DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. /jawdrop

    ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Holy crap I've never seen that before LMAO Good God how wonderfully effective LOL

    Truly inspired, I'd have NEVER dreamt that up
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. ok now that I've quit laughing I can comment...
    That's just frikken funny. :D Not sure I'd sign up for that particular mission, but ... Jesus that was just ballsy, rude and funny. LOL
    I know that a lot of people take Scientology seriously, and I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around that given that it's been banned as a cult in at least one country that I can think of. I mean, I know this is srs business, but I gotta appreciate when someone takes a moment (and a little Vaseline) to demonstrate just how ridiculous and worthy of ridicule Scientology is. Thanks for sharing lol
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  4. veravendetter Member

    One Gun Salute for resolving your issues
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  5. sue Administrator

    This argument was futile from the get go.
    Sorry to disagree, some nycanons have to my consideration wrongly suggested that the root of this issue is self assessed intellectual superiority. While people have gone back and forth calling each other stupid, others have more adequately broken down arguments, and even some attempted reasoning with those unwilling to be reasoned with. For myself, i think i expressed that this isn't about compulsory sophistication, but that the first amendment does not trump the other two and an odd dozen, nor that free-speech clauses serve as a blanket-statement and be all and all excuse for lacking any form of restraint.

    Good for N.A.T.E and fv doing something they care about, while i might have been abrasive at times, they maybe ought have considered expressing themselves without the implied threats and vitriol you refer to. Would you while remaining as polite as possible positively respond to any of their concerns, considering the way they have been put forth? Had they reasonably raised this apparent issue nycanons have with anonymous / wwp / cultural roots and what ever else they might have gotten the reply that: while wwp currently is not equiped for it, in the forseeable future they are more than welcome to continue preserving their cultural roots and herritage in an optionally private or public initiative/group/communities forum dedicated to them where they may discuss and organize around topics they find relevant This as it is isn't techincally possible but several developers do work on writing the necessary modifications for that to be possible. Initiatives/groups/communities get their own mods, their own rules if they so desire, the only thing that on a cuff comes to mind as being expected are no CP, warez, and arudimentary understanding that if you're using this service its not cool to be treading upon other initiative forums by for example self righteously attesting : "you can't do this because we are about this, you can't name yourself this because we own this" let people be, leave them in their value -- is that much asked?

    I am not appealing to martyrdom as i already said i do enjoy working on this, but please do recognize that this job or undertaking isn't simple, and people jumping to conclusions because of their deluded perspective of those involved with this project isn't making it easier, but that in the past years has been accepted as just that: willful ignorance, undeserving of any credence due to its inherent futility.

    Savvy now? The incredible jerks and control freaks of wwp are trying to build a semi bulletproof and as unrestricted as possible environment so amongst others but not limited to nycanon have a place to fall-back to in case their service provider pulls a tos on them (8 is what they are looking for). Or when technically feasible, dodge censorship from oppressive regimes. It bears repetition we aren't there yet but there is little you can do for it not to happen, short of convincing us that isn't a worthwhile endeavor.

    "certain cultural things being weeded out" And you base this on one moderator pulling a pornographic image, from a publicly accessible forum. While there has been an injunction against COPA two years ago, the still persistent effect for US service providers terms and conditions is that they are still (as linked above) riddled with clauses granting them absolute authority to pull services from clients with no recourse for the client same goes for search engines. Again, in the benefit of the community for several years now there has been a rule on not posting any pornographic content in publicly accessible forums.
    I hate to resort to racial stereotypes but what you are pretty much implying is that because it is alleged afroamericans favor KFC, KFC or kornell is afroamerican. Or is this not coincidental enough? Yes wwp was founded through a concerted effort of several anons, some have left some have remained, but again i do not see how this means the people remaining are bound to perpetually serve some anons every whim and desire. While it is entirely true that as it is the two predominant initiatives are FOI and Anonymous vs scientology, it does not indicate that it will remain so forever. The very reason we differentiate wwp as a service and anonymous individuals as users of the services wwp provides is that we are not unlike some seem to believe after cleaning up anonymous public image. We on the other hand have after a few years lost interest in particular peoples butthurt opinions and mediating (inter) cell drama, but we do strive to maintain the philosophy that we ought provide a service where even the butthurt can figure what works for them by themselves, respectively so minimally interfering with those who aren't and with the least involvement on our part as possible.

