Dutch Narconon all but closed by the Health Inspection!! (june 25th)

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Jun 25, 2013.

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    OMG! OMG! The psychs are after Narconon!!11!111!11eleven!1!!1!1!!!!
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    Dude, trev, that's old news. Those are still articles about the Inspection putting them under survaillance. The press has since moved on to bitchslapping the Inspection for failing to close them down altogether.
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  6. Peco83 Member

    For how long have they been unable to admit addicted people into the centre? please reply
  7. Clusterdux Member

    That wasn't my email exchange. I merely started that thread and translated some of the mail contents to English.
    The Anon who did this ("Hana") posed anonymously. She/he also had screen shots up of the exchange but they no longer load.....


    If indeed Menzis (an heath insurer) is doing a fraud investigation there is prospect of the ANBI (tax exempt status) being withdrawn.

    It's time to but the champaign on ice.
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  8. jensting Member

    Seconded! Anyone with inside information please get in touch with a respected journalist. This could be a nice big story (and since we're coming up for summer break, there are not a lot of big stories around).
    The reason that the government offers insurance cover to treatment of addiction is that people do care. It is not considered OK to let cult fanatics sponge off the monies and let addicts try to sort themselves out by making them go cold turkey, take dangerous amounts of vitamins, sit in saunas and shout at ashtrays.

    EDIT: I meant a respected local journalist - I'm sure Jonny knows that :)
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  9. Random guy Member

    I take a few weeks off, and you guys deliver all this win!
  10. DamOTclese Member

    Oh noes! How are these insane Scientology crooks going to scrape off drug user's invisible murdered space alien fragments naow? Says it ain't so!
  11. DamOTclese Member

    Oh: I see that the fucking crooks are not allowed to defraud insurance companies any more. That's a BIG WIN!
  12. Albion Member

    Just up at Infinite Complacency, a follow-up
    to last month's piece on the troubles at the Dutch
    Narconon operation.

    Since the director of the centre there chose to get
    involved for what turned out to be a fairly extensive
    debate, it seemed a shame not to build a separate
    piece out of it.

    Thanks to my regular visitors for keeping the dialogue
    going for so long.

    The director of Narconon in the Netherlands responded
    to our story about the Dutch authorities' tighter supervision
    of her operation, providing a unique perspective on the affair.

    Jonny Jacobsen
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  13. fishypants Moderator

    That's true.

    Most of the reliable information about Narconon is profoundly negative. See the Wikipedia article for links to most of the important evidence.

    Example: Niacin does not work to reduce the level of toxins in the body in the way which Narconon (after Hubbard) claim that it does:
    Hubbard was just guessing - and he was wrong. His 'research' was non-existent.

    If you have "dox" (that means documentation, i.e. evidence) to counter any of the negative things written here about Narconon, then please do present it.

    I mean that - am genuinely interested in facts.

    I don't need to.

    Matters which can be assessed by evidence - such as the effect of niacin on the body, or the risks to a patient's liver when they undertake the Narconon programme - have nothing at all to do with knowing the personalities of Narconon staff.

    I'm sure that some of them are great people - that makes no difference to:

    - whether the treatment works or not (it doesn't),

    - whether they are honest with their success figures (they aren't),

    - whether patients are safe at Narconon (they're not),

    - where the money goes (to Scientology),

    - who controls Narconon (that's Scientology again).

    We have dox - proper evidence - for all of the above. Most of the key items of evidence are in the very extensive footnotes to the Wikipedia article.

    If you have other evidence which we haven't seen - which proves us wrong - then please do present it here. Really.

    But just telling us that we're "talking blablabla" proves nothing at all.

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  14. If you enter 'Narconon is' into Google the first three suggestions are:

    Narconon is Scientology
    Narconon is a cult
    Narconon is bullshit

    No arguing with Google, I'm afraid - just the facts, ma'am.

    Bullshit Scientology cult.
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  15. Random guy Member

    Thank you for a very succinct summary of the Wikipedia article Fishy!
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Moved the blatant trolling to the derail thread.

    Seriously guys, report that shit. Someone presenting an opposing viewpoint is one thing, but this was some of the most transparent guest post trolling we've had in a while here. Report that shit and help keep WWP clean and tidy.

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  17. fishypants Moderator

    I welcome the opportunity for us to summarise what exactly our problem is with Narconon.

    We should tolerate dissent whether it's trollish or not (who cares if it is?).
  18. Maybe put this Thread under the Narconon heading too ?
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  21. There is a face, Lasers on stun

  22. Anonymous Member

    Someone called?
    Vraag_1.png Reply_1.png Vraag_2.png Reply_2.png Reply_3.png
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  23. Any news about Narconon Netherlands?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Yes, but it's all bad, depending on which side of the war you're on.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Minor update. The 6 month increased supervision period for the Dutch Narconon ended last week. The inspection did not renew it, so the status has now been removed.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    What status exactly? Does this mean they're in the clear or have been shut down?
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  27. TrevAnon Member

    They're in the clear.

    Google translate

    Anti Addiction clinic Narconon Zutphen is no longer under increased supervision. A spokesman for the Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) Monday a message from the Stentor this confirmed.

    The Inspectorate reported in June that the institution no clients with acute addiction problems and / or serious psychological or psychiatric problems could record more. According to the inspection, there were risks for the patients.

    According to the spokesman showed unannounced visits to the institution now adheres to the agreements made. There doubted inspection earlier. The inspection will the next time the institution still announced and continue to visit to see if everything continues to go unannounced.

    The Narconon program that works to help drug addicts is based on the ideology of the Church of Scientology.
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  28. Albion Member

    Thanks for the update TrevAnon
  29. Anonymous Member

    The heat is off boys. Let the abuses resume!

    -David Miscavige
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  30. I asume they are in stealth mode and are abiding, it is like a dormant cancer
  31. I was in contact with a former patient last year (known only by hic nicname Peco) who told me quite a bit about Narconon Holland. He told me that the Health Inspection was actively investigating Narconon before this became public knowledge (which happened about halfway into our exchange) which is why he is almost certainly a legit source.

    He also told me about a second death in the centre, something they have always been able to keep under wraps. I hoped Peco would step forward with this knowledge, as it would almost certainly be the end of Narconon Holland. Unfortunately he never did, presumably because he settled with them in exchange for a gag agreement.

    However, Narconon is under a legal obligation to report serious incidents to the Health Inspection, so any such gag agreement is legally void.

    I have tried to contact Peco a number of times over the past year, but unfortunately he is not responding to me anymore. Because it is important his testimony can be found in the public domain and to make a final attempt to get back into touch with him, I am now publishing our PM thread. Hopefully, someone recognizes who he is and gets into touch with him (or her for that matter).

    Peco, if you read this, please step forward! Narconon is still able to hurt people with its silly and dangerous sauna regime and it's time this nonsense ends. Please speak out.

    Peco Narconon.png
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  32. Narconon zutphen has now closed down and students were put out on the street with no help or support.
  33. cold motherfuckers, but we knew that
  34. Do you have any additional details about what is happening blackey 33?
  35. Incredulicide Member
    Google translate:

    Drug rehabilitation center Narconon Zutphen has entered an extensive phase of reorganization and renovation. Since its establishment in 1987, the center has focused entirely on helping people overcome their drug and alcohol addiction.

    In line with its objective to offer its clients the best opportunities for a new and drug-free life, the center has developed a project plan to expand the existing team and modernize its facilities.

    During this period, the Narconon program will not be available in Zutphen, but the center will remain accessible and available to refer people with a request for help to other Narconon centers or possibly other programs.

    For more information send an email.
  36. Please let it die

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