DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 2)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. n3uromanc3r Member

    You said something like "Duly noted--I agree" to Loki's post. I agree with Loki. Sounds like agreement to me.
  2. n3uromanc3r Member

    I was digressing from the topic of the thread. Lrn2dictionplox.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Dude I can diction and elocution.
  4. n3uromanc3r Member

    Perhaps. But I can circumlocution, and that makes all the difference.
  5. Ogsonofgroo Member


    :p Oh right, let the drama continues~
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  6. n3uromanc3r Member

    Top picture. Is that a quantum tunneling penis?
  7. Anonymous Member

    You use mucho words to say nothing? This is not a quality, you know.
  8. n3uromanc3r Member

    It's a quality, mostly of the negative variety.
  9. Clever Name Member

    100 percent pure, eh? I guess you'll have to make it yourself then...


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  10. Anonymous Member

    meh. so?
  11. WhiteNight Member

    Cry more.

    Heh. He was certainly value for money.

    And nothing of value was lost.


    It's impossible to derail the DRAMA THREAD. It's like dividing by z--- Oh shiiii-!
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  12. Miranda Member

    (Only, I referred to the derail in another thread--and moved it here.) Just to be clear.
  13. Ogsonofgroo Member


    & this> therizino.jpg

    Just pointin' out that drama is not a new thing, has many forms, and was not inventented by a retarded sci-fi writer who tried to start a religion and ended up making everyone sick/sick with laughter.
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  14. slobeck Member

    Actually she agreed with your specific point about cult links and proxy warnings rather than deleting -but your SENTIMENT- that the mods are poorly managing content and unfairly censored you, is another matter hence her reply:

    You lose. Please insert more coins to play again.
  15. LocalSP Member

    Planking finally comes to WWP.
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  16. n3uromanc3r Member

    You need to work on your vocabulary. A sentiment is a specific point. Points about 1) cults and 2) proxy warnings are 2 sentiments. Hence, my use of the word "sentiments." It's fairly self-explanatory, now that I think about it.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Hmm, ever thought about shaving your ass and walking backwards?
  18. n3uromanc3r Member

  19. Anonymous Member

  20. slobeck Member

    OK. then I'll spell it out for your stupid ass. Her agreeing about the link is not the same as agreeing with your MAIN complaint. And that is that you don't like the way YOU were rejected by the hive as uninteresting/not-lulzy/retarded/moonbat/paranoid or any combination thereof. You tried to assert that her support for your link comment implied her agreement of you main point, that the mods are unfairly censoring people (but you really are only complaining because it was your faggotry that got slapped down.) And that was a logic fail.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but ... BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Miranda Member

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  23. Miranda Member

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  24. n3uromanc3r Member

    I never said she agreed with my allegedly "MAIN complaint." Now you're trying to split hairs, and I'm not gonna bite.

    Although the notion that I'm complaining because my faggotry got slapped down is hilarious because you presume to know my motives, which are far more complex than you can imagine.
  25. Profanity Member

    Mmm, delicious drama.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    (found while hunting for 'sentimental shit'~ no idea what it means, but sort of dramatic and reminds me of n3uromac3r chick)
  27. Miranda Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    I get it. You're a 15 year old girl who says she's 16 and wears slutty eye make-up. Your dad doesn't pay attention to you, and you always tell people you are complex, but no one really cares that you say that. Sorry hun. Also, there are leftovers if you get hungry later.

  29. n3uromanc3r Member

    Much better this time around. 3/10. Keep up the good work!
  30. Miranda Member

    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

  31. Anonymous Member

    Oh goody, complex motives for complaining!


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  32. n3uromanc3r Member

    0/0. Indeterminate. There wasn't even an insult in there.
  33. WhiteNight Member

    Then maybe it wasn't an insult fucknugget.

    I drink to the general joy o' the whole table!
    Macbeth Act 3, scene 4.
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  34. n3uromanc3r Member

    If it wasn't an insult, then wtf is it doing in this thread? Cumdumpster.
  35. Miranda Member

    These things seem small and undistinguishable,
    Like far-off mountains turned into clouds.
    Methinks I see these things with parted eye,
    When every thing seems double.
    So methinks:
    And I have found Demetrius like a jewel,
    Mine own, and not mine own.
    DEMETRIUS Are you sure
    That we are awake? It seems to me
    That yet we sleep, we dream.
  36. Profanity Member

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  37. Miranda Member

    I am not what I am. (Sam I am.)
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  38. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Ya see that up thar? ^^^^^ This is why you are here, you cannot figure sideways insult (now why would I do that), mockery, sarcasm, or the real cause of all the drama in the world...... Korean westerns. I kid you not.

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  39. WhiteNight Member

    Insults = drama
    Drama =/= Insult

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  40. Miranda Member

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