Dublin MegaRaid, July 1st - post game

Discussion in 'Europe' started by jensting, Jul 1, 2012.

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    From Facebook:

    David Love
    a few seconds ago ·

    Mainstream media contacted me last night from Canada and wants to do a major EXPOSE - - this is a National Media outlet, well recognized and viewed. I sent them a few hundred pages of documents and we will begin one to one talks when I return home in a couple days. Met with German Anons this morning and now I'm off to take care of a "Say No To Drugs" tip that just came in from a Dublin Anon (Cult is handing out pamphlets - against Dublin Law). Ya' gotta LOVE our Anon "Intelligence" network, eh'? - LOL. So unorganized, but runs like a well-oiled machine on the highest grade juice. (((HUGS))) - I'll be back ♥♥♥
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  3. peterstorm Member

    Lol here it goes again!
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    There wasn't 300, I'd say half that.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    No way was there 300. No way....
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  7. Intelligence Member

    Half that number (300) could be close at conference - - give or take 20-30. I started to count at the Raid,
    but too many were moving around and dancn' - LOL :) - But definately NOT 300 at the Conference.

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  8. If you extrapolate the numbers using LRH math, I'd say at least 30,000 for the fastest growing conference on the planet.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    it was definitely over 9000.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Given the video feeds and the outcome videos and photos, it's gotta be >9000!
  11. you can see how many people were there from the videos, maybe 50 LOL dont be a scilon plz
  12. Anonymous Member

    I love the double page feature they've done - huge readership - cult clearly described as the nasty bastards they are to a lot of people. Excellent.
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  13. Nataku Member

    300 is a ridiculous figure. We made 200 badges, and didn't have enough to go round, though I seriously doubt 100 attended the conference, even with some people leaving early/arriving late. I can account for maybe 30 missing badges, the rest are a mystery.
  14. What the video doesn't show you is the point-and-chant of "Good Cult, Bad Cult"

    Did you get any footage of that?
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Got a scan/photo?
  16. Axiom142 Member

    Phew, where do I start?

    It’s four days after the conference and we are still getting contacted by media asking for stories. This event really had a massive impact.

    I would really like to extend a HUGE thank you to all those unsung heroes who made this such a success – Pete, themadhair, John M., Sean, Booski, the French Anons, German Anons, American Anons and everyone else who turned up, many of whom travelled long distances because they wanted to make a difference.

    We are expecting some extra high-quality videos of the conference (courtesy of the awesome ‘Krautfags’) very soon and there will no doubt, be many vids of the protest as well.

    It still really amazes me how many wonderful and caring people there are that are prepared to put their own time (and money!) into helping just because they can.

    For me personally, this was a life-changing event. I got to meet some of the legends of the critic’s world – Tory Christman, Gerry Armstrong and David Love and others. The dedication they have shown in bringing the cult to justice is truly astounding.

    I was chuffed to bits that Gerry knew who I was and that he liked what I had written!

    The conference was given added gravitas by the presence of two noted academics – Dr Gabriella Coleman ( ) and Dr Martin Poulter. I was lucky enough to speak to Dr Poulter, but unfortunately didn’t get time to speak to Dr Coleman.

    To say that I was very nervous at the prospect of speaking about my experiences in front of everyone is a huge understatement. But, when I was finally called to stage, I somehow managed to bumble my way through without too much of an idiot of myself (I hope!).

    In the hall, we had around 60 attending, of which about 10 were media and ‘others’ with the rest exes, critics and Anons.

    A special mention to Sam Domingo who showed a lot of guts in getting up and declaring herself a Scientology in the face of some opposition and even a little hostility.

    Jamie DeWolf gave a superb performance of his “Every Family Has Its Black Sheep”, which was completely awesome and got a huge round of applause! I got to spend a fair bit of time with Jamie and he is a really great guy and so impossibly cool.