    The increase of NYPA comments some are inclined to make, and the emails we receive indicate no drop but an increase in interest in the service we are set out to provide. As for not being instrumental at all to the anonymous vs scientology initiative as some make wwp out to be, it is funny that when it comes to the implosion of local cells the responsibility somehow ends up with us. It is as if we through the tubes forcefully tore them apart, are you serious?
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  6. I think we need to keep up some wwp "community standard" - we all sort of know what that is by now but it's not elaborated with easy to follow examples (pictures-this yes, this NO), somepeople obviously need them. blatant posting of pr0n is a no-no and should already be known by now. Come on now. also I see wwp more as a hub where people can access anon operations of all sorts, though I don't see that now. (operation payback? yeah it's that way *points finger*) Though I cheer their efforts, I don't think WWP should be a place where borderline illegal ops should be put together, for that there is chans/private boards/irc. Though I don't see the problem with sign post pointing the people to where they want to be involved in either. If I point someone to a library and they learn to cook up a bomb, is that my fault? Calling WWP a moralfag cruise ship is an insult, things that happen happen because we gotta keep legal operations afloat.
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  7. veravendetter Member

    I've posted many things here that would not last 15 seconds on other forums; I think the most I got was a 'tsk tsk' from Miranda. I can understand the point of those bawwing about cock pictures, but don't cling to a principle that has no value. When ideas start to be censored, then get pissed off. I don't feel as if anything is out of bounds for discussion here. Even borderline topics can easily be 'debated' without crossing the line into 'promotion'. This 'promotion' can easily be carried out elsewhere; the internet is a big place. Arguing over the right to post fluff, as a deal breaker, just makes you sound like a naive fundamentalist.
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  8. WhiteNight Member


    Also; I'm saying this publicly so no one can say it's a Mod posting or whatever. Oh, and before anyone says I'm a sock - don't be a moron.

    Mods have held their own well and showed unbelievable restraint, I tip my hat to Orson especially.
    N.A.T.E has become increasingly incoherent and erratic. It's pretty saddening to watch.
    Now, from what I can gather (I just read 16 pages of this crap, that's 20 mins of my life I'm not going to get back faggots) this 1 - 3 people bawwwing about how porn got pulled from the OP and how WWP isn't /b/. They then go on to take up a personal war against the mods (who are just doing their job) and spout a bit of tinfoilery about how everyone's out to get them / people are watching them / they're important in any way.

    I feel that I need to remind them that they agreed to the terms of use when they made an account and how those very same terms of use state that you can't post porn here.

    I really hate to say it, but can we fucking b& this guy already? He's kinda irritating and frankly this thread is degrading everyone who posts in it and represents the infamous cancer. He's not going to stop being a douche.
    As Rufus said earlier: "Freedom of Speech =/= Freedom to be a Douche"
    /thoughts on the issue.

    inb4 nate and his fags bawwww and raeg at me for wanting to "censor" them.
    Also; cocks.

    EDIT: don't feed the trolls? Or is it too late for that?
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  9. Profanity Member

    Perhaps a little too late. :D
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  10. Miranda Member

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  11. WhiteNight Member

    Well, of course I was pulling a N.A.T.E, doing very very important, nay, essential things. People rely on me to do these really important things. In fact, I have no time to lose a bicker with you lot, so I'm going to go do my important things. Or the world will end.
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  12. Profanity Member

    One can only wonder what these important things are. Writing up a new 'I am awesome' speech for Saturday's raid?
  13. WhiteNight Member

    Pha! I don't need to write such a speak in advance. Wisdom spills forth from my brain like magical awesome-rainbows, which have 12 colours.

    edit: Let's move this to the planning thread, this thread's all about N.A.T.E and his obvious superiority.
    edit 2: And how the Mods are Fascists.
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  14. Profanity Member

    And eventually blend all into white? :O

    Damn those facist twats, etc. Cameron in disguise?
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  15. WhiteNight Member

    Can't like that post enough.
  16. For those who are pissed off that "baaawwww Anonymous died with this shit", I would like to give you my apology right now. Mods/oppers/admins and rockstars get the brunt of the rage while I purposely dodge every bullet thrown out there while I can publicly state that I am just as liable for your perceived ills and MORE. Back in the day I lobbied for an end to the illegal activities and nudged (or beat with a stick) shit to keep things going. I did a lot of bad shit but I believe I did what I had to do at the time. Some people might assume that it's akin to selling the "soul" of Anon but I disagree. Change is an integral part of "Anonymous", 3 years ago it would have been a pipe dream to most if you told them "in the future, Anonymous is going to be THIS". I think it's all been for the better and I personally like where this is all going. For those who are fundamentalist, again my apologies. I understand your pain. To this day I continue on in my own way doing what I can (which sometimes amounts to near nothing) and only poke my head out when I see fit, like now. The rest of the time I'm bunkered away doing God only knows what but I do see and hear everything. pic related:

