Duncan Williams, Scientologist, Arsonist, SP Declare,, Bartercard, friend of John Mappin.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Tiny Tim, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. xenubarb Member

    All gods aside, this is the money quote:

    To which I would respond, If you handled your business in an upfront, honest way and didn't misrepresent Cornwall's "largest hotel" as a luxury establishment when it clearly isn't; if you didn't lie about the accommodations and kitchen, if you would cease flooding the locals with Scientology promotional garbage, probably none of this would have happened. You pulled it in.

    BTW, how's that lovely "golden sand private beach" thing doing for you?
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  2. Anonymous Member

    The Clam organization that hooks in ex cons and cons is Criminon.I'm sure they would love to milk some of the access that Alpha gets in UK prison. I also note from their website how they use the book Way to Happiness to sucker in new recruits... The piece below is from The Sun from last year.

    ======================= NEWS CORP =========================

    By TOM WELLS (The Sun)

    Published: 08 April, 2010


    EVERY jail in England has been infiltrated by alien-obsessed Scientologists, it emerged today.

    Followers of the wacky "church" claim to have signed up thousands of cons to a bizarre "rehab" programme behind bars.
    But officials freely admit there is no way they can STOP the cult's vast recruitment drive — because it does not "threaten" national security.
    A wing of weird religion, called Criminon, today revealed it had targeted lags in all 139 prisons in England and Wales.
    It offers "distance-learning" courses to prisoners by letter and email and claims they help cons learn "moral values".
    A statement on Criminon's website reads: "Criminon UK provides crime prevention and rehabilitation programmes to people in need.
    "It also delivers drug rehabilitation programmes to offenders.
    "It is a registered charity and the programmes are available to anyone regardless of race, religion, sex, age, disability or offence committed.
    "Criminon organisations worldwide provide the programme using courses that address some of the key factors that are known to cause criminality, such as lack of self respect, illiteracy and a lack of moral values."
    One inmate at HMP Blundeston, near Lowestoft, Suffolk, claimed: "Doing this course helped me find myself again.
    "I won't lie, before I came to prison I was lost, I had no self-respect or no respect for others and I had no direction in life.
    "Doing this course has got me focused again and on what I want out of life."
    A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "The National Offenders Management Service is aware of a number of cases where prisoners have engaged in correspondence with Criminon.
    "Rules concerning prisoners' access to letters contain the presumption that correspondence will not generally be restricted or stopped unless the restriction is a proportionate response (i.e. a threat to national security, prevention of crime).
    "Legal advice is that letters from Criminon do fall into this category and therefore should not be withheld from the prisoner to whom they are addressed.
  3. GoogleMappin Member

    Quote Xenubarb:

    "To which I would respond, If you handled your business in an upfront, honest way and didn't misrepresent Cornwall's "largest hotel" as a luxury establishment when it clearly isn't; if you didn't lie about the accommodations and kitchen, if you would cease flooding the locals with Scientology promotional garbage, probably none of this would have happened. You pulled it in."

    Hear, hear (once again).
    It's good to point out the bleeding obvious now and then for the benefit of newcomers to this thread.

    BTW - the Aitken link appears to be that Duncan Williams at some point sold dirt on Aitken to the tabloids (probably dug out of trash cans by our pal Benji the Binman) - with the result that DW now proudly claims that Aitken once called him a low life scum or some such. DW likes to quote Aitken to accentuate the scale of his own (DW's) 'conversion' to goodness i.e. from scammer / dirt digger / scientologist to born again, good news catholic.

    Well, I'm like totally convinced.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    What is the age of these materials of DW? I have noticed the LRH Cult book in the back of this shot and it looks like the old Chinaman in the old FungFu tv series! Does anyone know if these are genuine pieces of Cult relic?
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    "Pell is the most dangerous man on Fleet Street," Piers Morgan, former editor of The Mirror, speaking about the book on 'Breakfast With Frost’, BBC1, 13.03.05.
  7. Anonymous Member

    The police and the information commissioner, who regulates the data protection act, had compiled long lists of journalists who had allegedly obtained information illegally, and they were shaping up to take action. I warned that journalists needed to stop breaking the law by using private detectives and the like to obtain personal data.

    “Fat chance,” many journalists told me. Newspapers had become addicted to the “dark arts” of their trade, everything from using private detectives and others to obtain telephone, banking and criminal records, through paying for documents scavenged from bins, to hacking into telephone voicemails and texts.

