DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ogsonofgroo, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    There's illegal speech? Police state much?
  2. anonymous612 Member

    Please provide specific evidence that Miscavige has committed the following:
    First Degree Murder
    Aircraft Hijacking
    Capital Drug Trafficking
    Aircraft Piracy
    Aggravated Rape
    Murder of a Police Officer
    Child Rape

    Those are the crimes where the courts can seek the death penalty. Most of those are not on the books in California or Florida, the two places he'd most likely be charged with crimes.

    Then you shouldn't have included it in the video. Dumbass fuckface.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Grady Ward suggested a public buggering of David Miscavige and others on ARS (no irony there), and the judge in a subsequent case did not think it was illegal speech. The dwarf had a famous conniption about it.
    It's in RTC v. Ward, google it yourself.
    And take yer meds.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I think there are cases for this. Perhaps not done personally by Miscavige, but certainly ordered (RICO!) by him.
    Google "Freewinds" and "Lisa McPherson"
  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. anonymous612 Member

    Still waiting:

  7. If you keep being rude and calling me pointless names I see no reason to take this conversation any further. Like I said, I'm from England, so I'm not farmiliar with your specific laws. Is human-trafficing not on the list of capital punishment worthy crimes? He's being investigated for that. No court is going to touch a religion in America, or very few at least. His organisation has killed many people, I doubt he would personally get his hands dirty. His organisation kidnapped and held Lisa Mcpherson captive for 17 days. I don't know exactly how your justice system works, I'm sure there are differences between my countries and yours so I don't think I should be debating American law. Besides, I'm angry with the organisation, not the man himself. If he is responsible for a large amount of it (which eye-witnesses/victims claim he is) then he should be arrested. Have you seen the horrors that go on in Scientology, the child-abuse, the long hours no matter what age (15 hours a day, seven days a week) well under minimum wage, the racism which is backed up by the testemony of people such as Jesse Prince, he beats his staff personally, many people have reported this yet nothing is done. He is unlikely to get in trouble for his crimes because he is so rich and has lawyers ready 24/7. To make themselves look better the heads make sure no Scientologist gets in serious trouble, that's why they lie about LRH in nearly all details, that's why they investigate and harrass anybody who speaks against them and that's why they quickly desposed of Lisa M's body before a cause of death was proven. I didn't say he's get the death penalty, I said that's what I would think. Why are you even a member of this and looking through the Anonymous vs Scientology section if you don't think the heads of Scientology are responsible for serious crimes. That's why I protest, it's why I've protested since i was 17 and am recently starting to go online. Others do it because of free speech violations, some do it for fun, some do it because they've been personally affected by it; but not me, I do it to stop the crime, the murder, the abuse, the slavery, the forcing of abortions, the taking advantage of the vulnerable, the constant lies, the overwhelming power they don't deserve.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Where is Shelly Miscavige? What REALLY happened with Shelly's mom Flo Barnett?

    Charles Manson was a friend of L Ron Hubbard, so was David Miscavige.

    sure are a lot of dead/missing people in David Miscavige's life...
  9. Funny how that happens, like when LRH's son mysteriously dissappeared shortly after telling his dad he was gay. What a weird coincidence.
  10. Anonymous Member

    If you're waiting on me, you'd better call out for food. Not your Internet Researcher, biatch.
  11. Anonymous Member

    LOok, Just be aware of the imagery you are using to convey whatever statement you are trying to convey.
    (more neutral + facts)
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. anonymous612 Member

    Not even fucking close. Even most murders aren't even on the list. Don't claim someone should face the death penalty if you don't know what you're talking about. Fuckface.

    his organization =/= him, and it wouldn't be a capital crime even if he sat on her himself.

    Then you shouldn't have pretended to know anything about American law.

    I live in Clearwater, faggot, I'm aware of what happens in Scientology.

    Yeah, because you're a moron who runs his mouth when he has no idea what he's talking about.

    My record with Anonymous speaks for itself to anyone interested enough to check up on me and I don't need to justify it to you. The fact that I know the Death Penalty does not apply to crimes committed by Miscavige shows that I actually have more than a two year old's knowledge of the legal system, not that I don't think he's committed serious crimes.

