Embassies Open To Injured Iranians

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 20, 2009.

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    We're trying to provide more info regarding who has stated officially that they can help wounded. Please update and collaborate on map if you have more info

    Embassies in Iran taking injured
  2. belgian embassy is not taking injured, italian embassy is

    Belgian official state-news says belgian embassy is not taking injured people,
    but italian embassy is.
  3. kel Member

  4. Jaymax Moderator

    Via Huffington Post

    REPORTER: Yesterday we had in the news that some foreign embassies in Tehran, in the past two or three days, they have given shelter to rioters. You said that there's a meeting held right now in Parliament. How does Iran look at this?

    IRANIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY OFFICIAL: ... All the reports and attitudes [sic] are being observed and they're being looked into, and measures proportionate to facts on the ground will be taken. We will not act based on our emotions and feelings. But a proportionate measure to take is being studied now. I have no permission to comment at this point, and just now, I said that there's is a heated debate in parliament right now, and they are looking into all the aspects of this issue.

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