    I think staff here does a good job at what they do without outright overstepping their self imposed limitations. I don't think mods here are NAZIs. Sometimes a bit of nazism is needed but I don't see much of it here. Other cells, other boards, other irc channels, FB pages, etc etc - your more than welcome to NAZI mod there. Sometimes things have to be handled that way, and obviously when they are, those on the receiving end make you out to be the bad guy. Respect your mods because remember, sometimes the guy pulling the trigger isn't the one who ordered the hit - just saying. Personally I do get mad a little when I see attacks on admins, especially when their taking heat from shit that directly links to my actions (past and sometimes present). I don't get involved so much anymore just because the butterfly effect is disturbing and at this moment I think everythings running fine without my fucking opinion INTERJECTED on every detail. We had a phrase for that, it was called "hanging curtains" - it would take us soooooooo long just to do 1 damn thing because someone (usually myself) didn't like the "look" of it, or the color, or the size, or the placement,or the script or the sound or 2 seconds too long on this scene here, or any other number of banal things here and there. Then when we would bypass all that by putting down a foot and saying "this is how it's gonna be done, everyone shut the fuck up already" - lol at the rage it would cause, then the misguided rage and blame at the wrong people. Why are things the way they are? Because WE ALL made them that way. NOW, this is what I do when I'm doing nothing, I'm playing pop ball. Which is a lot as of recent. pic related:
    Woe to those who disturb my peace and make me get "involved" because people may not like my form of involvement.

    WWP is not the end all of Anonymous(tm), if people don't like it here for whatever reason, your more than welcome to build another ship, stick an Anon flag on it, and sail it the way you want it - that's the beauty of it. We are all "pirates" and the internet is the ocean, and you can "raid" whatever you want - from the boat you choose to float. Operation Payback obviously does a good job at what they do, dangerous waters, but they sail it anyway because, someone has to.

    personal complaint: For all the complaints of "faggotry" derived from this site why don't people bitch and gripe about the real problem here: Hot Topic and Tumblr! They have done more to "ruin Anonymous(r)" than what our small "meme factory" ever could! I rage when I see memegenerator and "know your meme" shit out there. maybe I should be glad because I can totally see 12 year old kids looking for rage face comics and then running into Goatse or meatspin while at sunday school....

    I lol now when I see what Anon has evolved to and the continuation of said evolution. I think there is a place for EVERYONE in Anonymous(c)est:2008 to conduct whatever ops they like, this whole past year has shown that. From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of #opTripoli; Anonymous(patent pending) get's the job done. There should be a section where we can stuff miscellaneous ops, weird shit like federal reserve and raids on Kraft macaroni and cheese (coloring gives you cancer), if an op can stay within legal limits, then it should have the right to be hatched here. If mods ban shit, it's for a good reason.

    Also again, if you don't like what's going on here, GTFO and leave. I'm serious. Anyways man, I talk to much... not that anybody listens anyway (that's why I post while everyones asleep - so you miss my post). I'm going back to "ruining" Anonymous in the minds of our detractors by continuing to make us look like the "good" guys :) pic related, we should clean up all our memes now to make them EVEN MORE acceptable to the fudging dandies:
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  17. Profanity Member

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  18. WhiteNight Member

    I don't think I've every encountered you before, but you speak words of mighty truth etc etc
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  19. veravendetter Member

  20. Zak McKracken Member

    ...but please don't pigeonhole NYC Anonymous as a bunch of trolls and complainers, just because a couple of stray pubes.

    I don't think that's too much to ask.
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  21. veravendetter Member

    Disclaimer - This site in no way promotes the use of illegal drugs
  22. Zak McKracken Member

    And, more to the point:

    Chanology is the cause that Anons rallied around when the predecessor to this site, first went online.
    Its continued to be the primary focus for many in this community, sometimes to the point where many of us don't recognize that "Anonymous" means anything else but fighting Scientology.

    With the latest site refresh, there's been something of a "rude awakening" for us narrowly-fixated Chanons, but as with all other things "that too, will pass."
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  23. anonymous612 Member

    we all see what you did thar.
  24. Zak McKracken Member

    Just making sure.
    A little more redundancy never hurt.
  25. anonymous612 Member

    Lmao I didn't even see the video was posted. I just figured you went "I need to make a joke about NYCanons...this calls for pubes!"
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  26. lulzgasm Member

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  27. Miranda Member

    Those blue spikes are death rays like on the Statue of Liberty.
  28. /faint
  29. lulzgasm Member

    so....uh....what's been happening at the local orgs?

    Anyone hear about the new protests that started in Egypt again?

    Is Daffy and his crazy sons dead yet?

    How's Bahrain holding up?

    Any more news from Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Oman, Israel-Palestine?

    And why couldn't I get online with my niece's PS3 a couple days back?

    And what's up with those Wallenbergs?

