Drunk Scilons in Burbank throw down with BFG

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Should I have:

Poll closed Aug 4, 2014.
Kept it going until the drunk Scilons got out of hand and got thrown out of the place 6 vote(s) 31.6%
Walked away as I did and not cause any trouble 12 vote(s) 63.2%
Never engaged them in the first place 1 vote(s) 5.3%
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  1. blownforgood Member

    Well sort of...

    I wrote the whole thing up as a Knowledge Report to RTC. Here it is and I attached the digital form I filed on the RTC website as well. That is pretty much everything except who I was with (which will blow all of your minds some day in the future).


    Thursday July 24, 2014
    Marc Headley
    1111 SP Lane
    Xenuwood, CA 90029
    United States

    Tait Ruppert

    Knowledge Report
    Tait Ruppert

    Tonight I was dining in Burbank, CA. After just a few minutes into my meal, I noticed two gentlemen walk in and take seats at the bar near my dining table. I noticed one of the gentlemen resembled someone who I had shot many Technical Training Films during my 15-year stint at the Int Base. I called out "Tait" with Tone 40 precision and one of the men turned his head and smiled at me. I said, "Tait Ruppert?" He acknowledged and I said, "Marc Headley!" He smiled back and raised his large beer glass to me. He then returned to his conversation with his drinking companion and appeared to start to explain how he knew me. The friend looked over and smiled as well.

    I returned to my meal and over the next hour or so noticed a steady stream of beers being served to Tait and his drinking buddy. At this point I called my good friend Jason Beghe and told him that I had run into his old friend Tait and asked if he would like to say "Hi". He excitedly said, "Yes" and so I walked over to the bar and handed my phone to Tait and said, "Here you go man!" Tait smiled and said, "Hello?"

    Tait listened and talked a bit, shot me a puzzled look and after a minute or so, gave me back the phone and said, "Who is it?" I said, "It's Jason Beghe man!" "Oh, I can't talk to him" he said sadly. I said "What? Says who?" Tait disappointingly threw his hands in the air in despair and shrugged. I relayed the message to Jason over the phone and wrapped up my conversation with him as I returned to my table.

    After another hour of dining and many additional beers to Tait and his buddy at the bar it was time to leave. As I exited, I made my way past the bar. I patted Tait and his buddy on the back and told Tait that if he wanted a gig on Jason's hit TV show to give him a call and maybe they could work something out.

    As Tait and his friend turned around, it was obvious that the two of them were both drunk. His friend blurrily introduced himself as "Jimbo." I introduced myself and Tait asked me what Jason said. I repeated my statement and Jimbo got up out of his seat and stumbled towards me and asked me if I knew Jason. I explained that I had shot many films with both Tait and Jason and I remembered that they were the best of friends whilst I knew them both and that we had even shot many scenes with the two of them together. Tait then asked me, "Are you aware of the irreparable damage Jason has caused the church?" "What does that have to do with acting and you get a job?" I asked.

    I asked Tait if he was serious and, "How could one man damage the self proclaimed fastest growing religion in the world?" Tait said "Google Jason Beghe." "If I Google Jason Beghe it's gonna tell me he is on one of NBC's best TV shows right now!"

    Tait said "Google Jason Beghe, just Google Jason Beghe".

    Seeing that this conversation was pretty much pointless at this point, I tried to wrap it up and get out of there. "Hey Jimbo, hey Tait", I leaned in and said very straight, "I promise to Google Jason Beghe when I get home if you promise me something." "Okay" they mumbled.

    "Google Marc Headley - M-A-R-C H-E-A-D-L-E-Y!" "Okay Marc." Tait says as he took another drink from his latest beer. His Tone Level seemed to be in Apathy at best and possibly lower. (They really should update that Tone Scale Chart with levels of drunkenness as these states are often more prominent and much more animated and recognizable, but I will cover that in a separate report at a later date.) Ironically, while I was at Golden Era Productions we shot an entire film on the Tone Scale and you will never guess who one of the main actors featured in it is - Tait Ruppert!)

