DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 2)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Apr 8, 2011.

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  5. Ok, girls, as you are vastly more intelligent than wot I is, you will have noticed surely that at no point have I said or inferred that Muslim subjugation of women is right. You must also have noticed that at no point have I said or inferred that western women not be allowed to wear revealing clothes. Where is your argument that I am the same as a radical Muslim?

    You are basing your attacks on something I have not said

    You have totally missed my point of view, I agree that women should be able to walk about dressed how they want, I am, partly, on your side. Trouble is I live in the real world where nasty fuckers also live and you have to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate those retards.
  6. Anonymous Member

    So you have declared yourself chief of the "Fashion Police" for women? Amazing! For now, I'll leave aside all the other 'orders' you have issued.
  7. Anonymous Member

    That is slightly a better reform to your logic. Your talking about protecting yourself. Except rapists (aka nasty fuckers) aren't always looking for the female with the least clothes on. Sexual predators are looking for the most vulnerable and least likely to fight back, no matter how they dress or act.

    They also exploit such sexist microagressions in court shared by a lot of people in law and in juries such as: "the way you dress means you were asking for it," or anything that tries to invalidate a woman's right to refuse, anytime.

    Your cynicism is understandible. An ideal answer would to simply take community action against such behavior, but obviously that is not an easy undertaking.
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  8. Yeah cos I've been throwing orders round left right an centre........declared myself......

    I see you have run out of intelligent comments and just resorting to insults now, nice move
  9. I agree with so much of this post, my point is that possibly, by wearing revealing clothing, you are attracting attention towards yourself from all men including those predators. Predators who project blame onto the women for the attack, the "she was asking for it" mentality. What I'm saying is maybe by dressing in a revealing manner you are reinforcing the attackers thought process. My line of thinking is in all ways in your life you take precautions to protect yourself and your possessions, usually, when you flaunt either, someone else wants to take/attack them.

    I was only saying that if you walk through a ghetto with all your gold on show the risks of a mugging increases, if you leave your front door open the risk of robbery increase, if you drive drunk the risk of an accident increase etc etc, why then is it so wrong to think that if you flaunt your body in a sexual manner then the risk of rape may increase?
  10. xenubarb Member

    You are correct in that Muslim subjugation of women is wrong. However, you fail to grok that "oppression and taking away rights" is the same thing as "don't you go out dressed like that u gonna get raeped."

    Fear is oppression. Oppression is control. So like, you say women can't dress how they want (taking away rights) because <fear> men cannot control themselves. It's the same goddamn thing. They dress their women in pup tents so no other man will be tempted, and the women are so oppressed, they comply.

    See this middle finger?
    American women comply? LOL! We will dress how we choose. Don't bother saying, "I warned you." Do you think women don't read the news? Do you think we need some clown on the internet telling us this shit, like us pore dumb little girlies are just too fail to exist without male advice and direction.

    Who got into H.B. Gary? <snicker> Grrls rool.
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  11. Loki's spawn Member

    Hey, umm, can we get this back on topic? Here, I'll start:
    WTF Edmonton?
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  12. anonymous612 Member

    So when Muslim women have to adjust their lifestyle for Muslim men, it's wrong. And when non-Muslim women have to adjust their lifestyle for non-Muslim men, it's acceptable.
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  13. Zak McKracken Member

    you can adjust my lifestyle for me any time, bb <3
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  14. Oh come on, please, Muslim women adjust nothing, they have no choices, nothing to adjust to or from, they are born into a life of oppression sweetheart, is tha too hard to grasp?

    Non Muslim women can, if they chose to do so, adjust their lifestyle in many many ways, including their clothing, to protect themselves from a minority of men who see them as the weaker sex and as easy targets, not just talking about rape by the way dears.
  15. Back to original thread now as requested.

    WTF Edmonton
  16. anonymous612 Member

    I ain't yer sweetheart, princess.

    What you are saying (AGAIN) is:
    1) Muslim women having to cover up is WRONG AND OPPRESSIVE
    2) Non-muslim women having to cover up is good smart rape prevention!

    I have yet to figure out whether you're a sexist or just criminally fucktarded. Please clarify which.
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  17. Ann O'Nymous Member

    TL;DR muslim women have to comply with a social order imposed by a majority, non muslim have to comply with a social order imposed by a minority.
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  18. Oh boy, who's the fucktard!

    We have established to the point of fuckin boredom that Muslim oppression of women using the hijab etc is wrong. So I thought I'd better repeat it one more time,

    Non Muslim women not dressing as a 'slut' may be a sensible move when you consider the dangers in society. I'm not taking away anyone's rights, I'm not condoning rape, I'm not saying women can't dress like a 'slut'

    But maybe, just maybe, when a woman has the freedom she has in western society she should weigh up her options and any risks when deciding what to wear. (a luxury Muslim women don't have by the way) is that removing any of her rights???????????

    No didn't think so!
  19. Fuck this is hard work.....non Muslim women don't have to comply at all!!!

    But they have the freedom to decide what would be sensible.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Burn it to the ground!
  21. SOJOA Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    I should have the right to walk down back alleys, wearing lots of gold bling, a fat wallet, an expensive watch and the latest iThing. Those people living in those back alleys should just learn to control themselves!
  23. Zak McKracken Member

    South Africa has developed a few rather clever (and possibly useful) forms of raep prevention. It's a shame they are not more widely available. I can confirm that the use of these would deter me.

