Double Helix Water

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    It was a double helix mini tsunami ;-P
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    Bump why not?
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    bump for more comments on these vids:

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    Downvoted and reported as spam (scam/fraud).
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    Here is a press release from TradeNet, the now-defunct scientology scam that sold magical blue laundry balls: of the SuperGlobe System(TM)-a019597793

    DUNEDIN, Fla., July 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Thirteen months ago a Dunedin, Florida, marketing company revolutionized the way America washes its clothes. With the TradeNet introduction of the "Laundry Solution," customers throughout the United States learned how to wash without detergents. The Laundry Solution Globe was a liquid-filled sphere that was put into an automatic washer, replacing detergent as a participant in the laundry process. Although many were skeptical, tens of thousands of satisfied customers now say, "It works!" And independent laboratory tests at Hilltop Laboratory (an international testing facility) confirmed that the TradeNet Laundry Solution worked as well as standard laundry detergent ... but no detergent in the wash process meant no detergent expelled into the environment!

    Customers throughout the United States reported that the Laundry Solution gave them results as good as they had experienced with detergent. And that is what the research of Hilltop showed: the Laundry Solution compared favorably with leading detergents, but did not introduce detergent into the waste water. That's why the environmentally conscious customers of TradeNet believed the product to be a solution for more than their laundry needs, participating in preserving the quality of our water and our planet.

    Customer satisfaction with this new laundry technology has been overwhelming. TradeNet has received fewer than 1% return on products sold, and that includes returns for any reason, including manufacturing defects, breakage in shipping, customer dissatisfaction, etc.

    Even with such success, the owners of TradeNet believed that the technology and performance of the Globe could be improved. In particular, they were looking for scientific corroboration of how the technology worked. While there were many theories attempting to explain the functionality of the Laundry Solution, there was no peer reviewed documentation explaining why the product worked.

    This lack of data on new products and technologies is not rare. For instance, for decades we have known that aspirin is an excellent analgesic ... but not until 1997 was a reliable scientific explanation provided of precisely how aspirin works!

    TradeNet president, Bill Cooper, says, "Our customers were happy; and we were, too. But we weren't satisfied. Our motives were partly altruistic, and partly practical. We knew that once we understood the process by which the technology works, we would be able to support it with ancillary products and perhaps even improve on it."

    That quest for a scientific explanation of the cleaning phenomenon led Cooper and his associates to the American Technologies Group (ATG), where research had been underway for several years on the benefits of "Ie(TM) Crystal Technology." The resulting collaboration of TradeNet and ATG created the "SuperGlobeTM" and the "Booster," comprising the SuperGlobe(TM) System, which are reported to perform even better than the original Globe and have been proven by testing to work as well as leading brand name detergents. The tests followed the rigorous protocol of the American Society for Testing of Materials (ASTM).

    Dr. Erwin Annau, TradeNet Treasurer, said, "Product refinement and development are the cornerstones of the TradeNet philosophy. Because we are a company committed to the ecological future of Planet Earth, we can never sit back, satisfied with our sales, and suppose that our job is done. We are constantly involved in product development, not only because it's the smart thing to do for the environment, but because it's the smart thing to do for the business, too."

    The association of TradeNet with Ie Crystal Technology has resulted in the development of a number of Ie-charged products, including not only the SuperGlobe and the Booster, but also a laundry conditioner and other cleaning products soon to be released. "While the original Globe did an excellent job for the general laundry," Annau says, "it was never advertised as a spot remover or a bleach. The development of these new Ie products allows TradeNet customers to enjoy all the benefits of a superior wash, while at the same time fulfilling their commitment to products that are friendly to the environment."

    TradeNet began marketing the new and improved SuperGlobe System in June 1997. Sales have been brisk, in part fueled by the company's generous "trade-out policy." TradeNet president Bill Cooper explains, "We're encouraging our distributors to trade out their inventory of the original Laundry Solution for the new and improved SuperGlobe and SuperGlobe System. This is the product of our future. We're so committed to this science and the benefits it provides for Planet Earth, that we're even accepting competitors' products for our trade out in an effort to get serious-minded professionals to experience the many benefits of TradeNet's application of the Ie Technology."
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    Double Helix water? How do people come up with this stuff and why do people keep falling for it without questioning it?
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