Egypt: "Revolution 2.0". Progress and support.

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by exOT8Michael, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Now Iran...big TIME? Maybe it deserves a new thread but WOW! New threads are being creating re: Middle East & YOUNG people rising up to protest peacefully against wealthy, autocratic (families) & brutal, power controlling torturing dictatorships seems to have become the norm!
    I believe its truly a shift in consciousnesses, unity (& YES LOVE) as human beings!
    Fuck all propaganda people are tired of all the BS & just wish for peace.
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  7. It's a danger. Hopefully Egypt will be different, it seems the Muslim Brotherhood is very Egyptian, and less "Muslim-one-world-order"
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    Hoping for Egypt. Praying for Egypt. Wish I had more confidence in Egypt.
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    This. They aren't very well liked in most of the Muslim world, by both the fundamentalists and the secularists (which Egypt has a lot of).
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    Now sense we're all happy the protesters succeeded, what about what happens after?
    This guy is now the acting president: , Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.
    Is this a good thing in the long run? What does Egypt know about this guy that we don't? Would he be worse than Mubarak?
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    Things will sort themselves out now.
    Wael Ghonim and many colleagues are on it like white on rice.
    @Ghonim is currently meeting with 2 high rank generals to confer etc. How do I know?
    He Tweets!
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    LOL LooooooongSphinx is a happy cat !!


    Uploaded with

    (Shoop made by FreakE420 anon)
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    Since the ruling party has always been the political wing of the army since the monarchy was abolished, it'll be interesting to see how it goes. (What happens to the first civilian government that says that they're going to cut the army's budget?)
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    I made the following post on the Somethingawful forums - the site I 'belonged' to (almost exclusively) prior to joining Chanology. SA has often regarded Anonymous as its 'obnoxious little brother', and generally distances itself from anything Anonymous does, and opposes any publicity Anonymous achieves. I am attempting to persuade them to get on board with a strong, unified push demanding that Obama address the world in a candid, frank, apologetic manner to the people of the world about America's role - over the past 30 years - in Mubarak's dictatorship. It is a time for self-reflection by the American People and its Government. There is an elephant in the room. To ignore this opportunity could be catastrophic; to embrace it has the potential to achieve a global catharsis.

    [I've had to split it in two, as there's a 10k character limit on WWP]

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  20. Also see this
    Iran's religious government maybe falling at the same time. Doubtful Islamic fundies can take over Egypt after failing in Iran.I hope.
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    I heard Mubarak had to be rushed to a hospital to get an x-ray done.

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    Thanks and I appreciate the thought. Did you notice that the Iranian government is sending ships to Egypt today and everyone is shitting bricks over it? Did you notice that the US government is still silent about the protests in Iran? Shit is fucked up and there is something going on that the rest of us don't understand and it doesn't look good for the majority of the world. Barack out there backing Egypt and doesn't say a word about Iran. Iran sending ships (and troublemakers) and no one says boo.

    Fuck it.
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    Chill Bro, CVN 65 and CG 55 just passed through the canal a few days ago. ;)


    We got this.
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    Yeah but you know what those ships are carrying?


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    It wasn't a Dance Dance Revolution.
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    And . . . . you are why that is.

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