Dutch tax exemption revoked + bonus announcements

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Dragononymous Member

    Lol no it's not. It just looks like it is.

    They've set up quite some companies that are related to/working with/linked to Scientology or scilons around here though.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    What are you referring to as "no it's not". The Org is not beautiful? I only saw the online picture of it [won't post the scientology link here]. Looks like one of those old Dutch brick buildings with giant windows.
  3. Dragononymous Member

    It changed a bit :)
    Trees in front -> Gone
    Nice blue Scilon board -> Gone
    Epic state of epicness -> Nope, still not there.

    Also, don't look at the back, they've some minor graffiti issues over there *cough*
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  4. Anonymous Member

    You're bad! Don't graffiti a historical building! It's not the building's fault that it is temporarily occupied by Scientology. Keep Amsterdam beautiful.

    Anyways, so from what you're saying it seems that the Org is struggling for money.
    You'd imagine that in Holland, where weed is readily available [and mushrooms], that Scientology would have the biggest Narconon in the world. Is there even such a thing as Narconon Netherlands? Though with Dutch health care and pragmatic policies, I bet the government provides much better treatment to the junkies and for free or cheap.
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  5. Dragononymous Member

    Let me state here that, although I like the art graffiti can create, I'm not a fan of weird people writing their name on buildings..

    Owh yes! Let's talk about weedshops!

    There's one nearby!
    Wanna know where?

    Directly across the street on the back side :D
    They hate being there soo much, you don't wanna know.

    As for Narconon, lolwut did you actually read this thread..?
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, I did read what you posted it was yesterday, and by today I forgot that you mentioned Narconon. Well done.
    As for coffee shops and Amsterdam [or Netherlands really] they are everywhere. Even in the smallest and the most family friendly neighborhoods. Most of the time they are harmless [my impression]. But maybe in Amsterdam coffee shops get many loud tourists. In other towns on Holland I perceived coffee shops are being very calm. I was in Holland on a visit with my parents and my dad wanted to see what a coffee shop was, so went went inside and it was just so peaceful and regular looking, and people around us were smoking weed and playing chess. I kid you not.
  7. Dragononymous Member

    They're working on laws/cards that don't allow 'le tourists' (basically anyone who's not dutch..) in the shops anymore, including Amsterdam.
    Guess what's going to happen.. (and already is in the southern regions)
  8. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, that's pretty surprising. I've been to Holland many times [and to Maastricht which is quite far from Amsterdam]. I'm not a smoker, but I visited coffee shops with my American friends who were studying in Utrecht. They could buy weed.
    So how will it work from now on? Somebody who is on a working visa, or student visa will no longer be able to buy weed? What about all the EU citizens who are working in Holland and are residents [my other friend works for Shell in Rotterdam].
    It's a pretty funny situation, because many Americans chose to study in Amsterdam, Utrecht or Groningen because they can smoke weed.
    I'm all for legalizing weed. How can something that grows naturally from the ground be illegal?
    Anyway, back to Scientology. So they hate having a coffee shop next to them? Did they try to "fair-game" it? Won't surprise me.
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  9. Dragononymous Member

    At the moment the rule is that you have to be a resident in this country, although I've to be honest I don't know how that goes for American students or foreign (EU) workers.


    It would affect too many companies.
    (Did you know that you can make the same amount of paper with 1 acre of hemp, which these days is made by 4 acres of wood.? Guess the companies involved in the paper/wood industry wouldn't like this sudden hemp thing to be legal.., follow the money)

    They probably complained a few times to the police next door, but that and maybe some stare tech behind the window. (one shall not make sexual jokes about scilons behind glass in Amsterdam)
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I actually did know that, I also know that hemp was used a lot during second world war, because it's such a useful plant for making ropes. I also heard that it was William Hearst that campaigned heavily against hemp, as it would have been a cheap replacement for wood. Our world is just so crooked.
    Especially now, with global warming and everybody complaining about deforestation - hemp could be of major help. But those giant rich corporations are just impossible to take down.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    In the late Colonial/early republic days of the US, I don't know if anyone else mentioned this, but farmers were encouraged and/or required to grow hemp. It replenishes the soil for crop rotation. Kenaf is also interesting and more politically palatable. Bah, if someone wants to smoke a bud or drink a Bud, it's no difference to me, except the latter really needs better beer.

    Speaking of the Dutch, is it wrong that the only things that immediately spring to mind are kickboxers/MMA and pot, in that order? What's the cuisine like?
  12. TrevAnon Member

  13. Etain Member

    Is there a news article for this?
  14. TrevAnon Member

  15. Random guy Member

    Well, both opium and heroine are illegal, despite poppys growing easily enough. Something being natural does not mean it is healthy or even safe. Arsenic is a naturally occurring substance, the same is crocidolite, better known as blue asbestos. You won't believe how many fungi will do your kidneys in with just a few grams.

    Just want to post once again in this epic thread!
  16. Anonymous Member

    OP here. Journo from the Parool newspaper who helped getting this into the public domain has been notified but is either on holidays or didn't feel like publishing it (he never responds to my e-mails).

    Also, the number of people who donated to the Ideal Org between 2006 and Feb 2012 is 258, including some babies and toddlers. So 250 seems a fairly spot-on number for the number of Dutch Scientologists today.

    Interestingly, they reported 320 active members in 1984, plus the same number of off-lines Scilon. These number were reported by independant researches, who appear to have had access to the actual stats (bodies in shops and such). If true, thats a fairly reliable indication for a 20-25% decline over 30 years.

