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Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by TheONE-IRAN, Jun 19, 2009.

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    Myself and "anonymous from Nebraska" agree using SMS / Text messaging inside Iran after the course of events that have unfolded would not be considered best practice and should be avoided due to the high risk involved and the strong possibility of Iranian government monitoring that may be in place.

    We are looking for someone that has direct access to those involved on twitter and or other sources to pass the word. Can someone assist?

    This information is from another thread.

  2. Do Not Use SMS - in or out of Iran

    The government owns/controls/regulates/share interest in all mobile operators in Iran.
    List of mobile network operators of the Middle East and Africa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Rafsanjani son that owns/manages their telecom business is under control (aka house-arrest) now, so assume even that network is under the governments complete control.

    SMS servers in Iran are managed by the government, not your provider, like a sybase365. SMS servers (typically, not just regarding Iran) are designed to hold onto SMS messages for weeks (so you get them when back from trips, for example). This gives the government an opportunity to follow-up, later, at their leisure.

    Pay-as-you-go SIM cards are not unregistered/anon in Iran, like in the west. Do not expect people to just toss their SIM and open a new SIM every few days.

    In either case, expect that ALL messages IN or OUT are captured providing full details of the sender/target phone numbers and the message in full, expect that the government will build lists. Lists to arrest or blacklist, lists to threaten or refuse exit visas (required by Iran citizens to leave Iran), lists to simply callback (even if you are outside Iran). If they get their act together, which I suspect they can easily, they would re-use these lists for their phone-tapping business, so your incoming call number will be setup in their voice switches for an immediate listener/observer.
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    call them

    The government ( Iran )recently bought sophisticated computer servers and monitoring devices from a German-Finnish joint venture that can catalog cell-phone calls and text messages.

    To call us, please use these numbers:

    +358 71 400 4000 (Finland)
    +49 89 5159 01 (Germany)


    Is there counter measures?

    Corporate responsibility is not just a “nice to have” - it is a fundamental statement of intent, of the ethics and responsibility that all of us must demonstrate to society as a whole. This is a comprehensive report on how NSN integrates corporate responsibility and ethics into its operations. From high statements of intent to implementation at a grass roots level, this report is the starting point for all of our stakeholders to see not only what we promise to do, but how successfully we are doing it.


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    Do Not Use Mobiles while being green

    NSN probably had to beat E// and Huawei for the contract. EU passed 'retention' regulations last year, probably under pressure from USA, so this is not a one-off. Imagine every country will have these operational by end of year. The WashPost is not clear if their system is operational yet, or just acquired.
    This applies to all mobile network voice and data transmissions, so in addition to SMS content, the MMS content and voice records are also captured. Perhaps not all voice content for all people, but once you are on an intel list, then expect them to capture the voice call contents too.

    Skype, while you can.
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    NSN comes clean

    NSN has comfirmed to BBC, that the solution implemented is NOT ISP network deep packet inspection technology, but the data capture/rentention technology typical for a MOBILE network. -- so, it's SMS full capture/store and mobile call logs & police-state analysis of MOBILES, not ISP traffic (via NSN at least).
    BBC Farsi - NSN - Iran
    BBC NEWS | Technology | Hi-tech helps Iranian monitoring

    SITE MODS -- was based on rumor

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