Ebi is the best.

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Detroit1967, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Detroit1967 Member

    Why? Watch this:

    Giving all what he's got @ American-Iranian LA rally, June 2009:

    [ame=]YouTube - Ebi in LA Protesting[/ame]
  2. Detroit1967 Member

    Closing the ranks in LA rally, June 2009:

  3. Is he really?

    Is he really??

  4. He'll last about 2 minutes in a hungerstrike. The fat pig is addicted to kebab & cocaine paid with dirty money from the arabs.
  5. FreedomAgent Member

    He can save himself a lot of pain by just singing the song "khalije fars" Persian Gulf in Dubai, he is a jackass
  6. Detroit1967 Member

    Iran Election 2009 - Ebi Poste Shir

  7. The song is great. Too bad it's sung by Ebi the sellout and traitor. If the song had the words "Khalije fars" in it he obviously wouldn't sing it in arab countries. A perfect example of an iranian without spine. Pathetic!
  8. Detroit1967 Member

    Simply a great tune:

    Nazi Naz kon

  9. What the f--- has this video to do with the past incidents? Stop posting irrelevant videos of this fat pig of a trator.
  10. Jakomeyu Member

    why are you on this forum then?
  11. Detroit1967 Member

    Ebi joins strike

    *** Hunger strike in front of UN building, July 22- 24 Juli ***


    1- Ebi
    2- Gogoosh
    3- Reza Baraheni- Iranian writer and former pencanada president
    4- Faramarz Aslani
    5- Shahriyar Ghanbari
    6- Noam Chumsky - American critic
    7- Shohreh Aghdashlou strike
  12. Detroit1967 Member

    Googoosh @ Hunger Strike in front of UNO, New York City July 22

  13. Detroit1967 Member

    Iran e Sabz

  14. Detroit1967 Member

    "Happy Birthday!" :D

    by Ebi

    Oberhausen, Germany

    June 9, 2008

  15. Detroit1967 Member

    Masteh Cheshat - new song

    new song by our Ebi

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