    We were expecting some trouble from the cult, and a counter-demonstration, but in the end all they could do was have a spook sit across the road in his car (reading a newspaper while wearing dark glasses – WTF!) and have a blacked-out Range Rover drive past several times. Useless tossers!

    I thought that the protest on the Sunday would be rather dull as it was clear by this time that the cult were terrified and would run and hide. Which in fact they did, but we had an awesome time anyway.

    It might seem that it was coincidence that the TC / KH split would catapult Scientology onto the front pages, but maybe a higher power is at work here?

    In any case, we were deluged with media requests. And it’s still going on!

    I really hope that what was done here will be an inspiration. If you get a chance to go to anything similar – go for it! You won’t regret it.

    Some photos of the events:
















    Full set here: Link removed please pm your friendly local mod for details!

    I also have some video which I’ll try and get up soon (one truly surreal moment).

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  17. Axiom142 Member

    I did.

    I'll try and get it up ASAP.
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  18. Axiom142 Member

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  19. This article makes me superhappy.

    Go Sharone!
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  20. brat Member

    sadly i didn't... but i see someone else did .. yay :)
  21. Profanity Member

    Oh gawd.
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  24. Axiom142 Member

    A rather surreal moment as Hare Krishnas join in…

    More vids to follow…

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  25. Axiom142 Member

    A stirring rendition of ‘We Stand Small’, er ‘Tall’.

    With added dancing. And commentary.

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  26. strobe Member

    Epic weekend.
  27. Anonymous Member

    It was amazing. Frenchanons have invited everyone to Paris in August for a big raid.

    Also, we all need to start saving to go to Canada for the weekend when David Love wins the case against the cult there (looks like it'll be in 2 years).
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous Hamburg at Dublin Megaraid (English Version)
    Anonymous Dublin called for a Megaraid - and we followed!

    Already on our way to Dublin we had much lulz, talking about memories of past Megaraids and expectations for this one. Of course we made typical jokes on "Chemtrails" and "Barrel Rolls" during the flight.
    Chemtrails - the proof! *lol*

    When we arrived at Dublin Airport we soon met well known faces and after our check-in at the hostel we headed to the "supa sekrit meetingplace", named "The Church" (oh, the irony!).
    The place soon filled with Anons, SPs and Exes, and again a big part of it were we - "ze Germans" and of course the irish Anons, since this was there home base, later even some french Anons arrived (which unfortunatly surrendered early... eh... went back to their hostel early).
    We were especially happy that someone said that "Anonymous Hamburg are the best and Occupy Hamburg are the worst!" - we learned that even the english-speaking countrys can't resist facepalming over them :D
    French-Fags on the next day

    After the Kazoos had been unboxed and spread some people startet singing national anthems. The "Germanons" proved to be letter-perfect with their national anthem - and we stopped counting how often we had started singing it when we passed the mark of 20.
    We discussed some serious issues (like the ESM or the Euro 2012) and applauded, when the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was announced in the evening press and we also discussed which pub to visit next - prefering a Gay Bar, which finally got occupied by the Anons till dawn.
    Because the conference started early the next day, most of them did not party to hard.

    On the second day we met up at the conference at 9 o'clock a.m. to set up our cameras and helped to set up the audio, which brought us the nickname "ze efficient Germans".
    Many interessting speaches of Ex-Scientologists, relatives and other SPs followed, such like:
    Tory Christman, Samantha Domingo, John Duignan, Stephen Jones, Gerry Armstrong, Jamie deWolf (Great Grandson of LRH), David Love, John McGhee, Ann Robinson, Dr. Martin Pulter and Gabriella Coleman.
    Taken with permission from Lisa Tiffany Photography

    The whole conference was streamed live, so that some of the speakers could not resist to send greetings to the Office of Special Affairs (who did surely watch).
    Even a independend Scientologist was there, in her opinion, of course, Miscavige was to blame for everything, but she also had some good arguments.
    I personally fully support Gerry Armstrongs statement, that the biggest problem in Scientology are Hubbards words - especially the SP doctrin (which is also taken by the Freezoners, Indies and so on, because they still follow the "teachings" of Hubbard).

