DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ogsonofgroo, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Loki's spawn Member

    lol, communication mixup FTW!
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  2. anonymous612 Member

    "I didn't mean you, I meant Miranda" =/= "I didn't mean you, Miranda, I meant ______"
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  3. Herro Member

    Well said.
  4. what the fuck?!?! did someone divide by zero somewhere?
    you're actually being nice to me?!?!?!
  5. an0nim0uz Member

    Herro's getting soft in his old age. In more ways than one.
  6. i think im just growing on him hahahahaha
  7. Herro Member

    I generally compliment people when they make good points.
  8. hmmm.... i don't know, you been so fickle lately.
  9. Herro Member

    At this point I think we should change the title of this thread to the Mirandafaggotry Megathread. Then this thread and the Herrofaggotry Megathread can mate and produce unholy offspring. Actually it will probably just produce offspring with severe birth defects due to differences in the number of chromosomes in the two threads.
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  10. Well, tbh I don't have anything to hide. They could sue me for idk, copyright, slander, they'd probably play the religious descrimination card. But what would come of it, not a lot overall. They don't care if they win, it's to harrass and intimidate. Not only that, but my friends and family would find out and they'd be on my side about it which would add to the number of people in my area against the cult. The whole thing would be a big mess, but I don't mind. If they want to fair game me then they have every right to try. Other than the yt terms and conditions I haven't broken any rules really. My account may get deleted, but I'd reupload the noncopywrite material and be back up in no time.
  11. A what???
  12. anonymous612 Member

    He just wants to see your tits again.

    Fuckface, the issue isn't discrimination, it's incitement to violence.

    You don't have any idea how much a legal case would cost you, financially, do you?

    I'll be sure to let OSA know you're willing to be sued, they'll get right on that.

    Not if you were facing six, seven digit legal costs, I bet.
  13. omfg dude... tis is not about you challenging yt's fucking fascist copyright laws but what you're instigating with the clams.
    Do you not understand that these people have been an hair of an inch away from killing people like murdering them and shit. They don't care that u have nothing to hide, they will make shit up to pin on you, that not even Satan himself can come up with in his worst nightmares.
    They don't care that all you did was put an insignificant little YT vid or 2 on the net, the way they see it you challenged their authority and well being, and that's enough to see off an avalanche of shit on you, your family, your job and everything you love and hold dear.
    Iif you have pets keep em indoors and i suggest putting up a camera by your front door even if its fake, and be prepared to look over your shoulder every sec of your life if you keep that fucknut attitude up.
    Please look up OSA and what their sole purpose if in this existence within scientology, and then go and realize this not a fucking joke, or something you do to jump on the bandwagon cuz all of a sudden its trendy and cool to be a script kiddie calling themselves anonymous.
    We, as in the people that take this very seriously, do care about the consequences, and the well being of all here. and about the safety of the people that are still stuck but have that spark of life still alive inside them just waiting to be let lose.
  14. Money is nothing but an object and I never incited violence. I wouldn't say the law is on my side, but that a lot of what they'd claim (discrimination etc) would be false. Besides, here in the UK Scientology isn't even a religion. They're by technical definition a cult. Besides, I doubt anything is going to actually happen. The guy on youtube has been repeatedly just threatening that the cops are gonna track me down; he' clearly lying anyway as he thought I lived in California. He clearly has no high position in Scientology and has not done anything other than report me to yt. He expects me to believe he's warning me to remove my account because he doesn't want to see me "go down" (his words not mine) which makes no sense. He's a bullshitter.
  15. I do care about the people they harm and how they do it, it's myself that I'm not worried about. I know about the OSA and what they do, but it's really not as bad in the UK as it is in the US. And I'm not jumping on the bandwagon, it's not even seen as cool; I've been in conversations about Anonymous and it's just seen as PSN hackers from most people I know. I tell them it's not but their minds are made up. I know they don't care about what I did or how I did it, I know they will do whatever they can to silence critics. I know of some of their crimes, the killing, the stalking; I know they will make up shit but they can bullshit til the cows come home if they like. Scientology's not even a religion here; it's a shame that the most of their crimes they commited were done in the US because I think the UK has less respect for religious groups in general.
  16.'re fucking dense. im done speaking to you. i'm just thankful you're not a Chanologist in the USA.
  17. anonymous612 Member

    I bet you won't be saying money is only an object when you suddenly have none of it.

    You made a video about a specific individual being raped and your commentary on it suggested this is what should/would happen to him in the future. And by your own statement you have no fucking idea what the fuck the laws are.