    I had just written a book, The Fleet Street Sewer Rat, detailing the activities of Benji “the binman” Pell, who trawled the rubbish of advisors to the rich and famous for documents to sell to newspapers. The book revealed a long roll-call of victims included a wide range of celebrities, sports stars, politicians and business.

     stamp1.jpg Andy-Coulson-006.jpg
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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    Cornerstone Vision Ltd - Plymouth 'Christian' marketing company with a distinctly Duncan Williams-flavoured connection
    Cornerstone Newsletter - Sci 'super power' building newsletter
    "A cornerstone" = $35,000 donation to the Super Power building (linked by a walkway to the infamous Fort Harrison Hotel where Lisa McPhersons was Hubbarded to death).
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Fun to note that, like our friend Duncan, Benjamin ('Benji the Binman') Pell wants the world to believe he's turned his back on his sordid past. He now appears to be acting as a media privacy expert, supplying information for 'Inforrm' (the 'international forum for responsible media') one of whose principles is that:

  12. Anonymous Member

    Thankfully Anonymous will keep close taps on both Benji the Binman and Duncan the Dustman's past lives. It will be very hard indeed for Duncan Williams and Benjamin Pell to reinvent themselves when they are proven to have had strong links to John Mappin, and by default, the cult of Scientology. Interesting though that both appear to be keen to create a fast paced makeover just as the Andy Coulson/News Corp/tabloid investigations in the UK are being reinvestigated by the police.

    This will be a very interesting thread to follow.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Just watched this documentary online. It is very funny! :)
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  14. I'd take that song more seriously if it were not consistently sung by gay castrati.

    I could barely hear a thing, but my dog is whining!

    If satanic = fucking awful, that song has it in spades
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  15. Anonymous Member

    A link would be usefull!
  16. Anonymous Member

    ...and who the fuck is John Hobbs? You read Pastor Wilhelm's facebook feed? Fucking horns in a shit balloon, pop the crap!! You boyz are being taken for cunts.
  17. Charlie White Member

    Fuck off. This thread is feeding my babies.
  18. Charlie White Member

    666. We drink you scum fuckers. OT crank the handle, the black and white is typed and we smell your fear. Die soon, oh yes baby mojo! You fucking wanks. Boys toys wanting to smell and know a cunts. We done it. You dream it. Fuck you. You don't know
  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. CarltonBANKS Member

    Benji the bin man? Cool Story, Duncan

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  21. Rupert Pady Member

    I am a Continental Justice Chief, damn you! And I demand some respect!
  22. Rupert Pady Member

    Ethics exist to get Tech in...................... Get some in, you boyz!

    LRH cannot be faulted, this site is futile. Recant
  23. GoogleMappin Member

    You dump, dump fuck.
  24. Anonymous Member

    From what I hear, Dodgy Dunc would rather get into some boys...

  25. kernowanon Member

    Is the Guy in Black we think is Duncan Williams.

    Interesting to read the comments!
  26. Anonymous Member

    That's Dunkers (aka Pastor Williams) alright, Kernow Anon! You can recognise that arrogant jutting jaw anywhere (and those glasses are featured in other shots we have on file). A tenner to the first one to deck him.
  27. Anonymous Member

    It is clear that the doggin' Pastor is still up to his addictive publishing of LRH's the way to happiness.A newspaper that is printed and distributed in wealthy Bradwell Marina,is mainly filled with adverts for yachting sales boat accessories has been spotted by locals there.Cause for concern as other advertisers included,you guess it; Saint Hill,East Grinstead. Interestingly there is also a nuclear station nearby. And MANY Anon protestors who equally loathe scientology.


    Your local newspaper for Bradwell-On-Sea and the surrounding area of Essex
    During World War Two the bugle call of Bradwell came from the local RAF fighter pilots when the cry "Squadron scramble!" would rouse Spitfires into battle against invading Nazis.
    Today the spirit of our finest hour is valiantly carried forward via the freedom of the press in Bradwell's very own local newspaper title The Bradwell Bugle, which now incorporates full colour copies of InBradwell Magazine.
    With regular news, updates and classified sales, these publications loyally serve the Essex community in print and now also online.
    "All of our newspaper and magazine titles remain committed to bringing positive news to positive people..."
    Duncan Williams - Publisher
  28. Anonymous Member

    On a serious point having watch this great little vid of 2008 - could the days of V masks be about to be a thing of the past?with the uk government preparing to arrest mask wearers at demos in the future.We should make a case for reason of HAVING to wear a mask to hide identity when protesting against a dangerous criminal organization such as David Miscavige's Church of Scientology.This video actually serves very well to demostrate our point of how apparent OSA gestapo creeps like Duncan Williams and camera using henchmen that John Sweeney exposed are so very keen to film and voice record demostrators in order to plot and actively seek revenge against them.

