "converting" the money on account is a good one. I don't think that will happen until the cult is really strapped for cash. If BFG is right, it may not be much reason to so either, as a large chunk of it is likely spent or tied up in infrastructure already. If he's right, one may say that it has already happened, though not formally. The service the cult provides costs the cult very little, my guess is they have reasoned that they can always deliver the services later should it be necessary.
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  31. John P. Member

    Actually, Miscavige's personality disorders will tend to make him predictable, even if he is not wholly rational. I don't have to have an accurate psychiatric diagnosis to know that DM is:
    • Incapable of long-term planning, hence he will always take a dollar in hand today, even if he could wait and have ten dollars a month from now.
    • Incapable of nuanced, subtle strategic thought. He tries to hit every pitch out of the park.
    • Incapable of admitting he's wrong on even the smallest detail.
    • Probably innumerate as well as functionally illiterate. Thus, he will pick the simplest quantitative measure possible and will focus on the ones that make him look the best, so he doesn't have to confront failure.
    All of these are maladaptive behaviors, but I think they narrow his available options and thus make it relatively easier to predict what he'll do.
    You are very possibly right that he "does his best thinking" while belting down the Scotch, but has a little trouble translating that to reality when he's sober. Since he can't admit he's wrong, when he dictates some memo when he's sloshed, he just browbeats his staff into trying to second-guess what he means, and then blames them when they don't get it right, rather than deciding to get some help to figure out what to do.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    In the end he will Gamble all the church money away on frivolous whims
  33. Yep. This would explain the unlabelled axes on his graphs with no scale that rise up and explode out of the top at his functions. All to thunderous applause of course.
  34. JohnnyRUClear Member

    You think Davey's manning the PowerPoint? I think he's not, and whoever is just leaves the numbers off to make it easier to create an impression of success.
  35. Power Point? I thought that shit was Clip Art
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  36. 787

    It's not money down the toilet. He likes this photo of himself that was taken in that office building:

    There is also this photo of his and Tom Cruise's motorcycles (customized at church expense) in front of the building:
  37. HellRazor Member

    Besides Miscavige, who else benefits directly from the CoS? Who gets the money? If Davey's f*cking up the gravy train then why aren't these people, who I would assume are smarter than he is and know something's wrong, execute a coup and replace Davey?
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  38. JohnnyRUClear Member

    All their smart ones are belong to us.

    Davey's it, now.
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  39. RightOn Member

    all the top people who get the most people on course
    Front Groups like WISE members who get kick backs from all the people that get on course through business "solutions" for companies
    I said it before and I will say it again.
    More attention needs to be paid to front groups.
    Narconon recruiters also get money per body
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  40. DeathHamster Member

    Miscavige seems unconcerned by the outer orgs' inability to provide auditing, training and courses, and thereby turn money on account into earned money.

    From John P.'s speculation about gross cash balance, both numbers will look the same in Miscavige's piggy bank, so he has no incentive for the outer orgs to earn money, but he almost seems to be sabotaging them the last few years.

    Is there a downside for him if the outer orgs reduce money on account? Does he want everyone to go to Flag instead (where they can be hit for extras like accommodation and Flag premiums, gang regged)?
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