Duncan Williams, Scientologist, Arsonist, SP Declare,, Bartercard, friend of John Mappin.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Tiny Tim, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Tiny Tim Member

    Duncan Williams, Scientologist, Alpha couse fanatic, lover of barter card, arsonist, friend of John Mappin.

    Think he deserves his own place on here to keep it from getting to mixed up with the Camelot Castle Hotel stuff.

    What we know so far.

    Scientologist with an SP Declare
    Born again Catholic
    Is heavily involved with "Good news" magazines and publications (as Mappin used to be)
    Has the rights to publish and distribute "The way to happiness"


    So all Duncan Williams diggers feel free to add all relevant stuff here, his own little corner of WWP and lets see if we can put this jigsaw together!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Can you post a link of the uncompressed version of SP declare ^

    The version posted above is too small to read.
  3. Anonymous Member

    From his interview on (a Christian media network):

    "A local news vendor was standing on the corner with a stack of papers, yelling: "Read all about it. Fifty people swindled! Fifty people swindled!"

    Curious, a man walked over, bought a paper, and checked the front page. Finding nothing, the man said, "There's nothing in here about fifty people being swindled." The news vendor ignored him and went on, calling out "Read all about it. Fifty-one people swindled!

    Beautifully appropriate.

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Scientologist Duncan Williams' latest incursion into Christianity - The Son 'newspaper'. Seems to be located here in Plymouth. If you can be bothered, follow them on Facebook.
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  5. GoogleMappin Member

    Aha, well overdue TinyTim! Good move. Now, any Plymouth Anons know any of the names behind 'Cornerstone Vision'?
  6. Scatman Member

    Um, knowing he had felony convictions, why the hell did the scientology enterprise accept him as a customer? Did they view him as a possible source of money? And he never paid them enough, so now they cast him out?
    I know of a guy who has MAJOR felonies in his past and they know he does, but scientology kept him around because that guy has given the enterprise hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The facts collected for Anonymous from reliable persons are these:

    In late the late 1990's and early 2000's, David Duncan Williams (a Roman Catholic convert) worked with John David Mappin (a fanatical Scientologist) at Independent News Group. While the pair were openly trumpeting a positive news only policy, they were, in reality, sourcing and farming out salacious and unsavoury tabloid exclusives for the national press. Assisted in this by their passionately orthodox Jewish colleague Benjaman Gerald Pell (aka 'Benji the Binman'), the methods used by the trio included bin raiding (including that of British parliamentary trash), celebrity phone tapping and internet hacking. Considerable sums of money were said to have been made from these activities. Which would explain the sudden rise in wealth of the three. Williams has later admitted that, "...suitcases full of cash were changing hands..."

    Unfortunately, Pell and Williams seem to have been unwise enough to invest part of their new found fortunes back with John Mappin, who claimed to have shrewd financial acumen following his 'successful' career in The City.

    Williams bought large stakes and shares and invested heavily with the Independent News Group and it's newspaper and magazine titles, while Benjamin Pell was tempted into investing in Mappin's motion picture company. In an ill fated film documentary entitled "Thank You For The Rubbish".

    Needless to say, and like 'Camelot Castle Hotel' owner Edward 'Ted' Corbally Stourton is experiencing today, both Williams and Pell were duped out of thousands and thousands of their pounds.

    The film documentary was a disaster. Pell sued. The Independent News Group failed when advertisers expressed concerns at the continual enforced placements of pro-Scientology features. When Williams insisted on axing the Scientology articles to save advertisers, Mappin arranged for the top brass at Saint Hill to have him Declared a Suppressive Person and provided 'evidence' that Williams had been the prime mover in tabloid dirt digging.

    The rest, as they say, is history.........

    A lot of people want their money back.

    portsmouth+016.jpg Duncan Williams

    _40701225_pell203.jpg Benjamin Pell

    johnmappinphoto.jpg John Mappin
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  8. Anonymous Member

    4 Mar 2010 at 19:36


    From Darkness to Light?

