Dutch tax exemption revoked + bonus announcements

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Clusterdux Member

    Ok, I have a small update on the Wibautstraat building.
    TTIF and SWA are gone. Thonik, Concern, Viersprong and Snelafstuderen however are still there. They also still list the Wibautstraat address on their websites without reservations.


    The schedule to move in seems a bit tight for the CoS. The article that Anonymous linked above says that the CoS is being kicked out of the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal building by the landlord _sometime_ this year.
    So the CoS has 5 months or less to get rid of the Wibautstraat tenants, renovate the building and move the stuff from the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal location.
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  2. Random guy Member

    5 months to renovate the building? I suppose those 5 months include raising the funds for renovating too?
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  3. anon33 Member

    One-third of last year audited by the Tax charity does not appear to meet the requirements. Since 2009, the tax authorities have withdrawn. The special status of 1,500 charities (Anbi)
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  4. TrevAnon Member

    The Dutch Way to Happiness and Narconon are still both listed as ANBI [tax exempt]

    According to [Dutch]

    tax exempt organisations amongst other obligations have to publish balance sheets and income statements for every bookyear ending after December 31, 2011. They must be published 6 months after the end of the bookyear.

    Our IRS uses the following link for the Dutch Way to Happiness SCIENO LINK http://www.dewegnaargeluk .nl/ . This site has a page with official documents that has them for 2012 and 2013. Balance total for 2012 is 900 euro; balance total for 2013 is 1480 euro. ZOMG UNPRECEDENTED GROWTH OF 64% !!!!111!!eleven!!!! :)

    For Dutch Narconon the link is SCIENO LINK http://narconon .nl/

    As of now I haven't found the obliged documents. [Maybe because they are not there? :p ]
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  5. TrevAnon Member

    Oh, and the Amsterdam org is still not listed as tax exempt. So I think we can safely assume that the Dutch IRS did indeed go to the Dutch Supreme Court (see above).

    ETA: on their own site they claim the Dutch IRS now accepts the tax exempt status SCIENO LINK http:// www.scientology-kerk. nl/Voorpagina/scientology-in-nederland.html

    Which raises the question why the anbi-tool on the IRS-site doesn't list them. :p
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  6. Oh and my Boss of: came with the thing why I posted ITT.

    The first of July was the date 1500 ANBI Status organisations had to submit their internet page

    I work at an ANBI Status Organisation:
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  7. The tax office is going to the supreme court over the tax exemption (the tax office confirmed that in newspaper articles). I also received an e-mail a while ago from an OSA staffer on a fishing expedition about an employee of the tax office. So far, there has been no ruling by the supreme court.

    I also regularly check whether the cult has requested a construction permission from the local government. So far they haven't so it's extremely unlikely they will finish their Ideal Org this year. I don't think that means that they'll get kicked out of their existing building though - that's only likely to happen if and once the owner (Libra) has found a new tenant.
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  8. Clusterdux Member

    Lets hope Libra finds a customer soon :). It shouldn't be to hard with such a premium inner city location.
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  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Hope is not a strategy. Initiate OpLibraMatchmaker?
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  10. TrevAnon Member

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  11. TrevAnon Member

    Just got confirmation that Dutch IRS received my mail. As they [Dutch IRS] have a duty to keep tax data for individual tax payers secret, they will not be able to send me details if there are any tax consequences. We'll have to check the narconon site and the IRS site from time to time to see if (1) Narconon has complied which will give us some dox or (2) the IRS has revoked the tax exempt status.

    Hoping for the latter, but the first will be a win too. :)
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  12. Except there is also option (3): Narconon will put up falsified financial statements on their site with random numbers.

    Eventually Narconon will be closed down and the mistreatment of its victims will end. It will happen if an ex-member steps forward about the death that occured in 2006. It will happen if legislation outlawing the mega-dosis of Niacine ever gets through. It will happen if a piece of legislation which require that providers such as Narconon comply with scientific insights ever gets through.

    But I don't think this new legal dictum will help much - Narconon will just go for option 3 and I don't think we'll have enough dox to get the IRS to do a formal investigation into their books. But let's wait and see...
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  13. Just to decided to make myself useful as well, so I fired off an email to the KNMG, the Dutch association for medical doctors. You see, since the beginning of this year, you need to be registered with them as a physician who is specialized in the field of addiction treatments, to be able to be the responsible caregiver in a rehab.

    Now, there's only one person who could play that role in Narconon: their doctor Bertil de Klyn or de Klijn, who is a licensed doctor but does unscientific whoo-whoo stuff nowadays.

    The addiction specialist is a new registration - there were none of them in 2012 and 95 by the end of 2013. Unfortunately, there is no public register yet by the KNMG, so I couldn't check whether Bertil is one of them.

    I e-mailed the KNMG pointing out that it would be very worrisome indeed if Bertil would be able to receive his registration, given the fact that he's an accomplice in feeding mega-overdoses of Niacin for no valid scientific reason to the patients he is responsible for.

    So let's wait and see on this one as well....

