Embassies Open To Injured Iranians

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. anonnewsfeed Member


    pls confirm that they really accept all injured ppl, we cant send them somewhere when were not 100% shure! if u confirmed a embassy post it here with address as confirmed and tweet it pls!
  2. suggest nationals of listed embassies call their embassies and confirm, then RT...although I find it hard to believe any of those embassies will turn wounded away...they may not, however be equipped to handle large amount of injured and or traumatic injuries.
  3. Wise words
  4. anonnewsfeed Member

    if u tweet/RT a confirmed embassy use #embassy hastag together with #iranelection / #gr88

    start call the to confirm ping me anon (anonnewsfeed) on Twitter
  5. I'm afraid I find it difficult to believe Embassies would open their doors to injured of non-countrymen, for fear of upsetting 'authorities'

    I hope I'm wrong!
  6. soup the

    Dude, i doubt ALL these embassies accept injured ppl. I doubt the embassy of China gives a rat's ass for example.

    Let's just stick to confirmed reports, huh?!
  7. kldickson Member

    I am compiling a map of embassies accepting injured people. If someone would PM me a short list of countries that are VERIFIED accepting injured people, please do that.
  8. Ver Greeneyes Member

    Or rather, tell them to take critically injured people there; people who can travel should spread out across all the embassies that are taking people in so we don't overload the above three.
  9. kel Member

    Collaborative Map with Farsi/English Names and most accurate addresses
    Embassies in Iran taking injured - Google Maps

    Huffington Post linked map
    Embassies Accepting Injured People in Tehran - Google Maps

    1 Embassies may be blocked by basij
    [source: ]

    2 Speculation on whether embassies are taking injured, or whether 'official stance' say that they cant, but they are unofficially lending help. [source comments below / twitter ]

    3. Twitter sources saying hospitals are NOT safe for protesters injured
    [source: ]

    These are accepting injured Iranians only to the best of our limited knowledge, if you know more than we do, PLEASE lend a hand and update the maps. Top map is collaborative


    Embassy Addresses: Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Iran and various embassy websites

    Eldercato blog: - Embassy Status:

    Huffpo Article: []
  10. Fancy Member

    I wrote to the Canadian and USA state dept to get help.
  11. No EU embassy is open!

    I just spoke with the pressjour of the the ministry for foreign affairs in Sweden. They have an emergency number for the press on the Swedish government site. Utrikesdepartementets kontaktinformation
    Phone +46 8 405 50 10
    She said that NO embassy of any EU country has open it's ports for injuries. She also said that they keep "close" contact with other EU-embassies but no Embassy has done this. Is this just to hide that some gates actually have been opened?
  12. Vir

    MAIL IS TOO SLOW Use phones to your foreign office/state department, and tell us what you hear from them. Urge them to make official statements to the press, so that people don't call them all at once.

    Also please don't call the embassies directly, they need the phone lines to be clear.
  13. kel Member

    Thanks for the updates - please see if you can confirm with people on the ground or tweeters you trust who know whats happening. Appreciate you posting though.

    Also, theres some message being posted on one of the maps::
    Don't know how legit this is::

    Embassies Accepting Injured People in Tehran

    3of5 Updated 14 minutes ago
    source: twitter #iranelection
    Australia: confirmed
    Finnish: confirmed
    German: confirmed
    Austrian: confirmed
    Italian: confirmed
    French: confirmed
    UK: confirmed
    Netherlands: confirmed
    Norway: confirmed
    Belgian: confirmed
    Mexico: confirmed
    Portugal: confirmed
    Spanish: confirmed
    Slovenia: confirmed
    Russian: NOT CONFIRMED (and maybe not even recommended)
    Brazilian: NOT CONFIRMED (but possible, not recommended either)
  14. Vir

    This might be an insightful post, so I'm reposting it:
  15. If your nation's embassy has not opened its doors to the wounded and you are calling to insist that they provide this basic humanitarian assistance, advise them that they may be receiving a high number of burn victims. From Twitter:

  16. kel Member

    "3of5 Updated 2 minutes ago
    from a Twitter i completely trust (DunverganSF from Frisco) (3 Posts):

    Reports: Canadian embassy seeking doctors so that they can accept more wounded en masse. That sounds like the Canada I know. #iranelection
    Doctors and Medics in Tehran: Call the Canadian Embassy and offer your assistance: Canadian Embassy (011 98 21) 8152-0000 #iranelection
    Disinformation from gov't agitators try to stop you from seeking care at embassies. They want to hide the human rights abuses #iranelection

    in case of doubt between Tweets i am quite sure the embassy is open."

    Embassies Accepting Injured People in Tehran
  17. kel Member

  18. kel Member

  19. I have been in contact with a reporter at a major Swedish newspaper to ask if the Swedish embassy was open for injured. He had been in contact with the Swedish Foreign Ministry and according to them no embassies are doing this. Supposedly, this is some form of misinformation (wishful thinking?) circulating on Twitter.

