Egypt goes berserk

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. Rockyj Member

    On CNN or MSNBC: About 10 minutes ago showed a written public announcement by Kenneth Cole's team apologizing for this tweet.
  2. Rockyj Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Lol irony. The Tahrir square protests are using IDs to route out the police since the regime IDs list occupation.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Had this stuck in my head all day:

    Now guys I have to tell you I am not a huge fan of these folks. Their protest style can veer off toward the AGP/AO style a little more often than I am comfortable with. That being said, they are doing several things to help in Egypt for those of you looking for something to do.

    They are taking donations here:

  5. eddieVroom Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    This is why.
  7. Silly433 Moderator

    Some people are breaking

  8. Rockyj Member

  9. Rockyj Member

    The Pro Democracy Protester's courage & stamina is heart wrenching.
  10. Etain Member

    I wasn't sure I wanted to watch this. But I knew I had to.

    Dear Lord...
  11. Rockyj Member

    From what I've been viewing the Muslim Brotherhood fear is escalated propaganda by Mubarak Thugs to stay in power. Think about it...why would the far-right pundit's continue with this same verbiage?
  12. Anonymous Member
  13. Rockyj Member

    Couldn't help re-posting another "This is why" vid! Especially, since so many Egyptians are re-posting this vid every where. Me think it was created by Anonymous.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    wow 1,4 million views. It was created by this guy:
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  15. Rockyj Member

  16. WMAnon Member

    oh come on, you can't fix the font on the last six characters before you put that shit online?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Breaking? No. Not everyone wanted him gone. There was a piece shown a day or two back with interviews with several people in one area of Egypt (Small town, not like Cairo/Alexandria etc) and they just wanted things back to how they were before.
  18. Rockyj Member

  19. the anti Member

  20. Rockyj Member

    Please read more...”-thomas-jefferson/
  21. Etain Member

    Things will never be back to the way they were. It's truly beyond me that people think that, if the protests stop, things will 'go back to how they were'. As in, they don't care if their freedoms are encroached and they're trampled on. As long as they have 'stability', then it's all good.

    I can understand this mindset. Change is scary, especially when it's on this scale. But it's necessary for a people to evolve and grow. Things can't stay the same. With people like Mubarak in charge, change for the better will never come.
  22. Orson Member

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  23. Rockyj Member

    Boy, you're a bummer. Try this:

    Which appears to include thinking positively about oranges:
  24. Rockyj Member

    Yeah after that its PURE BS!
  25. CarltonBANKS Member

    Channel 4 News UK said that the state was throwing food into the Nile, to send people in to a sense of chaos.
  26. CarltonBANKS Member

    Yeah, I hesitated for a while before watching it. Channel 4 News UK showed it in the first 5 mins of the show, with the warning 'you may find ... distressing/disturbing'.
  27. Anonymous Member

    This is allegedly a document by the Egyptian Interior ministry calling to fire real bullets and releasing the thugs. I can't read arabic, so i don't know.
    But if it's real, it proves that the government was behind this.
  28. pict147.jpg

    I want my 5 cent bottle deposit!!!
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  29. Two members of the research team of Amnesty International have been detained by police in Cairo and by the moment, no one knows where are they. Another display of violence by a goverment who refuses to give the power to the people. In the meantime, the situation is getting worst and the blood is running through the streets.
    It's time to act
  30. Silly433 Moderator

    Translation = If you want despotism, you're a pussy.

    I really dislike this. It does not help understanding nor communicating with people afraid of a revolution. People are not stupid, they might be mistaken, but they think they have good reason to look after a dictator to protect them. They are afraid, for fuck's sake!

    When dealing with frighten people you need to address their fears. not label them pussies.

    Fuck Jefferson
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Given that the fearmongering has been done by M, and the violence orchestrated by him to enhance his message, I'd say Tommy boy called this one just right.
  32. lulzgasm Member

    Everybody feels fear, everybody gets frightened. but whether or not you let the fear get to you does determine whether or not you're a pussy. (no offense to any females on this thread, of course, who often have bigger balls than most men).
  33. Etain Member

  34. Anonymous Member

  35. eddieVroom Member

    After watching thugs with axes set upon the people in Tehran a couple of years ago, did anyone really expect anything different in Cairo? Perhaps they should borrow the Neda posters.

  36. Orson Member

    Well, guess that's one way of interpreting that quote.

    Unfortunately, the quote was not aimed at the man in the street, but at politicians during George Washington's presidency. A good lesson for today's politicians if you ask me.

    calm down.


    Here's the excerpt of the letter in context.
    (not using quote box, so you can, you know, quote this if you want to):

    From Thomas Jefferson to Philip Mazzei, dated: Monticello Apr. 24. 1796.


    The aspect of our politics has wonderfully changed since you left us. In place of that noble love of liberty and republican government which carried us triumphantly thro' the war, an Anglican, monarchical and aristocratical party has sprung up, whose avowed object is to draw over us the substance as they have already done the forms of the British government. The main body of our citizens however remain true to their republican principles, the whole landed interest is with them,[2] and so is a great mass of talents. Against us are the Executive, the Judiciary, two out of three branches of the legislature, all of the officers of the government, all who want to be officers, all timid men who prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of liberty, British merchants and Americans trading on British capitals, speculators and holders in the banks and public funds a contrivance invented for the purposes of corruption and for assimilating us in all things, to the rotten as well as the sound parts of the British model. It would give you a fever were I to name to you the apostates who have gone over to these heresies, men who were[3] Samsons in the field and Solomons in the council, but who have had their heads shorn by the harlot England. In short we are likely to preserve the liberty we have obtained only by unremitting labors and perils. But we shall preserve them, and our mass of weight and wealth on the good side is so great as to leave no danger that force will ever be attempted against us. We have only to awake and snap the Lilliputian cords with which they have been entangling us during the first sleep which succeeded our labors.


    In its full context, it could not be moar appropriate.
  37. Kilia Member

    Oh for pete's sake, Herro...get a REAL life!!
  38. DeathHamster Member

    Mubarak says he is ‘fed up’ with presidency as gangs attack journalist

    Who’s afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood?
  39. Zak McKracken Member

    if you think the font change was an accident, YHBT.
  40. Etain Member

    Yeah, I kinda figured all that talk about the Muslim Brotherhood being a radical group who would turn Egypt into a theocracy was just that- TALK. Not saying that they're the best choice or even perfect... it just shows that it's not what western media is making it out to be.

    Nice to hear from some actual experts on this group.

    Now the million dollar question: WHY are all the media groups so quick to make all these claims about the Brotherhood and demonize them?
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