    Source for legalities for Dutch anons, should they care to doublecheck whether I make any sense at all:
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  14. Clusterdux Member

    The Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal location is still open (they even have a Christmas tree next to the reception desk)
    The Wibautstraat location still sits there half empty. Spirit removed its sign from the lobby but the other tenants are still there.

    All in all this looks good. Fuck-all is happening and they are still paying premium rent. Merry Christmas everybody!

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  15. TrevAnon Member

    Looks like they gave the site a new design. Official documents are said to be at

    SCIENO LINK http:// www. dewegnaargeluk .nl/officiele-documenten/

    but alas, the links to the PDF's are not ok. :oops:

    I sent them a message kindly requesting to fix it. If they don't I'll have to report them to the Dutch tax office. Which would be very sad, as you will all understand. :D
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  16. TrevAnon Member

    Interesting. The Dutch CCHR branch, also granted tax exempt ANBI-status, did publish its official documents.

    SCIENO LINK http:// www. ncrm .nl/ Gegevens-stichting-NCRM.htm

    Total income 2012 was 9,023.41

    Total income 2013 was 13,449.87

    Total income 2014 was 6,623.96 euro

    From 2011 to 2014 their balance total was around 2.000 euros.
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  17. TrevAnon Member

    Checked Dutch Narconon too. No published documents, at least not that I can find.
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  18. Quentinanon Member

    I have to question how "De weg naar geluk" stichting generates any income. They don't sell anything, just give away a crappy, 10 commandments plagiarised booklet written by a drug-addled fraudster. Money laundering there?
    Links must have been sabotaged by German intelligence or Marcabian agents. I think the Nederlandse Belastingdienst employs some good forensic accountants who could follow the money with these scientology front groups.
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  19. TrevAnon Member

    They fixed it. :) See link above.

    Balance total now is 1124 euro. (2013 total was 1480 euro.)

    They spent 958 euro while income was about 184 euro. Money was spent on the site, postage, bank (about 100 euro, a relatively big amount for such a small foundation / stichting but I guess they don't have much of a choice), and PR.

    They also spread LRH's De Weg naar het Geluk's gospel using 35.000 booklets. They didn't pay them themselves, these booklets were donated to the foundation.
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  20. TrevAnon Member

    I just searched a little more.

    Dutch Youth for Human Rights posts a financial report on their site:

    SCIENO LINK http:// www. youthforhumanrights. nl/index.php/over-de-stichting

    It's for 2012. Balance total is about 1535 euro, donations for 2012 were 1335 euro. Again nothing impressive, not to say pathetic.

    On their site they say they are still tax exempt. However the tool the Dutch IRS offers doesn't mention them. Could well be they are no longer tax exempt and don't have to publish financial reports anymore.
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  21. TrevAnon Member

    Finally! Using Dutch open data I found some things about Dutch government subsidising Narconon! :)
    In 2014 they gave them 6,000 euro for internship(s).
    In 2013 they gave Narconon 4,000 euro for internship(s).

    Apart from that I think that Narconon gets money to take care of drug addicts from social security money (AWBZ). Would be great to find out about that as it's likely to be about higher amounts.
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  22. TrevAnon Member

    Dutch Rotary in Wierden ( ) in 2008/2009 denied a request for financial help from Narconon as "this foundation was in the news negatively". :p

    There is no direct link to the powerpoint where they say this, so I'll enclose it.

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  23. TrevAnon Member

    Not sure, but it looks like I'm wrong here. Narconon Zutphen isn't a registered clinic for drug addicts.

    In 2012 someone committed crimes that were not related to Narconon, and In 2014 he went there to be "treated". The link below explains the story in Dutch and mentions Narconon as being non registered. It also says that the person is no longer using drugs. (O wait. Narconon works and it helps people?)

    The link is a court decision from the Dutch court system.

    ETA: As far as I can find (AFAICF?) Narconon doesn't get any other tax money. It cannot claim AWBZ money, and people are not allowed to use PGB (personal budget from AWBZ) to pay for services.
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  24. DeathHamster Member

    Perhaps they're playing name games?

    For example, there is no Youth for Human Right International. It's just a business name for United for Human Rights
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  25. TrevAnon Member

    The ANBI search module at the Dutch tax agency website also has STICHTING YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS NEDERLAND which has: SCIENo LINK http://www. jvmr .nl/

    This leads to the same page as above.
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  26. TrevAnon Member

    At the end of 2014 the Dutch supreme court said the Dutch COS org in Amsterdam is not eligible for tax exemption. However, in the Netherlands this court only explains how the law must be used, so they appointed the Den Haag court to finally rule on the case.

    Link (Dutch):

    Now the verdict of the Den Haag court is available.

    In short: the Den Haag court decides Scientology in the Netherlands is NOT eligible. Auditing is for more than 50% for personal benefit, not for the benefit of society as a whole.

    Newspaper story:

    Google translate of an excerpt of this story:
    The Trouw story also says the church can again go to the supreme court. IANAL, so I wouldn't know if this would give a different result. I highly doubt it though.
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  27. BigBeard Member

    SCOTUS pretty much said the same thing in the Hernadez decision, but the IRS ignored that decision to make all the nuisance lawsuits go away. Way past time for that IRS capitulation to be reversed.