    Posted by Elizabeth Hunter

    Grub Street to Positive Publishing- Profile of a Media Career

    Duncan Williams has seen very the worst of the media world. Working as a tabloid ‘dirt-digger’ in the late 90s he spent his days seeking out celebrity stories in a culture where bribery, blackmail and stealing rubbish was the norm. Even born again Christian Jonathan Aitken once phoned to call him "a lying, underhanded s++t!." Now, though, Duncan owns his own ethical publishing company with a keen vision of building up struggling local and regional titles, and helping them to keep giving a voice to communities who are often drowned out in the noise of globalisation. He deliberately employs a proportion of ex-offenders and those recovering from addiction - and insists on a strongly positive editorial policy. In a nightmare market, the company is going from strength to strength. So how did he get from one to the other?

    Duncan’s first contact with the media was through editing his school magazine, which he quickly renamed Bronco after a notorious brand of toilet roll. Writing gave him and his rebellious school friends a chance to let off steam, and he was hooked. At age 17 he moved from the West Country to London to attend film school, and went on to have a career in new media and film advertising throughout the 90s boom years. It was a destructive environment, with a heavy drinking culture, but even then Duncan says “writing was really a form of prayer, a way of getting in touch with my real myself when I couldn’t always express things well verbally".

    A move into print at the end of the decade proved lucrative - whilst selling advertising for a series of high profile London magazine titles, Duncan realised that the real money was in sensationalist news and set himself up as a freelance investigator for all the major tabloids.

    Kept on retainer, he would be given a brief by an editor and set about finding, or creating, a story about them. One well read middle England title, he recalls, would particularly like tittle tattle about society women and would pay very handsomely for insider gossip. It’s wasn’t just journalists that are paid by the papers - behind the staff whose names appear on by-lines there is a huge network of contacts receiving a monthly fee for feeding in stories, from celebrities’ close 'friends' to hairdressers and even doctors. It was not unusual to see suitcases of cash changing hands. Duncan had regular dealings with ‘Benji the Binman’ who made his fortune hunting for scandal in rubbish, and would also employ covert surveillance. Even if all that failed it didn’t mean the story was dead. “I clearly remember one day seeing a front cover of renowned Sunday tabloid, a story about Robbie Williams, and knowing that 90% of it was distorted from fact, because I had engineered most of these embellishments. Robbie went on to sue and win a large out of court settlement, but most of the time, for the papers, it was worth it”. As several recent revelations about tabloid reporting practice confirm, he doesn’t think much has changed.

    "Today, one rewarding way of making amends, "he says " is that I am able to commission the very celebrity targets of my past life to write positive pieces for my own publications. Obviously, celebrities have feelings too... and fortunately forgiveness is often one of them!"

    Duncan says that there was no blinding light epiphany for him, just a realisation over several years that his life had “bottomed out”. He sought help with his heavy drinking and excessive lifestyle, and became a committed Catholic Christian. Not long after he made the decision to use all the money he had made to set up his own independent news company. With the support of some old tabloid colleagues, angel investors and some big hearted celebrities, this step forward seems to have worked out.

    Duncan thinks it’s the most exciting time to be in papers, and that the laments over the death of journalism are misguided. Change is inevitable, but not disastrous, and can be a chance for good. There are huge opportunities for those who want to be influential people of integrity. He was able to buy shares in several large media companies after the price had dropped by 90% last year and is now on the board of five of these.

    “There are huge opportunities for those who want to be influential people of integrity. The digital revolution will eventually provide far more readers for local titles once they’ve embraced new platforms; “Things like Kindle and the iPad provide an amazing way to get positive, ethical stories out there, and we’re showing that there is an audience for it.”

    The titles owned by Duncan, and his group of positive independent news companies, are trying to make a stand against the “propaganda of negativity” that he thinks so shapes our thinking. Like many of us, and even having seen the very darkest side to the media, he passionately believes it can be a force for good.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    View attachment business_man_running_away_with_a_suitcase_full_of_ "...One well read middle England title [ MUST BE THE DAILY MAIL ??? THEY WERE ALWAYS FAR TOO PRO - SCIENTOLOGY AND JOHN MAPPIN DURING THE NIGEL DEMPSTER YEARS...], he recalls, would particularly like tittle tattle about society women and would pay very handsomely for insider gossip. It’s wasn’t just journalists that are paid by the papers - behind the staff whose names appear on by-lines there is a huge network of contacts receiving a monthly fee for feeding in stories, from celebrities’ close 'friends' to hairdressers and even doctors. It was not unusual to see suitcases of cash changing hands. Duncan had regular dealings with ‘Benji the Binman’ who made his fortune hunting for scandal in rubbish, and would also employ covert surveillance."
  10. basil Member

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  11. kernowanon Member

    Would this have been his time at LHW Futures? That well known and oh so ethical firm "investing" peoples money in the futures market. This is where John Mappin and Ted Stourton first met, and also I suspect where John got his taste for the con.