    When you realize who you're trying to impress with your fancy protesting record, you'll feel like an idiot.
  14. Herro Member

    Hey, phone in a bomb threat somewhere as a joke. Give them your full name. Guess what's gonna happen?
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  15. I've explained before that I never think anything through in my life. The "inevitable fate of david miscavige" series (for lack of a better word) is the only set of videos with anything at all "graphic" in them. I sometimes am at home bored, so I put some quick videos that require no real time or effort to make, sometimes I do spend time on them, but in these I did not. Hence, I did not go over all the details or think as to whther they were a bit much. The first one may have crossed a line, but it's gone now. Anybody who has a problem with the clip go protest the film or report all others on the internet who have uploaded it.
  16. Anonymous Member

    I love the Ethics Presence, and Altitude argument, 612.
    Very cool, bro.
  17. anonymous612 Member

    oh good, herro is here, I can go home now.
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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Fuckeye Member

    Will you all stop saying fuckface, I keep thinking you're talking to me.
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  20. just post more and more videos. set up new youtubechannels at internetcafes if you have to
  21. anonymous612 Member

    We are.
  22. I don't see why you've such a problem with me, this is our first interaction. I never claimed to know a thing about the American legal system, all I put was
    I'm from England where we don't have the death penalty, so whatever your courts would decide based on his crimes (I would assume the death penalty)
    I very clearly said I was from England, I never said I knew anything about American law and I put "whatever your courts decide based on his crimes", if I wanted to pretend to be knowledgable about American law then I'd Google it, it's not difficult. I didn't say he should face the death penalty, I said that was what I assume, I didn't base it on any research. And you clearly didn't either, when you quote wikipedia as your source of legal information. I don't know where clearwater is or what significance this is, like I said, I'm English. And if I'm a moron for not knowing about the laws of a country I've never visited then I guess by that logic I'm sure that you're a moron too; speaking of which, I don't know what the price of gas is in Canada, or the laws on smoking in Japan, or the exact sentence you'd get for bank-robbery in Spain; darn, I'm just so unknowledgable about those things. I never tried to "impress" anyone with my "fancy record", I was saying why I protest and have protested, besides, you don't even know my age so me saying I've protested since I was 17 gives nobody any information. For all you know I could've turned seventeen last week, or last month or 10 years ago. It's irrelevant, then you be a hyppocrite and try to "impress" me with your "fancy protesting record". I could protest the wearing of caps backwards for 50 years, it wouldn't make me any better or my cause any more deserving.


    Look, you think Scientology is responsible for serious crimes and protest it; I do to. We're on the same side here and we're arguing. It's ridiculous. If the video I posted offended you then I apologise, if the video offends you in general then you might want to type "hall pass ending stephen merchant" into youtube and report the videos uploaded by other users. I think you're being childish by needlessly calling me a fuckface and a moron without knowing a thing about me, and you might have your reasons despite not pointing them out. We both want the same things, we should be protesting or spreading awareness, not fighting amongst ourselves.
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  23. xenubarb Member

    Aw, you know he was gonna need burping pretty soon anyways.
  24. anonymous612 Member

    Because you're a fuckface.

    You specifically stated you wanted him to face the death penalty.

    Not in regards to what constitutes a capital crime. Yes, in response to someone else's statement about illegal speech, because I was lazy and much more interested in the conversation with you. The death penalty crimes came from

    Wait, HOW long have you been involved in anti-Scientology protests? And you don't know what Clearwater is? Duuuude.

    Yes but I'd never presume to claim that you should get the death penalty for smoking in Japan if I didn't know whether it was illegal to smoke in Japan.

    No but protesting Scientology and not understanding why "I live in Clearwater" would be a relevant response to whether I've heard of Scientology abuses before tells us a lot.

    I'm 17 and what is this?

    You're the one that went on and on about the horrible abuses you're fighting so hard against.

    Actually I protest Scientology because they told me they couldn't, because it's funny, and because I'm an asshole, but your rationalization about how we're on the same side is cute too.