    Jumbo then chimed in rather loudly, or at least loud enough for everyone in the entire restaurant to hear, "Google my dick!!!" "Google my dick!!!!"

    Jimbo then said, "Let's take this outside while you Google my dick!"
    After requesting that I Google Jimbo's man parts another 4-5 times, I realized that we, in fact had reached the apex of our conversation! I said, "Okay guys - I'm out," and left with my friends who were waiting patiently for me while watching & wondering what the hell was going on!

    OK - so why I am writing this report to RTC?

    Well we have a plethora of Scientology HCO Policy as well as TWTH (The Way To Happiness) violations here with these two supposed upstanding scientology citizens.

    1. Set a Good Example - TWTH Precept. Getting drunk at a Chinese food place in Burbank is hardly setting a good example unless of course you are a member of Lushotology, (Which I just happen to have been personally invited into by one of the founding members with open arms if I ever feel the need to join. They promised that if I wanted to leave or run away, they would not chase me and also explained that I would most likely be too drunk to run anywhere anyway. Which is both kind and very sensible.)

    2. Be Temperate - TWTH Precept. This follows along with the above point. Lushies are explicitly exempt from this rule. Straight-laced Scilons have no excuse for getting lit while at a bar within a shopping mall in Burbank. Yes - this was at the mall. Who even drinks at the mall? Is that a thing these days?

    3. Failure to Confront & Shatter Suppression - Not only did Tait & Jimbo fail to confront and shatter any perceived, invented supposed real or otherwise powerful suppression, they themselves appeared to have been confronted and fully shattered by from all accounts was a domestic light beer on tap.

    4. Verbal Tech - Both Jimbo and Tait inferred through their mumbled conversation that Jason was some sort of powerful suppressive person and not only would not back this up with any facts whatsoever or anything in writing, they both referred me to the Google for more information. It is a widely known fact within scientology that anything provided by the Google is hear say and wholly unreliable.

    5. Communicating with Suppressive Persons (known or otherwise) - Tait talked to Jason on the phone. That happened. I did not use a single ounce of my Jedi (shout out to ComicCon!) powers to make that occur. I handed the phone to Tait and he spoke with Jason.

    Both Jimbo and Tait talked with me for some time. I have an issued written Suppressive Person Declare, in writing, approved and stamped by RTC. It is not my job to inform everyone that I run into of this fact. It is the job and/or responsibility of both Tait and Jimbo to keep aware of this fact by constantly frequenting their local scientology organization and reading the never-ending stream of Suppressive Person declares that are being issued on a continual basis on their friends, family and fellow scientologists.

    6. KSW - POINTS 1-10: It is clearly obvious that points 1-10 are violently out with with both Jimbo and Tait and any hope of them simply being aware of this is at least one big hangover away.

    It is very possible than neither Jimbo or Tait will properly recall (if at all) the detailed events of the evening. It for this reason that I preserved these events in writing and I would appreciate the proper distribution through channels as covered in scientology policy.

    This is True.

    Praise Xenu - His Royal Galactic Excellency!

    Marc Headley


    Marc Headley
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  2. Random guy Member

    Well, well, well, so the clams are afraid of Jason Beghe. Some news apparently filter into the bubble.
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  3. BlooAnon Member

    I like you, Marc.
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  4. Kilia Member

    Marc, you did fine. Keep up the good work. :)
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  5. anon8109 Member

    Since when are homo novis allowed to google for SPs?
  6. BigBeard Member

    Yuk! :confused: That explains a lot.

    It's not beer unless it's too dark to see through the glass and has a head that leaves a 'mustache'.

