DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ogsonofgroo, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    He will be avenged by his offspring, trust me.
  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    There wuz much sadness...
    20081110-emocows.jpg 1177595488_8f780278ee.jpg
    Not knowing..... dinosaur_eggs.jpg
    BECAME! KB%20Ninja.jpg
    The following scenes have been deleted due to their graphic nature.
    kate-moss-for-w-magazine-627343229.jpg there was a feeling in the force...
    Govinda.jpg Calm again? Or just dinner.
    Yay! tumblr_lkh80xygNo1qzya49o1_500.jpg
    ...Coming next, 'Bunnies go Modern'
  3. Miranda Member

    Meanwhile, the animal kingdom was horrified...



    Various plans were bandied about. No consensus emerged. Some began to lose hope.

    bear-scared-to-death.jpg 439017.gif

    View attachment 6231367-white-clock-with-words-time-for-action-on-

    Then, a contender:

    clipboard1223pw3.jpg supercat_1.jpg

    For a while he looked promising.

    Super+Cat!.jpg supercat.jpg

    But fame and fortune went to his head:


    Soon things began to spin out of control... [IMG]

    The situation worsened...

    [IMG] [IMG]

    and soon became dire.
    [IMG] [IMG]

    [IMG] Reports were grim.

    Was there no hope?


    Had the world gone mad?


    To be continued...
  4. Ogsonofgroo Member


    Whoa! is this manly or drama? Or just plain screwed up?

    Hmmmmm.... 'Tigladors'?
  5. slobeck Member

    Oh get a room already. jeezus
  6. Unknownhackah Member

    Gotta love this topic lol
  7. Miranda Member

    I was wondering whether we were overlapping with manly also. Screwed up, definitely, no problem there.

  8. Herro Member

    Why is there no drama in this thread? Somebody throw a punch for fuck's sake.
  9. Miranda Member

    Herro, STFU!! I'm fucking sick of listening to you whine about drama without any regard for the level of conflict in this thread! Faggot. You want drama, make your own! Advance the damn plot! Complicate! NOW!

    I ran out of energy, you get the idea. Not feeling very dramatic.
  10. Clever Name Member

    Whoa. Miranda called Herro a faggot.
  11. Miranda Member

    And Herro ignored me :) I am pleased.

    I was giving him what he asked for.
  12. JoElite Member

    so, anonymous has declared war on the system huh, thats awesome, i was hoping that i could pitch in with some ideas :)

    So, what exactly is "the system"?
    as i define it, it is the way inwhich we live.
    We Consume - the earth.
    We have been brainwashed to value money over human life + healthy food + clean water ETC.

    Now, this isnt some grand conspirasy theory, this is not some evil reptiles sitting in power and consciously enslaving humans, it is the very system inwhich we live.
    The system is YOU, the system is us..

    So, if we are going to declare a war on the system i figured that we need to stop being a part of it.

    This means, that we need to stop consuming..

    (Consumer = An individual who buys products or services for personal use and not for manufacture or resale. A consumer is someone who can make the decision whether or not to purchase an item at the store, and someone who can be influenced by marketing and advertisment. Any time someone goes to a store and purchases a toy, shirt, beverage, or anything else, they are making that decision as a consumer.)
    the idea of permaculture has been around for ALONG time now, and having done some research in it i personally love the idea of building a sustainable society where we plant our own food, we live in gardens and eat healthy food, we give more than we take from the earth.

    The Venus project and its more active branch Zeitgeist have a very similar idea to permaculture.
    They suggest that we get rid of money, not only because money is the main cause to violence/murder.
    We all have an equal right to the earths recourses, there shouldnt be these big gaps between the "poor and rich".
    We need to face these problems as a community, NO as earthlings in order for us to really live in peace.

    So, please, do some research about the importance of soil/dirt and please plant your own food, it will take some time but in time youll be completely able to not consume... food atleast.

    There are ways to not consume cloths and electricity to, but im not to good at that yet.

    Any other ideas, pls write em Below, the system needs to be replaced.
  13. We've done what now?

    Zeitgeist is a joke. In a way i sort of agree with the whole "poor and rich" thing, but sometimes people are poor because they can't be arsed to get up and earn money, and sometimes people are rich because they've worked every hour of every day to achieve something as well as a bit of luck. I don't think you should take people's work away from them.

    There are a lot of things i would like to change in this world, but there's one problem here, Anon is not your personal army. If you want world peace, this is not the place to be asking for help.
  14. JoElite Member

    But it doesnt matter how hard some people work, if they dont have soil they are dead,...
    Yes, in your specific case what you say may be right but world wide people dont have the same privelages as you.
    and since anonymous alrdy declared war on the system ( ) i am not the one seeking an army :p
    but i love the idea..
    Zeitgeist is an idea of how we should better build up a society, what is it in their plan that you see as " a joke" ?
  15. JoElite Member

    Plus im not denying anybody work, i do however see how many unnecessary kinds of works there are out there, also how many boring works.
    Food should be free, work should be volentary.
    Computers and machines are able to do most things we still insist on doing, like building houses..
    Machines should do the shitty work while we explore space or something :) Thats the idea.
    but please take my advice of not consuming to heart, it really does help your economy, its fun and its healthy.
  16. I don't get what you mean with the soil thing, i don't have any soil and i'm quite alive.

    I'm not denying an end to world hunger would be an amazing thing, but Anonymous is not the group to be fighting or funding this. If America wants to be world police, instead of spending billion of dollars on killing one man in the last 10 years, why didn't they change or save millions of lives instead? That money would have done wonders in Africa, hell, it could have funded a new economy or something.

    Computers cannot build houses.