    THIS ISN'T ABOUT THE RELIGION. The church wouldn't be the victim in this case. Miscavige would be. Meaning the religion is irrelevant and if this hypothetical case went to court they would stand a very good chance of banning you from bringing up the cult in the court case.

    The guy on youtube is not the full authority and powers of the Church of Scientology.


    You know nothing. You have demonstrated repeatedly you have no idea what you're talking about. So maybe you should trust the judgement of people who are actually experienced with the subject.
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  18. The fact that I don't really care about my self doesn't mean I'm dense. I'm not important, I'm not a CEO or a millionaire, I'm not a politician or a head of an organisation. I literally do not matter, so I don't care what happens to me because there are many many more people more important then I'll ever be.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Have you ever encountered guys on youtube who are the full authority and powers over people they've never met?

    I have and it's fucking hilarious.
  20. anonymous612 Member

    You selfish faggot. What makes you think you're the only one who would be affected if they go after you? They won't leave your loved ones alone just because they aren't involved. They'll use them to get after you. But by all means, run headlong into trouble without the slightest thought for the people you're dragging into the shit with you. Because your ego is the only fucking thing that matters.
  21. Who said I had money? I aint no rich Hollywood A-lister or CEO or anything. The rape bit in the video I should've left out, I see that now, that's the magic of hindsight. And like I've said, it's not as much of a big deal in the UK as it is in the US; I doubt anyone supporting Scientology except the guy on yt even notices it. If Miscavige is the victim in this case then there's not much they can charge me for except slander; he'd push for the charge of threatening him but I doubt it'd slide. And yes, I'm not as experienced because I have just protested, I haven't been personally involved with them other than that. The judgement of the Americans who protest is most likely better than mine. That being the case, what would you suggest I do? This will never get to court because no Scientologists have noticed except the one bullshitter who has threatened me. So I'm all ears, what are your suggestions?
  22. If you think I have an ego then you really don't know me. Not that it matters to anyone else, but I don't really have any family. My parents died a long time ago and I have no siblings; I'm not married, I have no children. I have friends but they can't really be dragged in, or can they? You tell me.
  23. anonymous612 Member

    If you think that's ever stopped a lawsuit you really don't understand the legal system.

    You're a moron.

    At this point I really don't believe you've ever protested.

    Shut the fuck up and think before you upload videos.

    If they're important to you? They can be dragged into it. What kind of faggot are you that you think Scientology follows rules?
  24. Miranda Member

    Then there would be an Unholy Thread Dynasty, complete with inbred birth defects. Have to figure out where the inbreeding comes in later.
  25. I don't think it stops lawsuits, it just means there's not a lot they can take away from me. And I do protest, every time I hear ones going on I join in. It's nowhere near as popular in the UK as the US so I doubt I have anywhere near as much as the US Anons. Would they really just drag one of my friends into it? Just because I know them? I mean, sure they're kind of important to me but not like best budz 4eva and eva or any shit like that. Just people I work with who I hang out with every now and then.
  26. anonymous612 Member

    That's not how it works. Look up wage garnishment sometime.

    What the fuck did I just say?

    You have a job, right? They'll fuck with that too.
  27. slobeck Member

    o lordie. ITT: lolwut?
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  28. Miranda Member

    Just entertaining our guest until he gets bored and goes back downstairs.
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  29. Herro Member

    To get rid of me just do what you do to get rid of any bro- announce that all the kegs are empty.
  30. Anonymous Member

    All the kegs are em--

    nvm, there's still two left.
  31. Anonymous Member

    then u sir should just get it over with and throw yourself infront of a bus.
    how sad....
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  32. anonymous612 Member

    inb4 six-armed herrobaby.
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  33. Miranda Member

    A six-armed herrobaby would be an appropriately unholy deity. But the THREADS are going to mate, not the people.
  34. slobeck Member

    pix or it didnt happen

    o wait. this is upstairs.
  35. Loki's spawn Member

    I really don't think the COS would bother wasting their time on this fucknugget. They normally try to go after people who actually can damage the church. It might be useful from an intimidation standpoint, but I honestly can't see them spending their resources on something this petty.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Catnarok is nigh!
  37. anonymous612 Member

  38. Miranda Member

    Okay. It didn't happen. :)
  39. They would. The purpose of their lawsuits are to harrass, not to win or acomplish anything.
  40. I'm sure you're not a mega-important celeb either. I'm sure there are millions of people more important than you as well. It's not an insult, it's just the truth.
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