    This was in the late 80's John had finnished school and appears to have failed to make it to a University. It seems LHW liked to pick up 6 form fails from the large Public schools like Winchester where John Mappin went.

    The question is was it love at fist site? This is also where John and Ted got the taste for the good things in life drinking and powdering their noses.
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  12. Anonymous Member

  13. kernowanon Member

    You mean page 8 and 9 too

  14. Zak McKracken Member

    Ok, I admit I haven't been following this closely enough, so I might be missing the obvious.

    Is Duncan Williams still "in"? Is he "out"?
    Is he "out, but drinking the koolaid?"
    Is he still BFF with Mappin & company? Or is that old?
    SP, but still "on-lines" somehow?

    Where/what is he today?
    Up to the old tricks again? Or has actually turned over a new leaf?
    From the jumble, I can't tell.
  15. kernowanon Member

    I think that is mostly what we are trying to work out!!! lol.

    His magazines apart from being uniformly awfull all seem to have the hand of hubbard in there somewhere usually "the way to happiness" these days but also mixed in with the born again Catholic and Alpha course stuff.

    we recived some interesting posts from Facebook from Dunkers himself which dont really make things any clearer tbh i'll post them here


  16. kernowanon Member

    This is particually interesting

  17. kernowanon Member

    And this one

  18. kernowanon Member

    And one last one READ THE TEXT then look at the above postings!

  19. Anonymous Member

    This is going to be a looooong thread
  20. Anonymous Member

    How long is long thread?
  21. Random guy Member

    Riding two horses, is he?
  22. GoogleMappin Member

    Oh, nice juxtaposition KernowAnon :)
  23. CarltonBANKS Member

    Someone who helps with had spoken to him a couple of times. I listened in on one of the calls, back in 2009. I suspect his SP declare is fake and he's a scilon. He kept pushing for an IRL meeting, was odd. Claimed to have secret Hubbard scriptures or somesuch. He lapses into what appeared to be scilon jargon.

    I could be totally wrong but I'd say he's a scilon masquerading as a whistleblower.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I guess the advice above was not read by a prominent but now deceased British scilon who on at least one occasion swamped a business with orders but when it came to pay for the work done refused saying it was sub standard causing said business cash flow problems which resulted in it folding. At least that's the story I was told.
  25. Zak McKracken Member

    my gut usually demands "proof or STFU" when it comes to OSA calls,
    and he sounds like a possible "Independent" to me,

    but the PR flack day job wouldn't be inconsistent or inappropriate moonlighting for an actual OSA droid....
  26. Zak McKracken Member

    Any idea when this picture was taken?
    Or when posted? (Is it currently connected to his web presence?)
  27. CarltonBANKS Member

    It's my carefully considered opinion

    Bottom line: if he really has useful info to disclose, he should leak it to us and/or a reputable newspaper.

    We're seeking information; not BFFs

    (If he hasn't read this thread already, he will at some point)

  28. Zak McKracken Member

    Thank you.
    The previous was my uncarefully considered opinion. As much as that's worth ;)
  29. Anonymous Member

    I agree that this SP stuff is very, very sus. The facts need looking at, a lot closer by Anons. For example, the picture of DW holding 'the way to happiness' shows him looking 20 years old or so. Then we follow his history with the Cult and see he's been linked for years. Look at pictures of him now. The SP Declare does not tally.

    It is obvious that Williams is still in regular communication with JM. I think money is the link here. Williams may want out of the Cult but his investments in the Independent News Corp have made it hard for him to sever connections, however much he may want to.................... (?)
  30. Anonymous Member

    Taste for the con!!! lol!!! This man is ravenous!!!
  31. Anonymous Member

    And what is this with the Pastor's hand??? Can someone explain...?
  32. Anonymous Member

    I wouldn't put it past the Sci's to attempt a 'sleeper' or plant into UK Christian circles. The use of the Christian Cross on their shopfront CoS logo is clue enough as to their desire to lure unsuspecting, vulnerable 'seekers' into the Cult.If this is the case,Williams needs to be placed under scrunity.His access to speaker conferences and Alpha groups places him in a unique position to recruit for Hubbard.Wasn't there a thread posting a while back of a BBC broadcast by Dunkers?If this happens again maybe the BBC ought to be reminded of some of the 'Culture of Dark Arts' and history behind Pastor Williams.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Got this link from (This is a fine, fine site and have you seen those stats?????)