    The main language in the Dutch Org is English by the way, which hints they rely quite heavily on the expat community. One of the things that need further looking into in this respect is the fact that they usually have their events at the British School in Amsterdam. I haven't found any Scientology links, but perhaps fellow Anons can help digging around a bit.
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  17. The school is quite close to the building they want to use for their ideal org right?
  18. Anonymous Member


  19. Anonymous Member

    Well, I can think of one where a take down seems to be coming along quite nicely. Others may follow.
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  20. Quentinanon Member

    In Canada, we already produce hemp products. I usually add hemp seeds to my morning cereal.
    Sorry, if I am participating in a thread derail.
  21. Dragononymous Member

    Sort of bump thing.
    Also; Haven't found any links to the British school yet.
    Think they just spend some money on the place, like paying for a meeting room.
  22. Anonymous Member

    @dragon. Agree re: British School, although it is possible that they are sponsored and given free use of facilities as well. I have considered writing the British School but decided against that without any further indication that there are any real ties. Nevertheless, Britisch School = foreigners/expats = people who are more likely to lack social network = interesting cult bait, and the main language of the Dutch Org already is English, so it's worth to periodically check upon.

    Their new primary school seems to have fallen through, no mentions after the june newspaper clip.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Regarding that school, the news article mentions an address. It took me a little while to Google the organisation on that address twice now, so please allow me to misuse this thread to archive the link:!

    And, whilst I´m updating anyway, I'm also keeping an eye on the drug education in schools. They have this in two flavors. One is ex-Narconon patients visiting schools, and honestly I think that kids being able to meet someone who has been through an addiction is a positive thing, even if that person is telling stuff which is partly factual nonsense and thinks Hubbard is great. I´m not going to protest that.

    However, there is also this: This is an extremely slick, fully developed learning method with a complete set of 'leermiddelen' (learning tools), ready to be used by Dutch schools. Because it looks so good, it may actually convince schools to start using it. Naturally, it also has its facts hopelessly wrong, which makes the material rather less desirable.

    I've alerted the Trimbos institute about this (government appointed organisation that deals with drug education). They were very happy with my alert and they'll give their honest opinion if contacted by schools. However, they also said they could not pro-actively issue a public statement about the material being factually incorrect.

    If this is something I would want to achieve, this would have to be done through the Ministery of VWS (Directorate Voeding en Preventie). I haven't done this yet, because there's no indication that Scientology is succesfully marketing the material. But again it's something to keep an eye on every once in a while.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    OP here. It looks like it wasn't just the tax exempt status which got removed. Two newspaper articles appeared today, which state that the tax authorities have confirmed Scientology actually has to repay the tax deductions given so far. it was my personal understanding this kind of retrospective removal of the tax exempt status wasn't possible, but apparently there is an exception in the case of fraud.

    The first article is from the journo who wrote the original story. Apparently he took a long holiday since he didn't publish the good news until now. I have to say that this guy often doesn't take the effort to do simple fact checking, so I don't take everything he says at face value.

    The second is a follow up article, from a journalist who appears to have gotten independant confimation from the tax office. In my view, this makes the information about the fine most likely to be correct.

    Note that both articles do not mention an amount. This is because the Tax Office is legally bound to keep a lot of information confidential, so they refused to disclose.

    However, based on information that I never sent to journalists, it should be possible to construct how high the fine most likely is.

    The total amount of donations for the Ideal Org so far is around 3.4 million Euro, based on the list of donations per status and the dollar level of each status. This was between 2006 and 2012. The tax deduction was only valid from 2008, so assume 3 milion Euro in that period. 45% average highest tax break is reasonable, so they are looking at a 1.3 to 1.4 Million dollar fine.

    If they also funneled IAS and Sooper Power donations, or the rent on their current building, through Nabesa, the fine could be much higher. It seems likely they did so (why not), but I do not have any evidence. All in all, these donation amount to 5-7 Million euro in the 2008 to 2012 period. This means the fine could rise to some 3 million Euro in total.

    Given that the total collections for their Ideal Org so far were around 3.4 million Euro's, it's quite likely they can start all over again.

    Funny isn't it?

    In fact, I think it's so funny that I wish I knew how to make big bold letters in this editor so I could better express exactly how funny I think this is...

    Other updates I have:
    - Both the Ministry of Health and the Trimbos Institute (which provides drug education on behalf of the government) refuse to denounce the cult's drug education program.
    - I've tried quite a bit to find out which catholic convent is sponsoring Narconon to convince them otherwise, but I've had little luck. Don't think I'll be able to pull this one off.
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  25. Clusterdux Member

    Quick translation of the juicy bits of the article
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  26. Pique Member

    one like didn't seem quite enough^^
  27. Anonymous Member

    They will write PR release with the convent's name in the past, sooner or later. No PR means no stat for LRH.
  28. Bumping for David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Wotsisname Pickles and the rest of the UK government.
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  29. Pique Member

  30. DeathHamster Member

    If only they'd revoke the Freewind's welcome in the Antilles...
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  31. Dragononymous Member

    I thought we had figured this out already...?
  32. Internetzin Member

    Holy Clogs Batman, 3 times the win!
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  33. Cudgel Member

    If OP is ever in the United States I will personally pay his bar tab for the first three days.
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  34. Dragononymous Member

    Good luck with that.;)
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  35. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Biggered and boldeded for ya -- and yes, it is quite funny indeed.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Could you please inform me of the names of the presumably most propah English verb tenses in that first phrase?

  37. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Nope. They're in the past, which is gone, so we can't ever truly know for sure anyway.
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  38. It's biggered and boldeded, and it outlines that the CoS is buggered and bloodied. :)
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  39. BigBeard Member

    Did I just hear another domino fall??:D

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  40. anon walker Moderator

    The proper word, of course, is 'embiggened,' you wantwit illiterate.
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