    However, I suspect they would not deter XB (due to the operational mode described here).
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  24. Zak McKracken Member

    A difference....
    the alleys you describe are places that most reasonable people would avoid under ordinary circumstances. They are places where people entering might want to be especially on guard as to their safety and security. The trouble in these places is due to their lack of public exposure, not due to an excess.

    People who walk in locations that are otherwise regarded safe [should] or [should not] feel they need to conform to local moral standards to avoid being raeped and killed.

    Which is it? :P



    A [male or female] member of the armed services, on patrol in a country where everyone hates their guts and wants them very dead [should] or [should not] conform to the dress code prescribed by their employer, or at least take it under strong advisement.

    Reconsider that again, but substitute "off-duty" or "on leave" for "on patrol". Barracks vs escorting a convoy.


    More extreme:
    Astronaut, creeping around inside the International Space Station in microgravity.
    Or two astronauts (of compatible genders/orientations).
    NASA has very strict rules!

    again, same two Astronauts, creeping around the outside of the ISS, adjusting widgets and assisting in 'docking' an incoming Shuttle. How important is it that they keep their pants on in this context?


    Short answer: "it varies".
    That people be allowed to feel safe and secure while expressing themselves publicly in situations where protective clothing and great caution isn't required of everyone, is a less draconian proposal than that people should be allowed to wear whatever they like any time and any place.
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. xenubarb Member

    1. I am not a guy. If I were, I would keep it in my pants unless invited.
    2. What's a little vagina dentata amongst friendz?
  27. COREarg Member

    I have a serious question for you,and I don't care anymore to post it anonymously because I had enough.
    Have you ever EVER been raped or met a rape victim?
    I tell you,it's power,oppression and mainly CONTROL.
    I was raped. I was raped and I still have to deal with what happened. ALONE,since my family will never support me or help me on working my way out of that hell.

    And I tell you, it's all about control.
    You men believe you can just,you know, say "oh she was dressed as a slut",and that's it! You know what? I wasn't dressed as a slut. I was a small young teenage girl when it happened.
    What is the other excuse? That I wanted it? I WAS CRYING,I WAS SCRATCHING AND HITTING HIM...but you know what? It didn't work.
    I wasn't able to scream,because it was just so humiliating to be there, below this horrid guy, being forced to have sex. I had never,EVER,wanted it. I panicked. Did he care? NO.
    Because he had all the control, he knew that I was subdued and obedient enough, because I was scared.

    Rape is all about power and control. Nothing more.
    Any justification,ANY JUSTIFICATION FOR SOMETHING SO HORRID, is nothing compared to the living hell a rape victim has to deal with.

    I wasn't able to have a sexual relationship like a normal woman,without panicking, until a year or so ago...I was raped when I was 16. I had hurt my boyfriends so much while having a breakdown that one of them still has his back all scratched. I can't stand that someone touches me, I can't stand being touched around my neck, I can't stand that someone tries to penetrate me...because I panic, because I REMEMBER. I remember how I lost all the control of my life.

    So please,don't you ever EVER, talk about woman like that. Don't even dare to compare with your lame excuses like "you don't enter with a gold watch in a dangerous neighborhood". I AM NOT AN OBJECT.
    I'm a woman,and I'm a human being. And I had never EVER asked to be raped, to be transformed into an object you can grab and fuck and later use a lame excuse to justify my humiliation!
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  28. xenubarb Member

    Oh but he is so very well intentioned, giving women advice about shit we already know. And then repeating it repeatedly, in case our fluffy little heads are too full of hair dye fumes to work properly.

    Little Mr. Daddy's Advice has managed to offend practically every femanon here with his ignorant and doggedly stubborn nonsense. Here's an idea! To prevent women from being tempting little morsels, how about we put them all in long robes with nothing but their eyes showing?
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  29. Anonymous Member

    You have never actually had sex with a woman have you?
  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. While I understand you wanting to vent your anger at me you should know this..

    My partner was brutally raped and almost murdered at the age of 15, lucky to survive. So I have 22 yrs of living with her to understand what took place. I also lost a relative who was also raped not just by one but a few and could not live with the aftermath. I have also lived and worked in a Muslim country for a time so I have experience of that.

    I never 'compared' women to objects with respect, I was comparing dangerous situations.

    Have I ever had sex with a woman? Have you ever had the understanding and patience to help someone recover from not only rape but near death physical injuries for years after the event? Fuck you, ignorant twat!

    Little mr daddy was trying to have a discussion but I see it has degenerated to insults instead of discussion so laters
  32. COREarg Member

    If true: Ok,my bad. You are still a moron,though.
    I'm sorry for your partner. But you're just comparing situations that are like comparing oranges and apples.

    You should realize that if your partner had been raped and almost murdered.
    Being robbed =/= Rape

    If false: DIAF,please. Seriously,do it.
  33. Ok I'm a moron, matter closed
  34. Anonymous Member

    Why do some women dress up like hookers anyway? It's not exactly appealing
  35. Put that match away! There's petrol about!
  36. Anon_1HG Member

    Oh, and what about the fags? They do that shit too
  37. Clever Name Member

    Why do dudes dress up in masks and business suits and then fail to write me checks for substantial sums?
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  38. Anon_1HG Member

    And what about magnets? How the fuck do those work?
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