Ebony Awakenings 2011

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Triumph, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Triumph Member


    my favorite "Taking the tech to the Hood" with Handjob Islam
    How to become a powerful Disseminator with Alfrauddie Johnson and Tony Muhammad
  2. Anonymous Member

    This whole thing is weird. Doesn't Farrakhan always encourage Afraican Americans to support the comminity businesses and to only use services provided by African Americans? And then he does all those conventions at Flag, the headquarters of a predominantly white organization.
  3. Triumph Member

    it dosen't say Louis Farrakhan is attending....

    Tony Muhammad is speaking.....

    these events don't look like they draw many...
  4. Anonymous Member

    Well, it doesn't really matter who is attending, a participation of one of NoI leaders is enough.
    It just looks funny to hold an African American convention at a hotel run by whitey-white leaders. I was never inside the CoS, but many people did mention that there were very few black members in the SeaOrg or on staff.
  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

    What is "Clear African Americans" ? Mixed-race ?
  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    Alfrauddie Johnson and Izzy "Ask me about Schwarz's" Chait
  9. Anonymous Member

    Handjob Islam speaks on "taking the tech to da hood"
  10. Anonymous Member

    its time to do the running man Ebony Awaknings
  11. Anonymous Member

    Rev. Alfrauddie Grabs sum Free Grub
  12. racist bigoted motherfucks deserve each other!
  13. Anonymous Member

    Ebony Awakenings Fake Awards for Fake people
    Rizza Islam receives his award from Uncle Alfrauddie and Auntie Pat Harney
  14. Anonymous Member

    Hanan "not really a doctor" Islam "taking the tech to the hood"
    a wig and a fake medical degree for every occasion
  15. Anonymous Member

    Nation of Islam Health Minister Alim Muhammad at the podium Ebony Awaknings
    sans Bow Tie
  16. Anonymous Member

    Eh...these people come and go...
  17. Anonymous Member

    Fake Baptist Minister Alfrauddie Johnson now thinks hes the reincarnation of L Ron Hubbards hemorrhoids
  18. Anonymous Member

    Rizzo Islam openly MOCKS uncle Alfrauddie with the New Islamotology Gang Sign
  19. Anonymous Member

    Ebony Awakenings headline performer /songstylist David Pomeranz!
    Best know for that smash hit sweeping the Internets "We Stand Tall"

    Seen Here performing his latest song "Portrait of a Negro in a Coal Cellar" by L Ron Hubbard
  20. DeathHamster Member

    Did someone coat Hubbard's bust with shoe polish for the occasion?
  21. Anonymous Member

    Alfrauddie Johnson far left-Hanan Islam foreground right-Members of the Nation of Islam trapped in-between
  22. Anonymous Member

    Scientologist Rizzo Islam World Literacy Crusade ambassador
    tall dark handsome and functionally illiterate thanks to study tech
  23. Anonymous Member

    LOL* postulate a date!
    could be why your still single rizzo
  24. Anonymous Member

    Dude could burn candles and sacrifice chickens. Still ain't gonna help. He's an idiot.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Is this how you get your dates? Can I see picture of your dates, because now I'm curious.

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