DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ogsonofgroo, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Miranda Member

    That's what I thought of too.

    Even the insects use them:

  2. Miranda Member

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  3. Miranda Member

    Leslie Nielsen!
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  4. Surely you can't be serious?

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  5. telomere Member

  6. Miranda Member

    That's Pat Jennings in a suit?
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  7. You didn't know about his acting gigs? He's a true rennaissance man.
  8. Miranda Member

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  9. telomere Member


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  10. telomere Member


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  11. Miranda Member

    ^Who is that???
  12. Star Wars actor digitally corrected - to the actor they'd like to have had.

    That's from the 'Special Edition'.
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  13. telomere Member

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  14. Miranda Member

    Oh, okay. Long as it's Not Pat Jennings.
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  15. Miranda Member

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  16. slobeck Member

    So. Let me get this straight...or forward.. or whatever...
    = drama? ugh carry on faggots.
  17. Miranda Member

    slobeck, slobeck. What where those teas again?

    And can you please please stir up some real drama for us? We are reduced to subsisting on Pat Jennings jokes.
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  18. telomere Member

    could be worse.
    At least we're not yet reduced to fapping to Mary DeMoss' vagina.
  19. Miranda Member

    I'm not going near that link.

    Now what will happen when Mary and her friends Google "Mary DeMoss' vagina"?
  20. telomere Member

    That will have to be determined by someone who actually can.
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  21. Miranda Member

    Actual Cans


    guntherssplit0508.jpg 187501372_224836fb79.jpg 2239636679_5f99aebf69.jpg
  22. telomere Member

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  23. Miranda Member

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  24. telomere Member

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  25. slobeck Member

    Yorkshire Gold by Taylor's of Harrogate
    Yorkshire Teas site (warning: Flash heavy)
    and PG Tips slightly less flash heavy. Cute little ad. Funny that you never see tea ads on TV in the US.
    as for the drama.... well...i can bring the drama QUEENS

    so fierce!
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  26. telomere Member

    Any luck finding that "sweet spot"?
  27. Miranda Member


    except create a valid if/then statement.

    [IMG] [IMG]
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  28. slobeck Member

    Disclaimer: Does not contain any ACTUAL Mary DeMoss Vajayjay. Only the words "Mary DeMoss" and Vagina in the same sentence. that said. I know you clicked it.
  29. telomere Member

  30. slobeck Member

    I quite positive that 99% of the women on WWP would kill to look as good as ^ this dude.
  31. telomere Member

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  32. Miranda Member

    No, I did not. :) I'm one of those rare people who can be content to not know, if I think it's in my best interest.
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