E-Meter – it's like a cheap, plastic lie detector.

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Sep 2, 2011.

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    AGP said there was a statement on the e-meter saying only someone with rank in Scientology should use it, but the people on the "personality test" tables use it anyway.
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    Only if US FDA have jurisdiction?
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    According to Marty 'Kingpin' Rathbone, it's more of a truth detector.
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    So it's a lie detector. It measures changes in electrical resistance- sweaty palms- meter changes.
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    A shit one.
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    The E-meter...
    plastic lie detector - yes
    cheap - NO!
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    Only people with proper training are really supposed to use it. Most who are thrown out on the streets to use it in stress tests do not know how to use it. They are given patter cards as to how to conduct the interview, but they frequently have no idea what they are doing as regards the meter.

    The meter is required by law to have a prominent label affixed to it in accordance with the requirements by the FDA that it has no ability to diagnose any illness.
  11. Oh yeah! I once saw one of those lie detectors on the back page of a comic book. It was one of the many prizes a kid could get if he sold enough greeting cards from some company in New Jersey.
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    Fucking joke, a plastic toy lie detector that is supposed to detect resurrected aliens.

    How do people fall for this shit??
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    Old label:


    Newer label (shit photo, should be the same text with the addition of RTC trademark text at the end):

    Here is the court order requiring the label:
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    And they hide said label out back...
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