    Your not understanding why your video was deleted offends me.

    And I think you're a moron for not realizing that your going on and on about me calling you a fuckface is why I keep calling you a fuckface.

    No we don't.

    I can multitask.
  25. xenubarb Member

    It took you that long to come up with this response?
    Fail. With glitter and butterflies.
  26. xenubarb Member

  27. Scatman Member

    Don't mind 6, she's having a bad day.
  28. Herro Member

    Don't mind Scatman. He's a bit asspained because 612 is calling him out for being a creepy fuck that nobody likes. Also, couches.
  29. anonymous612 Member

    You're such a manbitch.
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  30. Interrobanger Member

    I'm British. What is this?
  31. Anonymous Member

    OP: did you shit your pants
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  32. Anonymous Member

    I'm Marcabian. When was this?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Out! Out! Damn'd tampon!
  34. I know a little about Clearwater, that it's got a base in there, a big one. That's about it, horrors go on in all of the big ones. I don't look into detail at the Amercian ones because I'm likely to not visit America or at least not often. I protest in my country, I don't feel I have the right to go to somebody elses country and protest, it's their country, they can protest if they like. Yes, I want David Miscavige to face the death penalty, it's not what I think will happen, it's not neccesarily what should happen, it's what I think he deserves, I'm entitled to my opinion. I'd hardly see smoking anywhere near as bad a crime as child-abuse or kidnapping. I said why I protest, I didn't say I protest any extra-harder than anyone else or that I'm better in anyway. You may have different reasons for protesting to me, that's all I was trying to say. I understand why it was deleted, that it violates the youtube policy due to partial nudity and sexually explicit material. The fact that you don't care about the video in general shows that you just use it as a reason not to like me. And whether you like it or not we both protest the same organisation and are therefore on the same side. I tried to apologise for the video, I tried to explain myself, I tried to be nice and I tried to show why there's no reason for us to be against each other. you say we don't want the same things, you're entitled to your opinion. I personally want Scientology to be no longer classified as a religion or tax exempt and for their crimes to not go unpunished; if that's not anything like what you want from these protests then feel free to have your own reasons. It's clear that we aren't going to get along even if I was to try my hardest so I'm not going to bother. You don't like me and won't explain why, I know we're never going to meet, unless your next comment explains why you have such a problem with me (and yes, you've said that it's because you think I'm a fuckface) then I see no reason for this conversation.
  35. anonymous612 Member

  36. Scatman Member

    Um Herro, Pot, Kettle, Black.
  37. anonymous612 Member

    That's not true, I like Herro and don't find him a creepy fuck at all.
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  38. Scatman Member

    You should cultivate a relationship with him. Perhaps you need a real man in your life.
  39. Well, I don't have much time before I have to leave the house so this will be my last comment in this conversation before going offline. There are eyewitness/victim testemonies from many people as to David Miscavige involved in crime as well as the cult in general. If we both hate them then we should get along, but we don't, so be it. I'm sure your not normally irritating but to me you have been. He may not have been involved in the crimes first-hand, but he controls the rules and the members, he could have made it so Lisa Mcpherson and others didn't have to die. He is what keeps the organisation going and he knows exactly what he's doing. Under law he's not to receive the death penalty, but I think he should. And even if he doesn't he will still be punished by law and that's all I really want; death penalty or not. So just know that even if I think you're a dick, I still know you as anti-Scientology, so I don't hate you as much as I could. So I'm now going to go offline, goodbye fuckface.
  40. anonymous612 Member

    Seriously, someone teach this fuckface the difference between a crime and a capital crime.


    Because you're a moron who doesn't understand what the death penalty is. If you want your government to be able to kill people because they were indirectly related to people who committed crimes (and said crimes ALSO not being capital crimes), you should move to Colombia.

    Here's a basic tl;dr of the death penalty. Davey can't receive it for the Mcpherson case. He could not have received it if he personally kept her in that room. He could not have received it if he SHOT her. For him to have received the death penalty for her death he would have had to personally, intentionally torture her to death and possibly rape her at gunpoint for good measure.

    I can fix that.
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