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  7. AnyOldName Member

    Too funny!
  8. DamOTclese Member

    How amusing. I wonder how they had money to purchase beer with, once David finds out they wasted money on beer and didn't use it to buy David's shit, he's going to start screaming at them again.
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  9. rof Member

    I voted never.
  10. pooks Member

    What no pix?
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    Hey, they're "Scientology celebrities"! This gang: Jim Meskimen, Anna Easteden, Gino Montesinos, Michael Klaumann, Dan Jablons, Tait Ruppert, etc.
  12. moxie Member

    He has a dick?
  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    cool story, bro
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  14. Who ?
  15. Ersatz Global Moderator

    BFG have I told you lately that I <3 you?
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  16. It made me sad to see that Tait Ruppert is still around the cult... but I enjoyed reading Marc's KR and hope something comes of it :)

    Tait is a nice guy, or at least he was when I knew him back in the 1980's. Genuinely nice. He was not a big scientologist at the time, just a friend and co-worker with a bunch them in NYC, taking minor courses here and there, now and again...I would have never imagined him staying in all these years, had I not read his success story put out on the church's site, and in Marc mentioning knowing him from Gold... yes, he once did a bunch of films for the cult, but that in itself does not make an actor a full blown scientologist. It was this story that made me see how they got to him. Probably had a million assists, several PTS rundowns and course... enough to brainwash even the toughest of personalities.

    My Scientology Success (written at age 38, per main My Scientology Page ) now age 54
    [QUOTE Quite simply Scientology saved my life. Roughly 2 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. It was a hard blow. Without Scientology I would not have made it. I did the prescribed medical treatment (chemotherapy, surgery) which handled my body but because of Scientology I was able to find out why I got cancer in the first place. I now know I will never relapse into cancer again.
    I know myself with Scientology. I am in charge of my fate, it is thrilling.
    Thank you,
    Here is his acting bio. Not much work over the years. Perhaps playing Rodman in the bombshell movie Battlefield Earth and his continued work with Golden Era Studios has something to do with it. being friends with Jim Meskimen ( Scientology's Facebook Police Chief for the entertainment industry related members) certainly does not help. The last newbie scientologist actor that Meskimen tried to keep tabs on via Facebook, that backfired, was Josh Robert Thompson, who plays the robot sidekick Geoff Peterson on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He was once engaged to Kerri Kasem, until he figured it all out and dumped them all.That was a couple of years ago. But Meskimen and Tait go back almost 30 years... they studied and performed improve together and with other scientologists in NY and later, California. Hard to get away from a man like Meskimen. I pity TAir Ruppert just on that point alone.

    Tait is certainly a talented guy. I suspect the need to get drunk like that may be an indication of his frustration at not making it bigger in the industry and having to deal with people like Meskimen on a regular basis. Maybe he will remember what Marc said, especially about Jason.. maybe he will start to can only hope.
  17. White Tara Global Moderator

    Let the doubt flow for him. :)
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I think I hear cancer at the front door with a singing telegram!
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  19. JustNoise Member

    Funny story man. My favorite part is when you tell them to google you. I can't wait to have my mind blown by BFG sometime in the future.
  20. RolandRB Member

    Why didn't he just get a bit of Dianetics auditing to audit out mitosis?
  21. Quentinanon Member

    In my experience, it is not uncommon for scilon staff to go out drinking on the weekends to the point of inebriation. That's a tradition that goes back many decades.
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  22. White Tara Global Moderator

    so they are hooman after all :)

  23. They love getting high. I think sometimes they drink because they really miss smoking weed. A lot of these Scilons smoked the herb before getting involved in the cult. Further evidence that Scientology is nowhere near as fun as smoking a doobie?

    At least that's what I think.
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  24. Quentinanon Member

    Many scilons do crave euphoria and don't get that from cult practices.
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  25. And they can't admit it even to themselves. LOL!
    I even think the cigarette use is evidence of some sort of craving for a sensation or a good feeling but maybe I am getting far too oral and Freud-like. Still, I could never shake that opinion or feeling about that. I still believe it.
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  26. Quentinanon Member

    Nicotine is a stimulant. Besides, according to Hubbard, you only get cancer if you don't smoke enough.
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  27. moarxenu Member

    Lushotology lol. Great trolling, BFG!
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