DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ogsonofgroo, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Herro Member

    That's a neutron star. Not a vagina. If a vagina had a magnetic field that strong, you'd be in serious trouble.
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  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    No it's not, unless mislabeled they're black holes mon. (also, you've never met my ex, I was in serious trouble with half the suckage)
  3. Miranda Member

    Mine does. You should see all the detritus it collects.
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  4. Herro Member

    Oh. Well, an accretion disk would also be rather unattractive in the genital region.
  5. Herro Member

    Right, your vagina has been battered by an unending array of cocks because of its magnetic field...

    Come on Miranda, take responsibility for your life decisions.
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  6. Miranda Member

    I take responsibility for my vagina, that's enough.
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  7. Herro Member

    Fair enough. That is an awesome responsibility after all.
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  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh say it ain't so! *sobs*
  9. Miranda Member

    ^lol what was it?
  10. Robocat Member

    Well, that was unexpected.
  11. Miranda Member

    Which was?
  12. Ogsonofgroo Member

    think they were microbes, don't think the university liked having the pic linked lolol, oh welp *shrugs* :p

    Edit, aw crap the pic is back.... they're messin' with mah mind I tells ya!

  13. Anonymous Member

    And what's wrong with a good old reliable type 40? (Bowties are cool.)
  14. DeathHamster Member

    Shatner's not a Merkin, he's a Canuck.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    How do you people have so much time to spend on these kinds of threads? Seriously, I am often amazed at how many people have as much input as they di, especially when it's off-topic and/or a retarded flame/troll war. Flametrolls..hmmm...

    Anyway, I'm not even gonna watch the video, nut based on what I've read here about it, and how Scn is rabid about lawsuits over menial issues, and the fact that England has something up its ass which results in passing laws restricting free speech in a vain attempt to make people "polite and safe"...

    ***Anything which could be misconstrued or reasonably argued to be a threat towards a person (or group), IR could be seen as a "call to arms" for other people to harm a person (or group) isn't protected speech in the U.S. I highly doubt England's laws are more permissive. Add on that you're talking about Scn's leader, it's probably not the best idea to risk your video or images being deemed a threat.***

    So there u go. Depending on how nuts they are and if they think they could get away with it, they could bring some sort of suit against you for hate speech or incitement of violence or something, even if the images are ambiguous (is he the killer or the victim kind of thing.) They don't care, more PR for them, they get to crush you financially, and if they did manage to win, even more PR.

    I could be completely wrong about the factors in this, since I skimmed the thread and got the gist of what was going on. So if I'm all ass-backwards and am totally wrong about the situation, sorry. I don't have the stomach to wade through the detritus to find actual on-topic discussion.
  16. Anonymous Member

    "Never apologize and never explain--it's a sign of weakness. ..."
    -John Wayne

    An astonishing amount of time and energy put forth ITT over routine faggotry.
  17. grebe Member

    LOL, this thread is like an instructional example for the How to Internet and Troll Scientology textbook.

    A lot of people like to troll OSA with jokes about Miscavage's height, his drinking, physical abuse of RTC staff, and fantasies of him getting raped in prison. But it's kinda dumb to focus your rage on one dude who will one day be replaced by another dude.
  18. Anonymous Member

    OK, competition time:
    Who can upload the most offensive and violent anti Miscavige video to youtube and get banned the first?!



    ..(I'm kidding fuckfaces)
  19. Anonymous Member

    Tappin' it?
  20. Anonymous Member

    cunty, even
  21. Anonymous Member

    Nah, this IS a fight between two retards.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    weer board wateing 4 jan eastgate
  23. Anonymous Member

    Hey grebe

    I liek ur post :)

    Do you really think that the Incurably Asthmatic Dwarf will be replaced with a new Fuehrer?
    If so, the new one will be equal or even worse.
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  24. I know they're not capital crimes and I know under law he will not receive the death penalty. I would want him to, but that's what I think.
  25. I don't care about the video being removed and I understand why it was removed. The question was whether somebody could've hacked my comp or IP or whatever and found out who I am. I was pretty sure he couldn't have but I'm not a hacking expert so I was just checking.
  26. I was just checking if it was possible for someone to hack my comp/IP or whatever and find out who I am. I doubted it, but wanted to check.
  27. Either way, I don't like him.
  28. I win.
  29. anonymous612 Member

    Jesus fucking christ learn what the edit button is on a forum.
  30. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no!
  31. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    First, I highly doubt you don't care because you said this:

    If you didn't care, why did you mention it? Furthermore, they will get torn down anyways when the right people find and report it...

    The point is: You should not have done this:

    and you should have thought about what you were saying in the video before creating it. If you are trying to an herro yourself by doing reckless actions, then you are in for an epic shock when nobody gives a fuck or rushes to your defense.

    Also, stop and think for a second: Not everybody who reports videos on Youtube is a member of CoS. That video made some outlandish claims about David Miscavage and was done so in an offensive manner. Let me give you an analogy: If somebody did your video verbatim on their ex and their family, the same exact thing would happen. With the added kick that they would get the law wanting to eat their ass. Now, the ex nor the family would have had to have seen it: An average everyday Homer could have seen it and blown the whistle.

    Secondly: Hiding behind the whole "Its about David Miscavage! We hates him! Lets Go Anon!" is no defense or rational reason for making baseless videos. Most of the Anon videos targeting DM are based on facts that are known and can be proven with Dox. A simple Google search and/or a search here would have saved you the butthurt and maybe a better video would have came out of this without it getting torn down. It may have even have prevented this thread from existing.

    This whole "Well this is what we all want" is no excuse nor is it true. If you haven't figured it out by now: Everybody here wants different things and different results for different reasons. Your video, regardless of your intent or motivations, is about what YOU want to see, not what everybody here as a collective wants to see...

    Thirdly: You said this:

    There is part of the problem right there: Taking bits of movies and making them part of your own is just begging to have them torn down. See: Movie studios don't like having their movies used for private videos very much. Now, if they see you using some movie in an anti-ANYTHING Youtube video then they are going to get very unfriendly with you. You may not care about Scientology, but you may start to care when you get a visit from the friendly neighborhood MPAA or whatever you have as a motion picture group there wanting to rape you upside down for each mirror of your video.

    Finally: 612 was pointing out all the faults you had with both the video and the reasons behind your rational. Yet you became stubborn and still are stubborn about what you have and your idea of how things are. Again: Google is your friend. Also a quick read of Youtube's TOS would have made it clear to you that this:

    won't fly on Youtube.

    The TL;DR is this: If you are trying to make yourself a hero by taking one for the team, then you are in for a rude awakening. Think before you act will also save you a world of butthurt.
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  32. slobeck Member

    I'd post a picture of a black hole but it would just end up in the dome so. meh.
  33. Miranda Member

  34. Oh, and also, the video made no claims about Miscavige. It showed what I think will happen to him (excluding the rape part, that's just a part of the clip from the film).
  35. anonymous612 Member

    You'd reupload the video without the copywritten material?

    You mean, THE ENTIRE VIDEO?
  36. I said I would reupload the vids by which I mean all of them, without the copywitten material including that video, which was removed, so reuploading it would be pointless.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Slobeck, I needed to look at this picture again. LOL. Thank you.
  38. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I am hoping he has lube for the rape he will get when the MPAA or whatever MAFIAA they have in jolly ol' England gets wind of this.

    Aw, who am I fooling? He's just begging just beggin' for a good old fashion ass poundin' from them.
  39. Anonymous Member

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