    This idea is something of a fairy tale. Leave computers to run earth while we all play Star Trek? What planet are you from? There are so many reasons this could never happen that i'm not even going to bother explaining, you need to think this through a little bit more. Boring works need to be done by someone, which is keeping billions of people in work and able to support their families. If no one did this work then nothing would get done. I'm assuming that you've never been to many factories or worked in any sort of industry.

    You've never seen/read iRobot have you?

    Lurk moar.
  17. anonymous612 Member

    Whatever OP is smoking should be made illegal immediately.

    This is I, Robot:
    This is iRobot:
    Important difference.
  18. JoElite Member

    well actually, im not sure that those money would've done much at all, not that i think that america should spend them on killing people.
    But i know that america would've done something stupid like built a school or giving out food, which is kind yeah, but if you spend the money smart soil can easily wipe out world hunger :p
    soil is needed to plant things, and Afrika has very little soil (They need to be able to plant their own food ya know )
    I am not trying to make anonymous saulve world peace x) i just want there to be less consumers, and i thought that since you guys declared war on the system you would be up for not being a part of it :)

    Evaah heard of 3D printers?
    We do have the technology to build houses with 3d printers, better than what humans do, we leave alot of waiste around.

    Hehe, i thought you knew what Zeitgeist stood for because you had an opinion of them, i mean you dont seem like a person to judge ideas based on 0 knowledge of it.
    if you watch the zeitgeists newest documentary youll see why this system is not, as you seem to emply, the only way to do things.
    Zeitgeist wants to have a resource based economy, if your interested you should check it out mate.

    Nope, Nevva seen/read iRobot
  19. JoElite Member

    it already is, but smoking isnt as plesent as you may think as a none smoker, infact youll get the same effect from holding your breath to long.
  20. Anonymous Member

    So, can you do me a favor?

    Tell me how many more times people need to post ITT before you get insulted and stop going on about Zeitgeist and leave. Because I'd really like to fastforward this bit.
  21. anonymous612 Member

    Ahh, see, now you're just missing the point. I'm implying you have to be high to agree with your OP.
  22. JoElite Member

    yah i agree.

    You state that as a fact, im not high atm.. and i agree with myself so, :p
  23. Yes it would. There are like 400 million people in poverty in Africa, America spent literally trillions of dollars on a "war on terror", i.e. killing one man. Do the math, you could set up an entire economy with that money.

    3D printers? That's it, you've got to be a troll, this is one of the dumbest things i've ever read. I work in engineering, i know what 3D printers are and i for one would not step near a "house" made by one.

    I know what zeitgeist stand for, i used to find it pretty interesting, now i can see they all live in coo coo cloud land. In a way they have nice objectives, but in a more realistic way it would never work out they way they want.

    I don;t know about the fuck the system thing. It will probably fail and cause more embarrassment to Anon due to the amount of media coverage it's already received.

    I'm not wasting any more time trying to explain this to you, i can't believe i've just typed all that out.
  24. Aww shit, Apple is getting into my head.
    I, Robot.
  25. JoElite Member

    well being an engineer you might be able to figure out how you may build a 3dprinter that prints houses, layer by layer..
    No i am not a troll, these are serious opinions of mine, in a world where people still believe that the earth is flat you may want to not be so aggressive when people dont think exactly like you.

    oh, if you know what zeitgeist stands for than maybe you already know the idea that i am trying to explain to you, an idea that is not even mine and yet you declare me being a troll :(!?

    Erh, im sorry if you are having a bad day mate, you seem kind of offended by something...
    You might want to consider that other people also may or may not feel depressed to, you are not the only one with problems.

  26. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  27. anonymous612 Member

    TheTrainStoppedMilesAgo: I think I like iRobot better. Makes me think of the chick robot from Wall-E.

    I'm pretty sure you are.

    Your opinions suck ass.
  28. JoElite Member

    noh im not high.
    My opinions suck :confused: are you just saying that because you want me to feel bad about myself or do you have real critique against my opinions?
    id be glad to hear, if my opinions suck then ofc i want to change.
  29. Miranda Member

    Welcome, welcome.
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  30. JoElite Member

    Anonymous612, would you mind helping me out with my opinions?
    Why do they suck :confused:?
  31. anonymous612 Member

    I was told to come to you.
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  32. Miranda Member

    JoElite, I suggest you spend a month or two just reading on this site without posting. Then your questions will be answered and your ideas will probably be improved.
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  33. JoElite Member

    ah thanx, a real advice :)
    Is it important for me not to post because i dont understand your goals yet?
    Because declaring war on the system is pretty plain and simple, im just trying to help, guess im not as wise as you guys yet.
  34. Sorry man, there are so many reasons you could never use something built by a giant 3D printer as a house. The main on being the type of material they use to biuld. It's like a foam, which i don't think is waterproof, not strong enough to hold all our furniture or any type of abuse.

    Like Miranda said, lurk moar, you aren't the first to have this idea (except maybe the 3D printer one, i've not heard that before), threads like yours crop up all the time and people who post here without knowing much about the community get flamed.
  35. Miranda Member

    Read, you'll figure it out. Take your time. Your enthusiasm is great--keep an open mind and you'll find many new ideas here.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, can you enlighten me on your post? Is it to say that someone who has recently joined cannot have a valid opinion? Is it to show they have no likes received? What is the fucking point of posting these details? Anyone can sign up under any name so it's pointless posting details like this. It shows or proves absolutely nothing except for the fact that new members should beware. Pointless post.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Or insanity will come calling
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  38. JoElite Member

    Yeah thanX, thats what i thought 2 :)

    i guess ill know what you mean when ive been around for awhile.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    To make AnonShaw do this:

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  40. Anonymous Member

    Check this out mate.
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