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Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. I found a link to this on twitter. Will it really help take down the site? Can any of you tech savvy let me know, if so how effective would it be. Would like to know before i recommend it on twitter thx.

    Taking Down ‎(Gerdab)‎
  2. this is a web application to simulate multiple users on a site, from microsoft. Don't know where the script targeting the site came from. Just want some tech savvy person to look at it and let me know if it would have an affect on or if it would be a waste of time
  3. from what I've read tweeted about it someone took a look and it works but it's wimpy, so lots of ppl need to use it to get it to work well.
  4. cyberwar4iran Member

    I tried it and think it is legitimate. I have no idea if it is more efficient than slowloris.

    What I know is that slowloris is a low-bandwith quite effective attack and that it will not disrupt communications in Iran. If you want to give it a try, here are instructions to run it from windows :

    Spread around !
  5. IMHO

    this needs to go to 4chan /b/

    let the cancer kill the gerdabfags

    any seconds?
  6. dawson 5)Fred

    i second


    this shit is so easy anyone can do it, we could take down everything if we get enough noobs to do this shit

    good stuff!
  7. kick ass. this noob gonna tweet that shit.

    Still, as was getting asked about the other method using microsoft program, is there something for Mac users?
  8. Fuck

    Having trouble with cyberwar4iran

    Unable to extract QtGui4.dll.

    Looking for other Slowloris programs, but would be nice to have working program along with guide. Also, need something for the Mac/lynux/Ubuntu users if possible.

    ty for the 5-step guide though. In principle, exactly what is needed for tweeting to masses.

    Still, I can't believe, if this is effective, that it will remain so for long; this is the cyber warfare section for the Iranian intelligence groups. These guys will be advanced, and they have already shown ability to adapt quickly.

    We need someone who'd like practice for cracking the NSA to hit this shit, and hit it like they mean it.

    And remember folks, Ddos = minus 50dkp! It is is ineffective and they will simply stop responding to your IP. Likely, Slowloris will eventually lead to IP blocking as well.

    Someone needs to hack this sight, take it over, own it, fuck shit up and post pictures of AJ in a tutu kissing Khamenei or some shit like that. This sucker needs to burn before they ID more of the photos and more people die.
  9. the zip file works for me.. anyone else has problems ?
    I agree with runintothewind, this site must be owned. Real badass hackers should focus on that.
    Meanwhile, must be publicised
  10. Srpska Member

    Wait what, there's a way to run Slow Loris from Windows? I thought it was inherently restricted to Linux in some way?

    Also, I am new here, so you don't necessarily have to listen to this, but I implore you not to involve 4chan in this. The risk of them (a) backraiding us just to be assholes, (b) charging in with LOICs blazing and destroying the remains of the Iranian internet or (c) vomiting memes everywhere until our server collapses under the weight of faggotry is simply too high. They are not called the "horde" for nothing.
  11. This cyberwar4iran is supposed to work inside of Windows. No idea as to it's effectiveness. I have been told by those more knowledgible than I that Taking Down ‎(Gerdab)‎ would possibly work if enough users hit it up, and have also been retweeting - Free uncensored text hosting

    All that said, it sounds from stuff out of the irc chat that everything including botnets has been aimed at and it has been taken down and restored multiple times. They appear to be moving it to different systems, and are highly sophisticated. The site IS operated by Iran's cyberwarfare guys, and this is a country with one of the best intelligence aparti in the world.

    Get on #iran - WebIRC - AnonNet if you want to participate/coordinate.
    Might be the kind of thing where this will never be completely killed until the regime falls, but at least if they are scrambling to get this back up they aren't doing other stuff.

    After all, most bullets fired in a war don't hit shit, they just encourage the other side to keep ducking instead of shooting you.
  12. Slowloris running on Mac OS X

    To run on Mac OS X, open Terminal and type this (hit return at the end of each line):

    mkdir -p ~/Source && cd ~/Source/
    curl -O
    chmod +x
    ./ --dns گرداب |

    This uses the standard options. Runs well, though uses much CPU on this side.

    Let's take the suckers down!
  13. That url is just w w w . g e r d a b . i r without the arabic/farsi letters (where did those come from?) and without the spaces I now added, of course.
  14. the blooper

    Yeah, I'm reading 100% CPU usage on my old Athlon. Oh well, need a new processor anyway. :)
  15. sited burial

    Gerdab is still going on.
    Thats not normal. We must shut it down !!
    Come onnn
  16. My god, it's inhuman!

    Recharging lasers...
  17. Srpska Member

    Good point.

    Further to my above comment, I have in fact now got Slow Loris up and running - I think. It's hard to tell, because the GUI doesn't actually, like, do anything.

    The only thing I can think of vis-a-vis your extraction problem is just to re-DL...?

    EDIT: I notice that re-clicking "Fire" makes Slow Loris use up more memory, although it goes up stepwise and then stays constant each time. Is this analagous to adding another lazor beam with each click?
  18. could we get the qslowloris link and the "taking down gerdab" link from runintothewind's post stickied by themselves somewhere prominent? they're both easy to do and seem to be the only things that have a chance to take that fucker down...autoreloads are a useless one-way trip to getting your ip blocked.
  19. Angelraven Member

    Suggestions where it should be publicized?
  20. In case anyone wants to avoid running the (longish) test mode against the site, it gave me an optimum -timeout value of 240.
  21. Srpska Member

    Well, the four icons at the bottom of your post are a good start. Also Tweet it, Fark it, comment it on relevant YouTube videos, plug it in IRC, maybe post it somewhere in 888chan's /iran/ but PLEASE GOD NOT ON 4CHAN I CAN'T COPE WITH ANY MORE OF THEIR FAGGOTRY
  22. Cloak n Run Member

  23. not a bad idea, actually. Question is, how will you get /b/ to do it without going all "lolz personal army" on you?
  24. GERDAB.IR is not working for me & many others ...
    keep us up to date abt this !!

    Does it still open with you or not ?

  25. it's not up for me but I may be IP banned cuz I've been barraging them nonstop for a couple days. can someone else confirm yes/no?
  26. So i think it's general.
    It must hav shut down. No one told me that he could access to the site.
    Continue like this !!

  27. I think its finally down
  28. rest assured they're trying to bring it back up, it's gone down and come back before. don't stop now!
  29. Dont let it necro! Keep that fucking zombie in the grave!
  30. /b/ isnt stupid, just childish...they would have a chance to do something epic for a change...i dont think they would PA something like this...just my thought.
  31. I can't get it to load either, am going through proxy so it shouldn't recognize my ip
  32. I request the OP or other ppl to keep a scoreboard up on how many times the site and others have been downed lol.
  33. URGENT REQUEST: File names of the pictures that were put up!
  34. i pulled what seems to be the section of html with the protestor pics in it from a google cache of the page. it's here - Free uncensored text hosting

    ctrl-f ".jpg"
  35. Hechicera Member

  36. I just found this... sources say installed a dedicated server Xeon Core against DDoS attacks.. any clue on taking it down?
    This was posted on another link. Just wanted to share it, not sure if it is true, but thought it might be important.
  37. gr88iran Member

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