    Have a look while it's still online. I have a hunch Dunkers will be going to ground soon; It is interesting to see that Cult PR reappears throughout his publications. Also note the people involved in writing for these mags.

    My interest was tweeked by the name credit for one Lord Patrick Douglas Hamilton listed as serving upon the 'Editorial Board' of Issue 53.

    Surely, not the Douglas Hamilton's of Nazi sympathy 'fame'? Who had Rudolf Hess as their unexpected house guest during WW2? Anyone know if there is a link?
  34. CarltonBANKS Member

    (Wow, only just read the above text now, yesterday, didn't read it properly on my iPhone screen yesterday eve)

    He hasn't given any valid reasons for not like Scientology, and there are sooooo many ways in which they break the law. How the fuck are "Hubbard's writings addictive"?

    If he still believes that after apparently leaving Scientology, he's mentally ill.

    When I heard him on the phone, he got really animated about LRH writings and made a really desperate attempt into getting us (well, my researcher friend who was on the other end of the phone) to read them. A fuckton of waffling. Including apparent amazing science discoveries (by LRH!). We were like 'cool story bro', and suggested he go to New Scientist or something. He was implying he wanted to do us a favour, and give us a world exclusive... if we'd only agree to meet with him & learn to trust him(!)
    • Initially, he seemed quite helpful, though. He gave names of specific scilons in East Grinstead, like saunas and stuff, where they were doing the purif and pushing Hubbard courses. (And the stuff seemed to check out - all the info seemed legit). But after a while.... maybe after an other 5 or 6 phone calls, the crazy really started to come out.

    Also, on the subject of SP declares. Apparently Brook Zimmatore got an SP Declare at one point. But now, all is forgiven, and he is back in the cult, even doing opening events for Scientology 'churches' in (Rome) Italy.
  35. GoogleMappin Member

    Pay it no heed friend, just a religious joke... like, y'know, what a good Christian he is and all... And the original picture his hand look like a comedy prop tbh. It doesn't mean ANYTHING about Pastor Williams' connection with Scientology's 'left hand path' (ahem) or all that dark stuff...
  36. Tiny Tim Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    I'd also mention Smurf (not to bash on him)
    as someone declared, PTS, kicked to the kerb and then pulled back in
    albeit briefly, for highly nasty OSA ops.

    We know Smurf isn't still on the Koolaid bus due to his openness, honesty, efforts to rehabilitate not his image but behavior and thought processes, and years upon years of being offlines and actively antagonizing them.
    That, plus his declare, make him credible and creditable as a critic.

    Duncan is.... to put it mildly, "not quite there"
  38. CarltonBANKS Member

    A Little More Backstory


    IIRC, he claimed he basically infiltrated Scientology as a 'journalist' and then got his SP Declare by threatening to go to the media. He also had a (yellow rod) SP declare on a Flickr stream that said these were the reasons why he was declared.

    He claimed he registered a domain name and Hodkin sent him legal threats. He even sent me the scans of this apparent letter. As far as I know, there has never been a TLD of .tech, so this was... weird.

    (this was all sent to, but stupid fucking Hushmail makes you sign in every three weeks, as free user. If you don't , you loose all your messages and eventually your account. I hate Hushmail btw, they are so shit.. on so many levels)
  39. Anonymous Member

    This guy never left the cult,he and mappin are peas in pod,and yes the infiltration and manipulation of young christians is exactly what he is up to,might not get away with it to the degree he is planning,some lives will be ruined and some pockets emptied,thats for sure.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Then we need to act and act fast.Nicky Gumbel,founder of the Alpha Groups,can be contacted at Holy Trinity Brompton Church in Londonb and advised that he might well have a Judas in his flock.In this case,a Sci Tojan Horse.This way 'Pastor' Williams can be put to task by his fellow Christians and prevented from leading any Alpha Groups members or young Christian newcomers astray.Any volunteers to call the Rev.Gumbel please? Or post up a number and we'll keep it all Anonymous as to the doer of the deed,as like always.............. ;-)

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