    The last speach was from Gabriella Coleman, who's been studying Anonymous for quite some time in the US. Unfortunatly we couldn't watch the film "We are Legion" due to timing problems, but after the conference we sat down to chat with her to the lounge, which turned out to be very interesting.
    In the afternoon we went to "The Curch", but most of the Hamburg Anons left early, in order to do some research in local taste of music and beer in a heavy metal pub, which was discovered the evening before.

    On the third day we did our best in ignoring the alarm clock and then rushed quickly and without breakfast to the Scientology Mission to be at the raid in time.
    As we arrived we were a little bit disappointed: The Dublin mission is just tiny - we believe it's size represents David Miscavige's.
    We marked the mission, so it won't be overseen.

    A local Anon told us that Scientology was originally on ground-level in the building next to it which is now "Cruise Holidays" (again: irony, irony!), but after they could not longer afford the rent they held a fund-raising which wasn't very successful and so they just moved to the next door, up to the first and second floor, so they don't even have a showcase anymore.
    The windows up there were shuttered, only a small gap between the blinds made space for the camera, with which Scientology tried to document our protest on the other side of the street.

    Some Anons went to the entrance to have a look, shortly after they got back to the other side the police appeared with a few vehicles, after a short talk to Pete they went off, only 3 Policemen stayed in front of the door to the mission. They laughed alot when the Anons fooled around and they even ate caek with us in the afternoon.

    Speaking from caek: It was delicious! - 'nuff said.

    When a protester arrived with the first Newspaper (The Sun), claiming "Cult won't get Suri - Scientology to blame for split" on the first page many protesters applauded and cheered.

    After all Anons were fully awake they began to party hard. At that point Jedi arrived with his "Troll Canon" and began to play music and shouting whitty and/or lulzy questions and statements at the Mission through the microfone.

    All over the day >9000 protesters arrived from Canada, USA, Sweden, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, France and Germany.


    Of course well known songs like "Carameldansen" and the sovjet national anthem were played, there was a wild chase during the "Benny Hills Theme" and a polonaise across the street, down in front of the org and then back to the other side.

    As suprise guests John Travolta and LRH showed up.
    LRH couldn't resist and grabbed the microfone, telling us that he himself was just a troll, he thanked Anonymous for trollin' the trolls since '08.
    After that all city cells were interviewed seperatly by a news reporter - where the Hamburg Anons lended a helping hand with the audio.
    Least but not least there was a "Mad OT VIII" Contest: Stephen Jones and some Anons / SPs / Exes played his meeting with an OT VIII in England, which is famous on YouTube.

    We said goodbye to Scientology with the Song "Always look on the bride side of life" and left to eat something and later met up again at "The Church" for the after-raid-party.

    The last day began at 4 o'clock a.m.. We woke up to typical irish weather and the taxi-driver seemed much more awake then we were, as he was joking around all the way to the airport.
    After the "internet terrorists" passed the security check sucessfully we found an nice article about the conference in the "Irish Times" and made our way back to the most beautiful city in this world.

    Home, sweet home!

    Special thanks to the irish Anons for their hospitality and of course to all those speakers at the conference for their interesting and enjoyable lectures. Thank you all for making this event possible!
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  31. Axiom142 Member

    And who would that be?
  32. moralhazard Member

    What a fantastic raid, what a fantastic bunch of fags.

    My heart skips beats for them:

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    A few more here, but many more to come. (My upload speed is abysmal.)
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    ^ Hit reply anon by mistake.

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    Media flood gates still open! Cult is going down.
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    Just to clarify: all these photos are from the Megaraid weekend. The photographs of newspapers were taken on Monday.


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    It's a feckin tsunami
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    Talk about a lack of confront

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