Easy things you can do to piss off Miscavige and spread the word

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by PresidentShaw, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. PresidentShaw Member

    Hi folks,

    I can hear you ask:
    ''All your ranting about kittens and otters is fine and dandy Shaw, but what can I do to piss off David Miscavige that won't ruin my personal free time?''

    Worry not! This thread will be about easy things anyone can do to annoy the shit out of your local scientology org.

    For the first installment, CHATROULETTE.

    This might be the easiest way of all that you can spread the word about scientology's abuse while having some fun, then post it online to piss off some scientologists. Use the vide you made this way to post it as a comment on every scientology blog you can find for xtra fun time.

    Step 1: Find an adorable gif image, while people are going awwwwww, switch it suddenly with dead Lisa Mcpherson and a ''for more info'' link . Screencap their reaction if you are fast enough.

    Alternative step 1 for the faint of heart: Ask people to display thumbs up if scientology is retarded, screencap the thumbs up pictures, make a montage and post it on scientology blogs.

    Step 2: ?????

    Step 3: PROFIT

    Now this is as easy as poting cat pictures, and quite lulzy. Here is an example of what we did a few years ago, and the positive reactions we got:

    (EDIT): I was told some people can't see the video in their country, I will be reuploading it somewhere else soonish and posting here)

    Here is the software you can use to fake a webcam on chatroulette and use images instead:

    Feel free to pm me if you need help using it.

    I will be posting other fun ideas in this thread very soon. Feel free to share the results of your attempts in here as well so we can share the lulz.
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  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    If there is a need for said GIF, I am willing to lend a hand.
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  3. PresidentShaw Member

    Have a blast!
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  4. GilRenard Member

    this is awesome.
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  5. 335

    This is what WWP is all about!!!!!
  6. Anonylemmi Member

    I think this an excellent idea. But you have to be quick to get the original reactions. Some of those Chatroulette creeps might start fapping.
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  7. PresidentShaw Member

    During that raid, I had a guy fapping stop fapping to thumbs up if scientology is retarded. Fun times.
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  8. Anonylemmi Member

    First belly laugh of the day.
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  9. fishypants Moderator

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  10. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    My thoughts on Chatroulette pretty much summarized by South Park:


    As for the GIFs: I'll try to work on some. However the next few days I am going to be extraordinarily busy so I can't guarantee I'll have any done any time soon. I have a few ideas, but time is a luxury I have exceedingly limited amounts of.
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  11. 1 large piece of Styrofoam
    Cut and shape to look like Xenu trapped in carbonite
    Have Boba Fett deliver it to CoS
    Demand payment for services
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  12. Sonichu Moderator

    Saying Scientology is a cult: More important than fapping!
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  13. Random guy Member

  14. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Other than the continuous slappings Cult of Lron has been getting in the courts, and the subsequent draining of its (probably massive) legal slush-fund, I think that one of the biggest thorns in the Dwarenfuher Miscavige's burning pooper are any GF masked Anons on the ground, picketing, thoughtful and funny signage, eating cake, dancing and handing out info packs~ after all, did not the Tiny Tyrant brag a couple of years ago about 'defeating' Anon at one of the IAS events?
    I'm willing to bet that whenever DM hears 'anonymous was there', or even sees a GF mask, his blood pressure goes up over 9,000 penises.

    Play smart, play safe, and ROCK ON!
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  15. laughingsock Member

    The first time i saw that, i almost shat my self.
  16. Twinkle Member

    You said it, the Tiny Tyrant is all mouth and no trousers.
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