    And anyway,can you imagine the british police having to arrest and detain hundreds of angry V mask wearing anons?
  29. GoogleMappin Member

    I'll bet you 50p that is NOT Duncan Williams in the video.
  30. Anonymous Member

    dox or stfu?
  31. That only applies to protesters who aren't on exceptionally good terms with the police.

    Activists who've been protesting more than once a month for three years, without so much as a caution, are going to be A-OK
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  32. Anonymous Member

    So protestors on only moderately good terms, and ones who plan to rally at a new Scientology cult location which hasn't yet opened,
    can get stuffed?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Can someone tell me who or what is barter card is please?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Barter card = 'alternative to cash' trading. Attracts businesses struggling to make real sales. Bartercard extols the virtue of the 'trade pound' but charge over £700 (real cash monies) to join, charge real cash for the monthly membership & real cash as commission on trade sales & purchases. Winners=Bartercard. Losers=Bartercard members. Duh.
  35. Anonymous Member

    With yesterday's news of former/current tabloid 'investigative journos' being arrested by the Met's current investigation,we may well have hit on the elephant in the livingroom with all's our chance to link the criminal actions of the church of scientology with the illegal investigative practices that both Benji the Binman / Benjamin Pell (source: The Sewer Rat of Fleet Street ) and Duncan Williams (via The Son newspaper interview and reprint by Christian group ). They both admit using phone hacking and computer hacking techniques.however keen these characters are to reinvent themselves the words they themselves have offered are evidence.the one missing confession is,of course, from John Mappin,who is most certainly mixed up in these dark secrets somewhere.Let's be honest too,the church of scientology offers perfect,perfect cover for investigative and covert snoopers.being that its been practising the dark arts for many,many more years than murdoch's crew.i think we very well have hit upon something here that with a little more study will successfully bring scientology down as an illegal 'intelligence' gathering operation that harbors fruitloop spooks. now can someone out there loop Mappin and Camelot Castle Hotel into this shitty mess?if so we've got enough evifdence to forward to The Met or the's potentially a great way to break the cult open
  36. kernowanon Member

    Here here! We are gathering all the time please contact us to discuss putting it all together!
  37. Anonymous Member

    post: 911160"]Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    These newspaper and magazine titles below are owned by scientology and the Mappin / Williams Independent Newspaper group front companies. Have you seen them in Plymouth yet? They will be used to fund and promote the new cult Ideal Org HQ. Be warned!

    View attachment 422a225a56f41a4a0f2201e1d99504f9.jpg?ts=1287917126 [/quote]

    InChelsea Magazine bought by leading UK publisher - a sign that downturn blues are finally lifting ?

    With the news that the prestigious glossy title 'InChelsea Magazine' has been bought by leading London publisher Paul Dobson, could this finally be a sign that the advertising slump, even in Chelsea, is at last over ...?

    PRLog (Press Release)Feb 18, 2010 – It has been a favourite read in the homes and businesses of some of the wealthiest decision makers in the country for nearly a decade now.

    Its two page football column is read by fans and millionaire players alike.

    Founded by it's original editor Duncan Williams, the ever popular 'InChelsea Magazine' has finally found a new owner and joins a stable of high end glossy titles published by the Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd.

    Paul Dobson, the Managing Director, is said to be "quietly delighted" with the purchase.

    'InChelsea Magazine' had suffered large revenue drops in 2009 following the collapse of the housing market. The sudden fall in local estate agents seeking to advertise properties for sale, or even let, within the Royal borough seems to be finally be at an end.

    "This is a very good news for everyone concerned," announced Duncan Williams, at a recent interview for theMediaNet. "The Chelsea Magazine Company is ideally suited to continue publishing this excellent local title. In addition, they will be able to offer quality marketing opportunities for property and other designer label products, to a very affluent readership."

    Duncan is known to be a keen supporter of regional and community publishing and remains optimistic that revenues gained from advertising are "steadily on the increase".

    So finger's crossed - The Chelsea Magazine Company is set to have a real winner on it's hands!
    # # #
    I found this press release pasted on the Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd's website.It looks as if Williams sold the business and am surprised that Frank Worrall is a journalist on this title.Frankie is a top sports writer. Surprised that he's mixed up in this.
  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Rupert Pady Member

    neeee. neeee. neeee.
  40. Anonymous Member


    I think this pretty lady might benefit from knowing a few home truths about Duncan Williams. She has money, and is therefore bound to be a target for the $cilon bastards.

    Nobody this gorgeous should be associated with such a scumbag as Williams.

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