Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by 404hrm, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    Good answar! You get +1 internets.
  2. EdmontonAnon Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    From the misplaced quotes and statements here, I take it I missed some baddie trolling?

    Sounds like a plan. Summary: The protests are too short anyways, and we really should get some more squads out and about with flyers, we don't get enough foot traffic where we protest, but need to keep up the pressure on the scilons.

    Also, an hour of meeting time is a bit much, maybe we should meet around 11:00 and head out at 11:30?

    I agree, this split may be for the better.

    I will be there too, every month, rain sleet or snow, to make my case against the CoS. If the monthly protests become too much of a shitfest or if certain members have a problem with me, I will go to another city for the protests, I am already arranging to be at the protests in Florida in August, hopefully that will go through. I will be at the coffee meeting with all luck, and will do my best to avoid any further drama among the members.

    It's Anon vs the scifags, not moralfags vs anti-moralfags.

    Get ready scifags, Clearwater here I come :fuckyou:
  3. Mål Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES



  4. Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES


    GUD 1!!!!!!11OEN
  5. Fick Sucker Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    I can understand what you're saying in terms of your point of view on ethics. That is as per Kantian ethics. I understand and respect that point of view, though I can't say I agree as I take the scientific approach which combines reason and empericism and not just reason alone. I'm really not going to debate that with you as we both know that would be pointless.

    I might consider the coffee but I am at the moment against it because it seems like an intellectual exercise that's simply unnecessary. I already know what the right thing is, the only thing left is to go out and do it. If I went it would simply be me comming because I am an intellectual and enjoy that sort of discussion and debate. That's really not a sufficient reason. If you do anything different with your protest than what you have mentioned here, then please somone take the time to PM me the info and I'll make the decision then.

    Guys, your points have been noted. I've said my thing, you've said yours. I don't feel more needs to be said. Extending the protest is a fine solution and if that's the case I'll join both protests. I can't be bothered to wake up early as I come half an hour late for the current protests, but I will stay over.

    An idea: Maybe we should try to make a professional academic poster or maybe one of those science-fair type things with the table? You can make said posters at the U of A, I have done it before. I've never made a science fair type thing though. This would look really professional and it could be like an info centre where somone could come and read what's going on.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    All I know is that that Pedobear mask was pretty fucking funny.

    And I personally don't give a crap about whether or not anyone is "offended" at the mere suggestion of perversion.

    As far as Scietnologists are concerned, we are ALL perverts and terrorists, so the only thing Pedobear and a penis cake did was butthurt the butthurtable Anons who attended.

    That being said, I know longer give a tin shit about this "discussion". I think MPB is right - someone in Edmonton wants to be the Leader of Anonymous up there. Good luck with that.
  7. EdmontonAnon Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    Fantastic idea IMO, but would we be allowed to do it at the University? If not, London Drugs does poster printing, that's where I got my sign, and we could get a triboard from Michaels. As for how effective it would be, with how little foot traffic we actually have, I have my doubts...maybe we could put one up in Churchill Square and have a few anons giving out information there?
  8. 404hrm Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    The only people wanting to be "leader" of anonymous are the /b/tards who say "you have to do things the way I tell you to." As far as I know, no moralfag in this thread has asked, let alone TOLD anyone to change what they believe, or how they act.

    So are YOU trying to be leader of anonymous? Good luck with that.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    404hrm, stop with the drama. The most offensive comments I heard at the protest came from your mouth. First you told a girl that if she wore a kimono the rest of us would tie her down and rape her because "we are people from the internet". Then you went off on a spiel about kidnapping "lolis" to pack in wooden crates to sell overseas as sex slaves. Many (if not most) of the so called /b/tards at the Edmonton protest came from across Alberta, but clearly the people who are willing to spend their free time learning about an abusive organization, get hotel rooms and pay a fortune for gas/other materials are in it for the "lulz".
  10. alchahest Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    alright, everyone's still sore about this. can we at least take arguing to PMs so those of us trying to find productive ways to deal with things can do so?

    as is, solution goes as follows:

    some people will be protesting early/late. don't hang out with people you don't like. everyone have a good time, everyone keep safe, and everyone stay on target (CoS).

    it's not that complicated!
  11. 404hrm Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    You are right; I said things that were offensive. I’ve certainly said worse in my life, I’ve no doubt I’ll top that at some point. And done masterfully as you have above, taken entirely out of context, those things are terrible, horrible, certainly completely morally reprehensible, evil and unethical. I should be, and in truth, am, ashamed.

