EDU: How to stop scifags from taking pictures of you.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by poeglove, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. EDU: How to stop scifags from taking pictures of you.


    Really simple. If you can find a small amplifier for cheap then just hook it up. Put it on a switch and have some sort of enclosure OR just keep the wires really really long and run it through your sleeve and hold the Infrared emitter through the sleeve.

    If you don't know how to solder, find someone to solder the leads to the IR emitter. Otherwise it's pretty easy to solder.

    You can get the infrared emitter from here:

    I'm getting the 5mm one, because it's pretty huge and would emit the most amount of IR and would distort the image the most. Good times.

    IR emitters will distort images and in some cameras enough IR will make them shut down.

    *Mod*: Stickied as this is, to my knowledge, completely legal and will potentially protect peaceful protesters from punk PIs.
  2. Most Anon are bringing cameras too though. But I guess this will be a good thing to have at some of the protests.
  3. It isn't a mass rotating field. It only goes in the direction you point it at.
  4. JinTian Member

    Truly an intriguing idea.

    And to think I was wondering what the heck I'd do with an infrared LED I had lying around just last night...

    PRTOTIP: Radioshack has all the switches, batteries, wires, soldering materials, and Infrared LEDs you could want.

    PROTIP: You don't have to solder. Wrap the ends of wires together, and cover them in hot glue - It's faster and easier.

    For those of you scratching your heads, OP is talking about hooking up what is essentially an infrared flashlight, to your mask/hat/whatever.

    Minus any casing, though, just some wires, the LED to emit infrared light, and a battery. These can all be easily and comfortably concealed on your person.

    Why Infrared? If you have a digital camera, take it and find a TV remote. Look at the camera's screen, point the remote at the lens, and push a button. You can see the infrared signal - but not with your eyes. This way, they will THINK they are getting pictures, but if your LED is powerful enough, all they'll get is a whited-out blur.

    While simple in concept, implementing a reliable version of this that would actually obscure your face in photographs will be a bit more than a "walk in the park."
  5. Oh I see. That's actually a good idea then. I actually was imagining a big thing sitting on the ground that was emitting it to a large area.
  6. This is mostly for the Orlando folks who aren't able to wear masks.

    I'm in california myself so I don't have to worry about it.
  7. NYers can't wear masks either.

    Masks are allowed in Cali?
  8. If you're really worried about being photgraphed heres what I thought you could do (or a variation of this) Obviously, wear a mask, Bring a change of clothes including shoes in a backpack and a different looking pack inside that one. When its time to leave and you're being stalked go inside a building and to a place where your sure your not being followed. Change into your new outfit and keep the old one out of sight. Wait in that spot for some time (as long as you want 15min, 30 min etc and then leave. Now when your walking vary your body posture/step length and you should be completely unrecognizable.

    The only flaw here is if you scifag follows you all way and is able to know exactly who is in the room\place where you are and who is coming in and who has since left then they'd be able to keep track of the odd one out.
  9. ihasapancake Member

    I have no idea where I'd get an emitter like that but it does sound like a very nice idea.

    We can't wear masks here in Belgium, so this would have to go up my sleeve.
  10. Bumblefuck Member

    This is about as simple a design as you can get. The device can be easily fit inside a pin.

    Tips on soldering.

    1. pre-heat the soldering iron before using it (I can't tell you how many of my students forget to heat the damned thing before working on their projects) Make sure the soldering iron is NOT near any flammable objects while it is pre-heating. This is common sense, but it bears saying.

    2. Do not touch the soldering iron directly to the solder. Rather, heat the object you're working on with the iron, then touch the solder to the point of connection (heat sinks may be neccessary, depending on the item you're working on)

    3. Use Flux-Core solder, as this is an electronic project. It will provide a better connection with less corrosion. This means your light will be more powerful/brighter.

    4. hold the objects being soldered for a few seconds after the iron is removed. This is to prevent "pull away" which can result in lowered conductivity.

    If 2 or 3 people make these type of flashlights before the protests they should easily be able to produce 10/hour at a fairly low cost.

    edit: spelling
  11. Anondelivers Member

  12. Just a reminder, you can't actually see the light, because it's infrared.

    Take a picture of it to make sure it's working.
  13. WhySoSerious Member

    Whats the approx range of this?

    i couldn't find ANYTHING on google about it
  14. SomeOldGuy Member

    FYI - you see someone who is using a non-digital camera and doing manual focus - this won't work.
  15. Suzzle Member

    As far as I know, and I'm going on assumption here, a simple germ mask wouldn't be illegal to wear in public. It would cover your nose and mouth, and if a cop tells you that wearing a "mask" is illegal, tell him either you are a hypochondriac and will have a panic attack if you take the mask off in public areas, or just simply tell him you don't want to get sick.