    I dont know what the truth is, just passing on what he told me in his email.
  20. hurricane Member

    British Embassy details in Tehran

    We British assume that the British Embassy in Tehran is offering humanitarian aid to any injured person arriving at their address for help if not they will have to answer to the British Taxpayers for their lack of action.

    Address: British Embassy, 198, Ferdowsi Avenue

    Main switchboard: (98) (21) 6405 2000


    6405 2000
    Fax: (98) (21) 6405 2289 Management
    (98) (21) 6405 2273 Commercial
    (98) (21) 6405 2276 Consular
    (98) (21) 6405 2242 Media & Communications







    Website: UK in Iran

    Office hours:GMT:
    Sun-Thurs: 0400-1100

    Local Time:
    Sun-Thurs: 0730-1430
  21. Thank you to all nations for this important humanitarian gesture.

    Please let us know what medications are required so that we can ship to Iran
    via diplomatic transport
  22. Morgan-IRAN Member

    CONFIRMATION of Embassies

    Anyone with Tehran contacts who are or can get close enough, the word should be passed on to send VERIFIABLE info, such as video or at least date stamped photos of the injured in or at gates of the embassies suggested as being open to them.
  23. Canadian press (ctv/CBC) have asked the foreign affairs department to staff the embassies with doctors, but Iran already hates Canada due to a large expat persian population that fled the 1979 revolution and lives here. They will most likely expel the ambassador
  24. echo-IRAN Member

  25. a desert Member

    If they don't, I certainly hope they come back to one hell of an asschewing. Good show on Britain's part. Unfortunately my current country (US) doesn't have relations with Iran, but I hope my country of birth (S. Korea) opens its arms and heart.
  26. All the countries listed are nations that do normally accept refugees in emergencies. I am also curious as to what kind of humane medical treatment these people are recieving, if they can not get any help from the government there. Send. More. Info.

  27. Hearing from Twitter that Basij has been surrounding embassies to prevent wounded from getting in. There was a report of the Swiss Guard trying to break through Basij lines to get 20 people into the embassy but was repelled. Not sure about the authenticity of that story, would seem to be a BIG no-no for an embassy.
  28. I think they would, countrymen or non-countrymen - wounded is still wounded, and whilst the Embassies wouldn't openly support protests I doubt they would turn down wounded.

    Having said that, take the contact numbers with you and ring up if you need to
  29. kel Member

    Thanks for that - Not sure what to make of it. Seems to be a lot of info thats hard to confirm floating around on twitter

    I've seen :
    canadian embassy has 40+ doctors / canadian embassy closed
    basij blocking embassies, hospitals etc

    if you are in iran or have actually found the maps useful for your friends there - PLEASE POST and let us know. If this isn't helping, there's no point in keeping them updated, and filtering through the tweet flood.

  30. Can we get any sort of "proof" that some embassies are trying to help the injured?
  31. kel Member

    its really hard to get hard evidence - but the more we gather information, hopefully the better our conclusions...

    Seems like official policy of embassies is to deny involvement. Some tweets have indicated (unconfirmed) ground situation is different and that embassies will help.

    It would really help to get some info from reliable sources in Tehran who can confirm situation.

    For us on the outside - if your embassy doesn't appear on the map, in my opinion, it wont hurt to call your state representative and alert them to the fact you give a shit about whats happening in Iran, and want your embassy open to help the injured.
  32. Jaymax Moderator

    Side rant: Of pretty much ALL the info that might-or-might-not be true to come out - the main-stream media should have been able to confirm or discredit this one inside an hour.

    And yet they persist 24 hours later in reporting the embassies taking injured people in as an unconfirmed possibility. With their grainy video ripped from youtube, and their super hi-def animated graphic displays of viewer tweets and texts and whatever else.

    I wasn't exactly a huge fan before this event - but I now have absolutely zero respect for ANY of the so-called 24 hour professional news sources. None, zip, zadda, couldn't get any lower.

    Meanwhile, ...
  33. I called the Swedish embassy yesterday and they told me what they've been telling everybody else...that there's a policy.

    But if we could get some kind of "proof" to show them, they wouldn't have anything to do but to open the embassydoors.
  34. Jaymax Moderator

    Policy which is what exactly? The Canadians have since said they'd take people in in a medical emergency if they were open, but they sent all their staff home early - oh well...
  35. The "policy" stands for NOT sheltering people because it's not their country (Swedish property). They told me that EUcountries are all standing by and watching this very carefully, but they haven't opened any doors.
  36. Polish Embassy

    I hope that they won't close door for wounded people:

    No. 1/3, Pirouz St., Africa Expressway,
    Tehran, Iran, PO Box 11155-3489
    nr phone:
    tel: +98 (21) 8878 7262 do 64
    fax: +98 (21) 8878 8774
    fax: +98 (21) 8887 2627

    Solidarity from Poland. Be strong and free
  37. kel Member

    Apparently some foreign ministries are publicly declaring they will help the injured.

    Re anybody with new info - please follow the link to the map and make sure your latest info, and addresses are on there - its set up for Open Collaboration
    (here Embassies in Iran taking injured )

    if we each do a little, together we'll achieve a lot.
  38. Austria is a part of EU.

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