    The part of this that makes it such an epic troll is that you are, (I am assuming, because you would of course, have read the entire thread before posting,) aware that my issue is with people who offend/hurt others etc. intentionally . My arguments concern themselves more with the intent behind people’s actions, than the actions themselves. If my actions have offended anyone, I sincerely apologize.

    When I made the above comments, I felt that the closed nature of the conversation, with the limited number and type of people involved, they would be able to extract humor from the context of the conversation and thus would not be offended. If any were, especially digitalangel, (who, BTW, was the young lady being referenced), I apologize sincerely. Oh Digitalangel, canst thou ever forgive mine self?

    (Just for those unable to extract intent, linguistic subtlety and meaning from the context of a conversation, that was a genuine apology for any wrongdoing on my part, and an admission that I am not, nor ever claim to be perfect, intentionally wrapped in sarcasm and drama with a whisper of irony. Place in the oven at 350 for 2 hours, pausing at 30 minute intervals to flip.)

    Anonymous: very nice troll. Honestly. I'm actually quite impressed. There's subtlety to it. You manage to bypass the argument at hand, search though events to find "crimes" that can be used to self-righteously attack someone...for being self-righteous.

    I am certain you read the thread before posting, I am assuming you know that, and are trolling. So going back to the beginning of the post: job well done, your troll was quite well put together. Let’s see if I can come up with new ones for you to use. Hey, one of the original reasons behind my posting, way in the other thread was because I have people’s signs and things in my car, and if I’m not attending the protests, they might want them back. You should accuse me of stealing! I am certain if you worked at it, you should come up with something. There’s markers, signs, some plastic cups, I think a whole unopened bag of napkins…some other stuff.

    What else? Hey, I know! I have actually had some fun in my life. Recently, in fact. Surely that can be used against me. I, and some friends of mine, have put on our guy fawkes masks, and gone to a Timmies drive through, and ordered some coffee.

    Do you need more? Hey, maybe you can bring an e-meter with you, and audit me. You can find out all my crimes, and put them in a folder to fair game me should I ever dare to try to blow. Don’t forget that you have to get everyone to disconnect from someone who dares to blow, and that you attack them and make them personally while changing the subject constantly so that the argument can’t possibly focus on the issues of the group of people you choose to associate with, or the beliefs you might evidence.

    I recognize the error now of my ways, dead anonymous. I will immediately believe what you tell me to, and behave exactly as you wish. Why would I ever have thought of blowing this wonderful org? Please don’t send me to internet RPF.
  12. alchahest Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    you suck at pm's.

    fake edit:

  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES


    cute kittens want everyone to get over themselves...
  14. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    Not bad, needs more emo though.

    Not so good with people are ya? I hear dianetics can help with that.

    Happy? Is that what you want out of a discussion or just throwin adhoms around is something you find works.

    Pretty sure a few people have told you they think your idea is bad (on a number of levels) your choices are take that at face value and ignore it, incoroprate into your thinking, or revise your original premise.

    Simple really, except you are choosing to hold firm and just belittle those who disagreed with you. I'm not entirely sure what this accomplishes except garner more drama but you seem to be thriving on it.
  15. alchahest Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    you know guys, all it takes is for one side to stop arguing. the other will stop very shortly after that. there's nothing at stake here but e-peens. lets just forgive and forget (haha!) or at least let things slide for awhile. If it's that important that either side proves how right they are, then resolve it in PM or something. This is kind of like being a little kid going over to visit a friend, then their parents start arguing. And we all know what that's like.

    for the sake of the rest of us, can you guys just shake hands and agree to hate one another, without any parting shots? every time it looks like it's over, one side or another brings up something again and tears it open like goatse man after taco night.

    what's important is the protest. not the individuals. put your damn differences aside, at least publically.
  16. h0m3r Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    Let's Move On.. :frustration:
    We've agreed to disagree.
  17. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    Let me help you guys out with that.
  18. h0m3r Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    We're fine now, thank you. :flowers:
  19. ormuzd Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    Pictures of cats always makes things better. They should have been posted earlier.
  20. Randomness Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    I don't know if I want to do anything on this thread, seems too far gone.

    Let's keep it simple:



    Unwarranted self-importance - Encyclopedia Dramatica

    Lulz can clearly be had without being a stupid counterproductive idiot.

    Someone, go make a decentralisation forum for Edmonton, this is pathetic.
  21. Randomness Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    Further clarification:
    Clearly this is ignored.
  22. h0m3r Member

    Re: Edmonton, Alberta (Alternate) AKA LORD OF THE FLIES

    We're fine now, thank you :flowers:
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