Dublin, Ireland: European Megaraid June 30th - July 1st

Discussion in 'Europe' started by themadhair, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Skip the hostel.... Join Camp Trap!
  2. Anonymous Member

    Reinforcing the hippie stereotype I see.
  3. yes..... hippie.... yes
  4. Heretic Member

    I'll most likely have to sit this one due to flying out on holiday on the sunday with a load of friends.

    I'm considering heading over saturday and flying back dead early sunday but I'm not too sure how practical this would be
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  5. Fuckeye Member

    It worked for us last time.

    Round 2?
  6. jensting Member

    I have a copy of "the complex" thank you very much :)
  7. jensting Member

    Sounds pretty awesome!
  8. Anonymous Member

    For those of us who missed 'Round 1':

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  9. Nataku Member

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  10. Heretic Member

    grrr my arm maybe twisted I shall look into prices on payday lol
  11. Anonymous Member

    You will be needed Heretic. Who else would be able to drag our European ambassador out of his bed??
  12. From Paris to Dublin (by ryanair) , 2 nights in hotel with breakfast is : 175€ = 150£
    At this price, i'll probably be there with some french fags :)

    And for a luxious 3* hotel at 15mn next scientology HQ, it's 200€ = 170£

    EDIT :
    We'll need the detailed program (quickly if it's possible) and a contact for this epic weekend =)
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  13. Malory Member

    You need to meet me when I'm drinking because if you thought I was gobby when sober.....
  14. Fuckeye Member

    Friday: Everyone arriving, meeting, drinks
    Sat: Conference and raid
    Sunday: Other shit

    Yes, I'm Irish now. But that does seem to be the summary for it.
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  15. Excelent program, Fuckeye !
    French Fags will be there (2 of us have yet reserved)
  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. Profanity Member

    Could one of the Irishfags PM me regarding whereabouts in Dublin this will be, please? Looking to visit a friend while I'm there and want to see how far/close I am to him. Cheers. :)
  18. Anonymous Member

    Post none-sensitive info here. I'd like to know if I can visit my friend there too. It'd be much easier if I could just crash at hers.
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  19. Nataku Member

    Fuckeye is Irish now. But that does seem to be the summary for it.

    I expect Saturday's raid to be a brief affair, due to the press conference. Sunday's a better bet for a proper raid.

    The Scientology mission is right in the city centre, off the main street. Map: "Church" of Scientology Mission of Dublin Ltd, 64 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

    It's 2 minutes walk from the 'Abbey Street' Luas (tram) stop, and 10 minutes walk from the central bus station, Busáras.

    We haven't booked the press conference location yet - once we have, we'll post it in the thread.

    We haven't chosen hostels & pubs etc. yet. Once we have - we'll PM people instead of posting publicly. You can take it that they won't be difficult to get to/from.
    PM'd. (PMing me on here is as good a method of contact as any)

    Alternatively, email us at

    Pete Griffiths is the ex-Scientologist behind the press conference. Phone +353 (0)863703811 or Skype griffpete2
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  20. jensting Member

    M E 2 ! !

    Best regards

  21. Flight departure at 7 PM from Dublin to Paris sunday. We have to get out at 5:30 pm
  22. Anonymous Member

    So is this now the official megaraid? or are we still planning two (bad idea imo)
  23. Anonymous Member

    I'm afraid I will not be attending, I already have tickets for something else :(
  24. cfanon Member

    Oops, that was not meant to be anon. I've got too used to posting anon recently. :)
  25. Heretic Member

    Since when was I the European Ambassador?
  26. 4 other french anons will probably come to Dublin.
    In total actually 6 French Fags are ready to go.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    You're not. You will, however, be in charge of getting the actual ambassador out of his bed.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Tell that damn cat to get out of his own damn bed.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Think of it this way. Imagine you are a foreignfag in Dublin who has a hankering for the black stuff. Who would you rather go drinking with? Myself, who doesn't drink and who will spend the entire night pointing out that alcohol is a toxin and all the nasty health effects it can lead to, or with the cat?
  30. pedrofcuk Member

    I no longer drink but I'd have to say, the cat.
  31. Malory Member

    A sober wingman can be handy though if the beer goggles take hold.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Additional speaker confirmed: Dr. Martin Poulter. He rocked the joint in March 2008 and we are more than happy to welcome him back:

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  33. Cheshirecat Member

    I hope to be there.

    inb4 'Lies'
  34. Anonymous Member

    fucking lies
  35. Malory Member

    If you're not there I'm going to ask OSA for your address and come round to rip up your Justin Bieber posters.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Fuck that shit. If he doesn't come I'll post up his dox and organise a raid on his fucking abode.

    How bad is that I am strongly tempted to get his mother involved to make sure he turns the fuck up??
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Isn't it great when somebody posts anonymously and you can guess who it is?
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Or when you can actually see. :D
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  39. Anonymous Member

    You know it's an Irish megaraid when this happens:

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  40. Anonymous Member

    If we'd the wit to stay at home and send the mammies instead, this whole thing would have been over with three and a half years ago.
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