Draw Mohammad Day 2011 - a protest for freedom of expression.

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Anonymous, May 17, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Cool, thanks. Somehow it didn't occur to me to use the translator, lol.
  2. Anonymous Member

    We see it in Arabic script. Cool, now we know what to call you.
  3. lulzgasm Member

    Yoda, er, I mean Hamid. I can only half understand half of what you're saying half the time, but the half of the half of the half of the half I like. :)
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  4. Anonymous Member

    His half of the half is way too phylosophical for me. Or maybe I think it's phylosophical because I don't get it.
  5. lulzgasm Member

    Hamid is definitely a philosopher. That's for sure. I think that's why I like him so much. ;)
  6. Anonymous Member

    My Iranian response to all of this: A day doesn't go by when someone doesn't make a bigoted or hateful comments towards Iran or Iranians. Yet I don't see any Iranians threatening to kill people for it, speaking of that, I don't see any Iranian terrorists or suicide bombers either. Where are the Iranians going crazy over DMD? All I see is Pakistanis and Arabs. So, please, don't generalize my people, marginalize us, or make us out to be crazed lunatics. I visit Iran often and I don't see crazed fundamentalists, I see proud Iranians who want change, who want secularism, who see Islam as something foreign to their identity and culture. @Bozuri Let me guess, you're one of those Western kiddies who believes all Iranians are holocaust denying psychos who spend all day inside their homes? Yeah, you are. Learn more about Iran and Iranians, gain an Iranian friend, learn about Iranian culture, read for fucks sake. Never in my life have I met an Iranian that fills out the media stereotypes. Love and peace from
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  7. Anonymous Member

    @Bozuri It's called the Perso-Arabic script for a reason, reason being that it was Iranians that invented the rules for very Arabic. You've shown yourself again as nothing more than an uneducated child with a hatred of Iranians based upon ignorance and a lack of education. Persia is a Greek word, Persia changed its name to Iran in 1935 because Iran has always been our indigenous and domestic name. Persia and Persian is used to refer to us in Western context alone, but in an academic context, Iran has always been used, even prior to 1935. We speak the Persian language and belong to the Persian ethnic group, Babylonians don't exist anymore, we do. Your ignorance is shocking to say the least. Think Deutschland to Germany or Nippon to Japan ;) I'd like to thank you for reminding me why Americans or 'Westerners' will never be friends nor allies with Iranians, fuck off you filthy rat.
  8. the anti Member

    hmm, well, i did my drawing last year and i'm fine with it. should i care to do anything else for the day again? convince me.
  9. failboat Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Just because you refuse to see them, doesn't mean they aren't there. Try googling "Iranian suicide bomber." Every country, not just Iran or Middle Eastern countries, has suicide bombers and trains them in fact - every military has units willing to give their lives in suicide missions, and every military uses explosives.

    Bozuri wasn't generalizing, she was referring to the historical fact that there was such a Holocaust cartoon drawing event in Iran. Bozuri didn't make any other comment regarding Iranian belief or disbelief in the Holocaust; he/she merely indicated that some Iranians have made fun of the Holocaust.

    No, Bozuri was only curious as to how to pronounce Hamid's name. And you're leaping to an awfully offensive conclusion here, based on Bozuri mentioning that something ugly once happened in Iran. I wouldn't leap to an offensive conclusion about you if you mentioned that something ugly once happened in America. In fact, I can confirm for you that ugly things happen in America all the time; I know ugly things happen in Iran all the time too. Just because we can talk about ugly things that happened in eachother's countries doesn't mean we are trying to generalize and marginalize all the peoples of our countries.

    Who is generalizing Americans and "Westerners" now?

    Who is acting like an ignorant, uneducated child now?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Trolled. Hard. Ass. Fuck.
  12. Anonymous Member

    so what day is it?
  13. حمید Member

    Do you want the peace in me or a piece of me?
  14. anonymous612 Member

    Will you two stop arabfighting and draw Mohammed already? Goddamn people you can go back to enacting glorious war against each other this weekend.
  15. AnonyVix Member

    I understand where you're coming from. The point of the exercise is to protest the extraordinary fuss made by certain groups about a cartoon of Mohammad, a fuss which it was felt by many was an attempt to restrict freedom of expression through threats of violence. In that respect this is a protest in support of free expresion against those who wanted to restrict it through fear in this instance.

    This is the same as saying the various protests happening now in the Middle East are in support of various human rights although they are each protesting specific issues within the country they are occurring.

    The point of me posting here was not to troll, although I recognised that this may occur, rather to point out to those who may feel freedom of expression is more important than the sensibilities of some religious clerics, even though it was their religion, that the protest was occurring.

    Another point was to stimulate debate on the subject. Is it right to threaten or worse carry out violence against anyone because they poked fun at your religion. What is religious hatred, which most countries have laws against, verses freedom of expression?

    I dare say Mohammad were he alive today would have risen above such nonsense as the cartoon that caused all this in first place, he certainly wouldn't have sanctioned all the aggression and threatening bully boy tactics employed by those who took exception.

    Let's face it, all heads of state, leaders and religions figure heads are potential targets for being lampooned and they often are. This is normal and healthy, as is their usual reaction which is to take it on the chin and keep going. It is unhealthy and wrong to threaten or use violence against detractors who are otherwise peaceful.

    EDIT: As to what day it is, I haven't been able to work that out from the information I've received.
  16. iraniam Member

    Well said my friend.....There is not a day that I am not proud to be Iranian.
  17. حمید Member

    Let us distinguish between expression and press freedom.
    The content of this thread shows how expressions freely being exchanged "freedom of expression", while the available "report", "Edit" and "Delete" links shows the availability of the limitations imposed to press freedom based on a respect for the accepted responsibilities which are defined to be comited to spreding Democracy. Where as the purpose of this thread "Draw Mohammad Day 2011 - a protest for freedom of expression." is an action to defend "Press Freedom". Not every one, every day, finds it necessary to be expressed using a drawing if one is not having other tools. Regardless of what tool, we have seen how costly "Press Freedom" has been protected by the structurals of democracy, not to talk about how much costlier the expressiv has been proved to be protected.
    My question is to whom and where are we trying to garant this "Press Freedom" again by the cost of "Expression Freedom" where it does not exist at all to be granted by a "Press Freedom", not resulting to intimidations where it has been proved to have been protected.
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    tomorrow baby!
  27. Anonymous Member

    20TH MAY
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. حمید Member

    Just hold on a bit longer! we have good plans to educated you too.
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  31. the anti Member

    you say "whore" as if it was a bad thing
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  32. Anon Gin Member

    why every drawing is posted Anonymously? Have some balls suckaz
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  36. Anon Gin Member

    Pathetic, if you wait a specific day to feel free to speak or draw or sing or whatever, It means you a moron.
    Once again, it takes some balls to enjoy freedom
  37. Anonymous Member

    So says RPatz?
  38. Anonymous Member

    May, 2011 Pakistani Hearing to Ban Facebook Adjourned

  39. Anonymous Member

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  40. حمید Member

    who said that? It is about tolerance and peace as an identity, regardless of where you do not find it.
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