  16. laresistance Member

  17. Anonacamera Member

    I posted this in another thread, may as well post it here:

    A warning about these devices: They don't work for all cameras. Some cameras (Canon 20D for example), won't detect this IR emission. I can point a remote at my Fuji and it sees the IR light, but not my Canon.

    Most of the videos/pics I have seen of Scieo surveillance types, they have been using DSLR's. I'm not sure about all DSLR's, but I can tell you an IR light won't affect mines ability to take a picture.

    Some alternatives to consider:

    -Masks: As other posters have mentioned, these are the easiest, most cost-effective way of hiding who you are. WARNING! Some areas legally prohibit the wearing of masks.

    -If masks are illegal, wear a scarf/hat/sunglasses, or all 3. At least trying to hide your identity is better than nothing at all.

    -Some types of auxiliary flash are triggered by a master flash discharging. If you want to try it, you can get an aux-flash and try to use that. Note: This will only work if the picture-taker is using a flash.

    -Face paint. Sounds goofy, but it can help to mask some of your faces distinguishing features a bit.

    I'm sure there are some other options too, but these are all I can come up with at 1:30 in the morning.
  18. As I said before, it'll only work on CCD's. DSLR's have a different type of CCD that it won't affect.

    Just another tool though. Thanks for the info everyone's posting!
  19. JohnQAnon Member

    Those dust-mask types are not bad, and probably less likely to be illegal in public. Better still: surgical masks will interfere with your breathing less than dust masks do and cover a larger area of your face at the same time.

  20. jm Member

    Re: EDU: How to stop scifags from taking pictures of you.

    This is only temporary, right? I don't want someone accidentally shutting my camera down.
  21. x-9er Member

    Keep in mind that "masks are illegal" statutes vary from state to state. In Florida, the law is very explicit that masks are only illegal when being used in the commission of a crime, to intimidate, harass, or deprive someone else of their civil rights.

    I am not an electrical engineer so I can't attest to the efficacy of the OP.
  22. AnonMomAnon Member

    alright, i just did a scientific experiment.
    i've got his garrity brand keylight that i probably bought at wal-mart for my keychain. (old people have to have shit like that.)

    i just put it in front of my face with the light on and tried to take a pic with my camera phone. bright light right in the middle and you can't see anything.

    then i put it off to the side of my face and turned the light on and the brightness of the light still hid my face.

    maybe this might be a good thing to carry. the one i have is 2 1/4"L x 1"W and is only about a 1/4 of an inch thick. really small and lightweight.

    it's garrity brand with a super bright LED light and has a keyring attached to the end.

    what about carrying something like that?
  23. lermanet_com Member

    Write XENU.NET on your forehead
    they could not web that without a ton
    of photo editing and it would look manipulated

    Some have put it on their visors of baseball caps
  24. anonochick Member

    Obvious, but often forgotten tip: If you have bright, or unusual colored hair, be absolutely sure you cover ALL of it.

    But be careful if you're covering up using a bandanna + baseball cap combo, especially if you're in a city with a gang problem. The wrong colors, cap logo, or combination thereof could get you into a shit load of non-scifag related trouble.
  25. Anonacamera Member

    With the right distance/angle/lens, I could probably still get a clear photo of your face.

    With a half-decent camera, and daylight, that LED probably won't have much of an effect on a camera.

    Remember, they don't have to be in your face to take your picture, all they need is a telephoto and some patience.
  26. Best method: hold a camara up in front of your face, and film right back.

    It's legal, and it's like that Magic Card called "Counterspell"
  27. In the buisness of covert photography (done at events and such to catch people as naturally as possible) that is called a shuttersnipe, telephotos are cheap now adays too you don't need a cannon 600mm (prime) to get a clear shot of someone's face.
  28. AnonMomAnon Member

    thanks for the insider camera info.
  29. Anonacamera Member

    No problem, thats why I am here.

    Just remember, if you *really* don't want them to see your face, wear a mask. It's the only 100% reliable way to stop them from getting a picture/video of your face.

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