Do you host a mirrors, please add to this list. Including translation of the GB.

Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by Unregistered, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. neither link works yet

    see if someone can fix?

    mirrors? is this about computers?
  2. aye... its basically means rehosting the same content on another site... just incase one site is overwhelmed... or to allow more people to be exposed to it.

    Translation is to allow more people to read it.
  3. need more mirrors. 2 is too small
  4. Blogger

    Blogger could be used. And it's owned by Google. It would be very difficult to take down Google.
  5. JonKnight Member

    Accept The Security Certificate

    You might have to manually accept the security certificate - go ahead, it's ok. I am Jon Knight and have listed my site. The security certificate is valid and only flags your system because it is self-signed by If you get a warning, click the link to create an exception for the site. It is safe and probably more secure than your bank.:cool:
  6. this post needs to be stickeyed!


    I say this is pretty important

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