EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!

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    EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!

    Hello fellow Anon! I thought it would be prudent to store and link them from here...seeing as project chanology is getting played with.


    (this one needs more publicity)


    Video showing IRL raid times.

    RL Raid in Orlando

    RL Raid in NY

    RL Raid in NYC


    A very funny dramatization of what some call "Wave 3"

    Message to Anon from XenuTV

    Message to Anon from XenuTV 2

    What to expect from them *SPOOKY*

    More of what to expect

    The un-funny truth

    Celebs you would'nt expect to be...this crazy -_O ... gists.html

    Mark Bunker on 98.3! ... _.mp3.html

    Somewhat entertaining bystander comments on Anon vs Sci's "war"

    Same guy, first vid.

    The video that was censored and started this whole thing. ... o-suppress

    If I missed something please tell!

    Also, if you find something we should have here that is not here, send me a message or post it. It will be added. From videos to links to other forums. Lets do it.
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    academic links. interesting read from a professor who has extensively studied Scientology for a number of years.

    Links on the right are to his publications.

    Of interest: "While reflecting on the relationship between celebrities and politics, sociologists David S. Meyer and Joshua Gamson concluded, "[t]he resources that celebrities bring to bear in social movement struggles do not generally include citizen education or detailed political analysis" (Meyer and Gamson 1995, 202). In essence, few celebrities have the educational and political skills that would allow them to do sustained, in-depth and nuanced presentations. Certainly this conclusion gains support from reading a CSCE transcript in which the Scientology celebrities floundered for answers to members of Congress about why Germany appeared to be so hostile to that particular group...".

    (MODS: Please add this to the main page as I feel this is really important stuff)
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    "Scientology's Threat" v2.0

    Scientology poses a serious threat to our personal freedoms. A speech by Ron Paul (not a fan of him, but it is a good speech) is read by an Anon voice-over, and lists various attempts by Scientology to buy out, intimidate and silence anyone critical of the organization. Slideshow offers visual evidence of cases in which Scientology has committed said crimes, including but not limited to:

    Cease and Desist Orders
    News stories
    Photos of victims
    Leaked Scientologist quotes

    Spread for great justice, and to inform the public of Scientology's assault on our freedom.
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  6. another page of the site listed earlier in the thread, this link talks about many different things about the church, the rules, the suborganizations, and mentions a few of the things that happen in rpf (including to stacy from the lisa mcpherson trust)
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  8. Anonymous7777 Member ... &plindex=0

    This is the best Scientology video I've seen. It's a little crude at times, but it contains a lot of great old interview footage and news reports. Highlights include his son admitting L. Ron was a crook, and an interview with the man himself.
  9. Please take some time to see a movie of exactly how it is to be on the inside. It will break your heart.

    Brett Hanover, the creator of 'The Bridge' movie, has requested it be removed from the internet and everywhere else. Brett made a great movie, on a "shoe string budget", and it should be seen by all. He says P.I's hired by the church have found dirt on him. He wants this movie no where to be found and the whole thing to blow over as if nothing ever happened. This is "fair game" tactics by the "church" of Scientology at it's fullest. I told him it's not possible for him to control what people link to or post on their personal sites. If he wants to pull the movie on his website and what he can control, that's fine. But, I can link, post, or distribute whatever critical content of the church of Scientology I want (as long as no profit or money is being made). Brett is 18 and is getting bullied around for an EXCELLENT!!! movie that he created, the first of it's kind! (The first full length film to be released critical of the Church of Scientology) I think it needs to be celebrated and not forgotten. It doesn't matter if you like the movie or not, I think it's a major piece of history in the downfall of Scientology.
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    I'm not sure if this has been posted anywhere yet. I didn't see it, but these forums are large so I very well may have missed it

    This is a VERY interesting documentary, where a women was sent in undercover to infiltrate Scientology. She was trained prior to her entrance by cult specialists in what to expect and how to resist, and also by Co$ specialists who trained her in how to fool the e-meter so that she wouldn't flag herself as a plant. There is some spy-cam footage, and many reinactments.

    It also includes interviews with those who have escaped.

    It's quite facinating. It's in 5 parts.
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    Re: EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!

    "We Are Anonymous": An Address to the Church of Scientology from Anonymous - ... re=related
    "The Ides of March": A Second Address to the Church of Scientology from Anonymous - ... re=related
    "Make Up Your Own Mind": An Address to the Common Scientologist from Anonymous - ... re=related
    "We Are A Beautiful Wind": An Address to the Church of Scientology and it's Supporters from Anonymous -
    "To Promote Equality": An Address to Youtube from Anonymous -
    "Anonymous Is Everyone and Everywhere": An Address to the Public from Anonymous - ... re=related
    "Suck Suck Motherfuckers": An Address to Anonymous from Anonymous - ... re=related
    "A Faceless Entity": An Re-Statement of Our Mission from Anonymous - ... re=related
    "Code of Conduct": A Statement of Our Code of Conduct from Anonymous - ... re=related
    "To Help Mankind": A Statement to the Media from Anonymous - ... re=related
    "Operation Reconnect": A Statement to the Public from Anonymous on Disconnection -
    "Silence #1": An Address to Anonymous from Voiceless -
    "Silence #2": An Address to Scientologists Everywhere from Voiceless - ... re=related

    I know some of these have already been posted, but these mostly consist of statements instead of protest videos and the like. About what we are and what we do.
    Moved from another thread. All videos are quality.
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    Re: EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win! ... logy/print

    The most comprehensive expose on Scientology and the CoS I've ever seen. Very long, but it covers everything, Xenu, Sea Org, indoctrination and brainwashing techniques, intimidation and suppression of dissent, intimidating their own members to stay in or they'll break up their families, etc.
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    Re: EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!

    Here's a 3 hour recorded interview I had with a Scilon. The first hour is pretty much me listening to an interview with Hubbard then the next 2 hours is an information goldmine! Hear how they argue, what they believe, what they say they don't believe (though I didn't believe most of that), and some things they have to say. You'll need to turn up the volume seeing as how the recording is off my mp3 player.

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  18. Re: EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!

    more books worth reading:

    L Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman? - Bent Corydon
    The Road to Total Freedom - Roy Wallis
    Religion Inc - Stewart Lamont
    The Mind Benders - Cyril Vosper
    Inside Scientology: How I Joined Scientology and Became Superhuman - Robert Kaufman
    Scientology: The Now Religion - George Malko
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    Re: EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!

    If you are looking to purchase L Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman? by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., you will find this out of print book available used at for - now get this - $150!!! If, however, you click on this link, you can read it on line for zip. No, you don't get pictures or a front cover. It is just plain text.
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    Re: EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!

    This is what I was searching. This content is very important for me, thank you for your hard work.
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    Re: EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!

    None of the links work anymore. :(
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    Re: EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!

    which links do you mean?
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    Re: EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!


  26. Re: EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!

    Factnet has a bunch of free eBooks downloads about scientology I fully endorse Bare faced Messiah, I actually own a physical copy of it. A small little project that I have been working on is trying to find a way to contact Mr Miller, the author to invite him here also about receiving permission for distributing it in digital form to interested parties at raids. There are also lots of rather interesting stories that would be great read out loud on raids
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    Re: EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!

    BBC Panorama - Scientology and Me.

    More of entertainment, rather than education. Gives you a good idea of what you're dealing with.

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    Re: EDUCATE YOURSELF! Links for win!


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