DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ogsonofgroo, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Mutante Member

    This thread is full of OSA.
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. slobeck Member

    I apologize for any injury caused by looking at a HUGE picture of ORLY taitz.
    srsly, i'm sorry.
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  4. slobeck Member

    wait. THIS is wat passes for drama? At best that was minor derail with a slight aroma of drama.

    It's like paying $30 for a pasta with truffles dish and getting a pile of spaghetti drizzled with 4 drops of truffle oil.
  5. You rang?
  6. Anonymous Member

    well, that'd be great, if there was no camera at all. That isn't the case.
  7. incog712 Member

    It wasn't the case in Nashville either but the neck strap cam is the one that came through.
  8. telomere Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Can this TT be about fenton.
  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    A camera that delivers is worth two in the bush.
  12. slobeck Member

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  13. 00anon00 Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    Imma takin' you outa this thread...

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  15. Anonymous Member

    that is so three years ago.
  16. Anonymous Member

    White or black truffles?
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  17. Smurf Member

    Pink Champagne truffles...yum..

  18. telomere Member

  19. Miranda Member

    Lol I thought it was kind of funny to call it drama.

    Seriously, we are seriously lacking in the drama dept. lately. Can't some of you stir something up? Remember N.A.T.E.!
  20. DeathHamster Member

    After two hours, pop in another memory card. And a bouncing camera that's already running doesn't have to be fiddled with. Just grab it and point it.

    Not sure what your problem is.
  21. telomere Member

    I think it has more to do with the fact that there are already two things too many bouncing around Elby's chest,
    and a (camera) would be undesirable distraction.
  22. Just gonna stand there and watch me roar, but that's alright because I am a dinosaur.
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  23. DeathHamster Member

    Unless you're jumping up and down, it doesn't bounce much.

  24. Miranda Member

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  25. DeathHamster Member

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  26. Mutante Member

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  27. Miranda Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Miranda Member

  30. Miranda Member

  31. telomere Member

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  32. telomere Member

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  33. I have this, broke before I'd used it. That is my story, I'm sure you'll think of it as cool.
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