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  28. TrevAnon Member

    Ok, just read the verdict. tl;dr Dutch COS Fails

    1. Burden of proof of public benefit for more than 50% of the time is on COS.

    2. If COS members profit from being trained and audited, it doesn't necessarily mean that their training benefits society. COS provided time schedules but they were thrown out of court as they were for only part of the COS-members who had auditing. Additionaly, work that was done by members was not all for the benefit of Dutch society. Declared work even also included auditing and training which is not necessarily good for Dutch society, AND time was spent on related foundations such as CCHR etc. (Work done for CCHR cannot be declared to get ANBI status for COS itself! :p )

    3. COS tried saying the Amsterdam org leads some other organisations such as CCHR that have ANBI status, so it deserves its own ANBI status. No, the judges say, COS doesn't have enough influence in those organisations, so there is no group of organisations working together. O, wait, De weg naar het Geluk is not Scientology. ANBI status cannot be given for a group of organisations anyway.

    4. COS tried arguing they were subjected to a harsh test wether or not they deserve ANBI-status, thus Dutch IRS being bigoted a*holes, yada yada yada. :p Dutch IRS simply says that being tested doesn't mean you can't believe what you want te believe. The judges went with Dutch IRS.

    5. COS tried giving analogy with 7 Buddhist and Maytreya organisations who have ANBI-status. However, they did not explain how COS is similar to them. SO fail again.

    6. Judges argue that COS doesn't use fixed donations, but simply commercial prices. COS doesn't give rebates for people with less money, and only under strict rules people are given their money back. Judges reason that COS prices are way high, so commercial prices. So FU COS.

    7. COS wanted the Dutch Supreme Court to ask the European High Court prejudicial questions (don't know how to translate) as COS felt they were met with scepticism by the Dutch Supreme Court. However, the Den Haag court doesn'st see a reason for this. Giving COS tax exemption is a Dutch prerogative.

    8. COS tried to get the court to say Dutch IRS made mistakes while the case was pending. Again, no.
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  29. Quentinanon Member

    The Hoge Raad der Nederlanden got it right. The Nederlandse Belastingdienst got it right.
    You don't need a microscope to see that scientology organizations are scams.
    Hey U.S. IRS, wake up!
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  30. Dutch Court: Scientology is not a charity and doesn't get such tax advantages.

    Trouw: Hof: Scientology is commercieel, niet een goed doel

    Google translation:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Court: Scientology is commercial, not charity

    The Church of Scientology behaves so commercial that they do not belong on the charity list of the tax authorities. Unlike many other churches it is not primarily for the 'common good', so does the Court of The Hague ruled Wednesday. Its sales of expensive courses and therapy is clearly aimed at making profit.

    The Dutch branch of the church must now her status as "public welfare institution (anbi) and return the associated tax benefits. That many other churches and religious societies do have some anbi status, due to their poor relief and other aid activities.

    Scientology promises fans that they can get rid of special techniques of all mental blocks. Eventually Scientologists are "clear": a kind of carefree super people with a clear mind. The courses and therapy sessions that Scientologists working towards that goal, costs soon thousands of euros.

    That's significantly more than the average school fees of commercial educational institutions, "the court ruled. If "secular" organizations such prices charge for their courses and training, "then this will be perceived by potential students as prizes for top education by top teachers in prime locations."

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * *
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  31. Telegraaf: Fiscus wint cruciale rechtszaak tegen Scientology

    Google translation.

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Internal Revenue crucial wins lawsuit against Scientology

    by Ariane Kleijwegt

    The tax authorities booked a victory on the Church of Scientology in a long-running battle over whether these should be a public utility.

    This emerged yesterday in a rare critical judgment of the Court in The Hague.

    Ecclesiastical and religious institutions have traditionally assumed that they focus entirely on the public interest. They do for that reason to pay taxes on gifts and donations they receive.

    Tax for particle

    The Church of Scientology, a controversial religious community with roots in America, wanted to take advantage of that tax for particle but got the brush-off. The "church" then pulled out all the stops to still get her right to justice.

    Discrimination obstacle to her freedom of religion. The Supreme Court, however, sent the case back to the Court for an extensive study in accounting. It now appears that Church of Scientology "considerable and fixed rates" for auditing and training "in prevailing degree of commercial nature".

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  32. Good for the Dutch court!!!
  33. Drimble: Gerechtshof Den Haag: Scientology kerk is commercieel bedrijf

    Google translation:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Hague Court of Appeal: Church of Scientology is a commercial company

    The Hague - The Church of Scientology behaves so commercial that they do not belong on the charity list of the tax authorities, reports the newspaper Trouw.

    Sales of expensive courses and therapy is clearly aimed at making profit.

    The Dutch branch has therefore no longer entitled to tax benefits.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  34. Random guy Member

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  35. TrevAnon Member

    ^I hope you liked it. ;)
  36. Random guy Member

    I'm going to read your translation again tonight. And tomorrow night.

    Then I might take it out to dinner.
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  38. furball Member

    muahahahaa :D

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