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Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Jul 18, 2012.

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  2. TrevAnon Member

    Ok. So I cluttered up this thread with lots of posts about COS covers and them yes/no having ANBI status and yes/no having published financial data.

    I might as well do a post that puts it all together for future reference (July 1st each year :D ). My purpose is to clean things up. So here goes. Wall o’text alert….

    1. Dutch IRS links

    Convenient site to look up if any legal entity has anbi status

    Obligations for Dutch ANBI’s (tax exempt organisations)

    Where to rat them out
    Send an e-mail to (MODS, this is a genuine e-mailaddress mentioned on the next page, I hope you’ll allow it, self-reported), reference:

    2. Summary of thread thus far

    – Anon telling about Stichting Nabesa fraud, which has been shot down by Dutch IRS
    – History of Amsterdam org trying to get anbi status through the courts and thus far failing.
    – Various posts about Amsterdam org buying / renting / whatever a new place ending up in some shitty thing
    – Various posts about Dutch Narconon yes/no having anbi status and yes/no complying with regulations
    – Posts about various other COS legal entities with yes/no anbi status and yes/no complying.
    – Other stuff, mostly unrelated

    The biggest cases are of course Stichting Nabesa (already gone), the Amsterdam org, and Narconon. The others are fun to poke with. :p

    3. Search for cos legal entities relevant here

    I went through several lists of COS legal entities in the Netherlands, available on the net.

    The Jeta Eggers page at is the second google search result and tells about his list being partly shot down by some lawyer. The list itself is unavailable to me.

    There is a docslide page at . It looks the same as this scribd page: Both of them look (if memory serves) like the Jeta Eggers page. I don’t know who posted them, I just say thank you.

    I googled through the list to find any more legal entities which may of may not have anbi status, but couldn’t find any. (There are some BV’s in the list. A Dutch BV is (I guess) something like an “Ltd.”. Anyway, it’s a for profit thing, and those AFAIK don’t qualify for anbi status.)

    So I’m pretty sure now I have found all Dutch COS legal entities who are relatively current. The Jeta Eggers list was from somewhere in the nineties, so that’s no suprise.

    If anyone had additions or corrections, feel free to post them. :)

    4. List of websites for COS legal entities where we can check if they comply


    Amsterdam Org (no ANBI status) (still mentioning they got tax exemption, not true after the last verdict) ,



    Geen drugs wel leven

    Vecht terug


    Weg naar het geluk (Way to Happiness)

    So now all convenient together.

    Again: additions most welcome.
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  3. TrevAnon Member

    I got an e-mail from them that all would be ok at the end of this day. (I thanked them and said "until next year" :D )

    No changes on the NCRM site AFAICS.

    De vecht terug website has been emptied? Maybe they are pulling the plug here? Wouldn't surprise me. We'll see.
  4. Narconon has now included a notice on their website that they will publish financial records before August 1st.
  5. NCRM still hasn't updated theirs.
  6. TrevAnon Member

    Enclosed a zip with a CSV with a financial overview of the COS entities in the Netherlands

    All data taken from the published financial records found at the above links. I wasn't exact to the last eurocent though.

    Also a PNG. Anbi status is tax exempt status in the Netherlands.


    View attachment 264055

    Attached Files:

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  7. Does this mean they get punished too ?
  8. TrevAnon Member

    They changed it to August 15th.
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  9. TrevAnon Member

    They keep postponing.

    August 22nd

    May need another e-mail to the Dutch IRS.
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  10. Maybe the Dutch MP that was monotoring this isn't in the parlement anymore.
  11. Ik zal morgen even bellen
  12. Quentinanon Member

    How did NarCONon get ANBI status?
    Did they even investigate the program?
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  13. TrevAnon Member

    I think that is unknown. Dutch IRS doesn't report on individual tax payer cases.

    Besides, Dutch IRS is not the supervisor for health care organisations in the Netherlands as regards the quality of their program, that would be the "inspectie gezondheidszorg" . Don't know if they cooperate in such a situation
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  14. I should not have made that joke. but anyway we have nobody in parlement right now to monitor.
  15. TrevAnon Member

    narconon still hasn't published financial records 2016. They are really late. Fired off an e-mailto the Dutch IRS
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  16. Excellent. I will wait a few weeks to see what happens and follow suit if they don't publish after all.
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  17. TrevAnon Member

    It would be good if you actually sent an e-mail to Be sure though to check if they published at before you do so. It would be nice if you reported about it here. (Don't know what you mean with your remark about parliament though. They have nothing to do with this.)
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  18. Quentinanon Member

    They are too busy playing "Ron's Birthday Game."
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Forced to open its books, one overseas Scientology rehab shows that business is grim

    By Tony Ortega, September 7, 2017


    One of the tough things about reporting on the Church of Scientology is that its tax-exempt status allows it to hide much of its financial information from the public. In some countries, however, Scientology and its front groups have to open their books. Among them is the Netherlands, where once again we’re getting a look at the annual financial report from the Narconon drug rehab center there. And just like last year, we’ve asked our resident money man, John P. Capitalist, to go over the numbers.

    <snipped to summary>

    The 2016 numbers appear to be thrown together by someone less skilled than the preparer of the 2015 numbers. A lot of stuff is being shuffled around without explanation in footnotes, which you’d hope to see on internal numbers, and you’d certainly expect to see on numbers filed with the government or otherwise published. That leaves me very suspicious about the quality of the financial information here.

    The financials clearly reek of having the numbers managed. They can’t lie about program revenue or donations as that would bring the wrath of the government down on them. But they are being pretty blatant about doing whatever they can to manage costs in line with plummeting revenue, including padding donations and getting rid of all sorts of expenses – I don’t know whether they were able to cut the €45,019 by simply deferring paying for anything (we should have seen a big jump in accounts payable if this was the case), whether they’ve transferred those costs to another Scientology organization, or whether they’re simply lying and taking a calculated risk that they won’t get audited.

    The bottom line: this is another disastrous year. NN NL, by narrowing the loss and by turning royalty expenses into debt to be paid later and by magically coming up with double the donations they took in last year, managed to remain financially viable for another year. However, they’re basically now down to gnawing off and eating their own fingers to stay alive.

    More at
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  20. Quentinanon Member

    In scientology, the word "donations" is a euphemism for corporate revenue.
  21. TrevAnon Member

    just putting this here

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  22. TrevAnon Member

    Yay! They did. A search at the anbi zoeken tool from the Dutch IRS now shows their anbi-status was revoked as of Jan 1st 2013. The decision was made on July 6th.

    Now this foundation didn't have any financial meaning so it doesn't come as a surprise.
  23. Quentinanon Member

    And scientology is all about financial meaning.

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