Egypt goes berserk

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Jan 25, 2011.

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    ^^^ not really, but sounded so cool to say it... :p
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    And I thought we didn't make anything anymore.
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    I look forward to the day where it's understood that censoring your constituency's internet immediately results in a public recognition that your government is illegitimate.

    In fact, I think ever general in the world should get together and sign a pact stating that they will not defend a ruler that employs censorship as a strategic means of controlling their citizenry.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Honestly, how many countries' governments would that leave intact? I understand and appreciate the sentiment, but to a degree, that even happens in the United States.
  16. It was probably outsourced to China, with only the release pin and labels being made in the United States.
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    I think that was the point.
  18. Consensus Member

    You're right. Most governments fuck with the internet to one degree or another. I'd like to see that end. Ultimately, the PEOPLE have to DEMAND that it end. But a short-cut would be a global pact between generals of all nations, signed without authorization from their bosses. A sort of 'Global General's Union', y'know?

    I'm a dreamer. I know this. But in the end, it's a step forward if leaders of the world suddenly realize that censoring their people in times of strife only amplifies the problem. That's what I want. I can dream up all sorts of unrealistic scenarios how a true global 'revolution' could occur on this subject, but only for illustrative purposes.
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    Don´t mess with anything.
    Antidisturbs materials were from china .
    An egypt is not a dictatorial republic supported by ue and eeuu.
    The same thing of Túnez.
    And Saudi-arabia and etc,etc,etc.

    An opinion.
    They are democracies...
  21. Stickman Member

    A blog at the Arabist lays it out,
    "...This movement, for now, has no leadership. Some opposition personalities participated, but it was mostly organized on Facebook by the campaign in memory of Khaled Said, the young Alexandria killed by police last year. The Muslim Brotherhood did not back it. Mohamed ElBaradei did not back it. The Wafd party did not back it. It appears to be largely a movement of young people inspired by the Tunisian example and the culmination of over six years of activism and rising resentment against the regime, the 30-year reign of Hosni Mubarak and the apparent acceleration of the project to have Gamal Mubarak replace his father in the last six months. It is also, of course, a protest against an increasingly unaccountable and uncontrollable police state, which is why Police Day was chosen (Mubarak must be kicking himself for making it a public holiday last year). It may become even less accountable if reports of a violent attempt to disband the Tahrir protest are to be believed. As I write these lines, it appears police are successfully driving away people from the square. Three people have thus far been reported dead, a number wounded and countless arrested...."
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  22. veravendetter Member

    The less focused and chaotic the better
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  23. none given Member

    I suggest it will not happen by legislation or leader’s agreement but because the technology makes it unenforceable and impossible to legislate.
    Consider prohibition in the US: every kitchen contained the tools to turn sugar into alcohol: that made it unenforceable. It was also against the will of the people.
    We are at the cusp of an age where children’s toys can transmit data in a way that people with common skills can create a network around and it is against the will of the people to stop it.
    I don’t believe we have to wait for social evolution. Technological evolution will force the issue.
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    Moderator Note: Do not promote illegal activities on this website.

    The Egyptian Authorities (Mainly poeple working in ETISALAT-MISR) an ISP provider in association with Egyptian authorities are now hacking into poeple's account on blogger, facebook and anything online. it looks like it is an Internet War in Egypt. My blog got hacked when I posted about blocking and Internet war and the end!!!...I restored everything and my Hosting company gives me log details for the attacker and it was shocking because it was an Egyptian IP..................!!! (Those poeple should learn something such as Tunisian government)

    We need your help to organize an attack over Egyptian authority websites

    Can you be with Egyptian Poeple Today?

    Thank you
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    No. Go away.
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    Berserk is always scary.
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    "Ask Hillary Clinton How She Feels About Egypt Shutting Down Twitter"

    Make a facebook campaign. Make a twitter campaign. Tell your friends. Make it your status. Imagine this meme hitting the media within a week.
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    This web site and the users on it do not support attacks or any sort of illegal activity, I'm afraid.
    Some of us may be sympathetic, but we can only use legal and nonviolent means to support you.

    Sorry, but those are the rules here :(
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    just go find the right chatroom to arrange stuff like that.
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    Egypt Bans Protests:
    On the bright side, the increase in export of tear gas canisters will help bring down our trade deficit.
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    "Unprecedented anti-government protests rock Egypt"
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    Pic from today's al-Jazeera story, "Can Egyptian Revolt?"
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