    16 pages of mod-bashing and whining like a castrated gecko over a stupid pic that got removed. Wow. Now that's staying on target.... :p
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  30. Miranda Member

    I'm still trying to think of the name of that movie :(
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  31. Anonymous Member

    If you must know, I HAET Politics.
  32. Anonymous Member

    if you think this was just mod bashing, even if you don't agree with some viewpoints, you might not get what some people were trying to say in this thread. and, i'm saying that from an objective viewpoint.
  33. Clever Name Member

    I thought threads like this died with infractions. I, for one, feel cleansed and ready for activism.

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  34. Miranda Member

    I appreciate your objectivity and generally share your impulse to give the benefit of the doubt. But while the posters in question may not be rocket scientists, they're coherent enough that they could have stated their position calmly and without invective, as you have, if they really wanted a conversation. I don't think it's primarily mod-bashing. It's about them. Ego. I'd have no problem conversing on the topic of censorship and I believe there is room for disagreement. But this isn't that at all--it's walking into someone else's house and trying to tear out the wiring because you think you could do it better. I do respect that you're responding to what you find of value in the thread, though.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    i try to pick out the good nuggets in the pile of dump. lol
  36. Miranda Member

    Yes, ordinarily so do I. Sometimes a pile is just a pile.
  37. PresidentShaw Member

    Why are people still posting in this thread?
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  38. Anonymous Member


    huh? wha-? oh....
    Wake me up when it gets to 26 pages.

  39. Anonymous Member

    Ok, here is one funny thing about EGO.... someone can be on a full on ridiculous ego trip, and if one is centered themselves, it doesn't necessarily have to be taken personally, if that makes sense. I think that outright ad/hom attacks suck. If i were to be an optimist here, maybe I might say that there could be a little bit more fresh playfulness around here, because sometimes it feels kinda dusty.
    Actually, I also have to say that on one hand, even their "outbursts" were a little courageous , given that there was some of their own personal truth in there, and in light of how totally paranoid and defensive everyone has become, with its own good reason, given all sorts of drama, somehow it was refreshing, if that makes sense.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    I forgive you, my child, I forgive you.

    There is a lot of talk about how you define and restrict free speech. Obviously, nobody expects unrestrained freedom of expression or information. Obviously CP or bomb making plans should be taken down. Obviously. Neither is the issue centered around the removal of a pornographic image. This is merely a symptom, not the cause of what we are trying to speak out against. What a lot of the mods in this thread said again and again is that they want to keep the WWP community work safe. They have deferred to a desire to keep content on the site from offending visitors. While this entire concept, in itself, is rather ironically offensive towards the nature of Anonymous, what my question is, that was never answered in this thread, is where do you draw the line?. The ToS says the mods can do anything. Fine. The mods in this thread say that porn is not allowed, for example. To me, what that looks like is a regulation made up on the spot by some random guy who didn't like it. Where is the line drawn? What are the rules? Are the rules simply whatever you feel like making up on the spot? Because all of the posts here seem like they are referring to an aexisting set of regulations that is magically invisible to everyone except the mods.

    Now, bringing back the Thunderdome would certainly be a step towards acknowledgement of the Anonymous cultural phenomenon, but from what I see at this point, and for the last however many months this site has been online, I see none of that. I see what is at it's core a left wing advocacy group. But for some reason the word Anonymous floats around a lot, which brings me to the next point.

    Putting words in my mouth. I never said I own the Anonymous name. In fact, I explicitly stated that I DO NOT own the Anonymous name, nor do I claim to represent it. What I am trying to impress upon you right now, is that you also do not own the Anonymous name, and as long as you use it, which you do (please do not try to say you do not, because then I will have to go looking for every single instance of use of Anon name and creed in all of the 'official' pages on wwp, and I guarantee you I will find a lot of it.), you are in effect renting it, despite the fact that your mods claim that WWP IS NOT AN ANONYMOUS SITE. And when you rent this name, you should be prepared to own up to it. Trying to steer the name into a cleaner, mickey-mouse version of it will not work. In fact, surely even you can see how that would piss off the rest of the Aonymous element. You are the ones taking this name to the media, claiming to own it. When whatever article comes up on the daily kos, its always "gregg housh and barett whateverthefuck, representing Anonymous". This is coming back to the argument in the other thread from several weeks ago, but as long as we are talking about use of the name, I'll bring it up again. Why We Protest, and The FoI movement, and every single other initiative that crops up from under it, represents only itself, and not Anonymous. I'm talking about the nature of the name to a bunch of supposed anons on an online forum. You are talking about the name on TV to people who don't know any better. I wonder which one of us is asserting ownership over it.

    --- cutting it off here due to post limit ---
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