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  1. I have a question. I know that youtube is blocked in Iran, so to see videos you have to download them to your hard drive and watch them on your computer. How long do the downloads take, and are the free filesharing sites blocked when you are using TOR? I want to know what is the best size to make videos, so I can upload them and they can be downloaded in a decent time frame, and good places to upload them to, to make them as easy as possible to download if you are inside Iran.
  2. gr88iran Member

    The best solution is to attach them to emails and send them to well-known protesters outside Iran. You can find those emails on facebook.

    In order to upload a file (if you have a limited internet bandwidth) you need to compress it. Quick Media Converter is a good choice: Download Quick Media Converter 3.8.0 Beta / 3.6.5 - This comprehensive application was created to enable you to easily convert your media files to numerous other formats. - Softpedia
    Another option can be Free Video Converter: Download Free Video Converter Free Trial - A useful tool when you want to convert your videos completely or set the Start Time, end time or duration. - Softpedia

    If you want to download videos from YouTube, Easy Youtube Video Downloader is a great solution.

    Upload is not limited when you use TOR.

    Good luck! :)
  3. Thank you.
  4. mamad2020 Member

    Hi there,
    You can also download a massive collection of Iran videos from here:
    Index of /vids
    There are no website designs so the site loads faster. The files are mostly in FLV format some can be played with Quicktime and almost all of them via Real Player, both programs along with FreeGate are on the site incase the site is blocked.

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