e-Mobilization: Using websites to protest for iran

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by washintonirving, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. I heard about a movement about using websites in your home country to protest against Iranian government censoring.

    They said since the Iranian government has stepped up censoring internet content coming in, that if your webpage has content about the protests in iran you will have made another website the Iranian authorities must block and monitor. Bottom line - the more people who do this the harder it will be for the regime to censor internet content.

    Will doing this acutally work? No matter how small of effect it makes, I think it would be worthwhile since it is so easy to edit my webpages with links to iranian protests.

    My question is will my webpage be blocked by the iranian government if I circle it around on websites like these?
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    The Green Wave must go global. And I think to do so it needs to go viral.

    It doesn't necessarily matter if Iranians can see your site or not, it matters more that people in your area can see your site, and that your site is an effective means of focusing their efforts into effective areas. Collect as much contact information about any and ever political/educational/business etc organizations in your area. Share it here so that a global map can be made.

    Share successes and be sure to share failures. this isn't for the lulz really.. this is for GREAT JUSTICE

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