Emilie Autumn information project.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by ViciousDelicious, Jul 5, 2011.

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    both my ex and ea... ^^
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    I want my 8 minutes spent reading back. People like you make it harder to reach others, your idiocy is drowning out what little logic is out there. You look around the world we live in and decide that THIS is what you've declared a priority?
  4. I think you need to do more research on your own. You could easily find information you're looking for since it's in plain sight and publicly for everyone to see. The Liddell last name was made up (though she claims it's her name). Her real last name is Fritzges and you don't need any in depth search for that. In fact, that last name was used in SF Gate article back in the day regarding her attendance at a Nigel Kennedy event or you would just look up her IMBD page and note that she is credited with providing music for Ravendance under the name Autumn Fritzges.

    I will not lie, but she has some serious issues. She permanently banned a few fans from all events and functions for life rather than deal or work things out for what would seem minor things. In some cases, she directly broke the law in some of her dealings. One was regarding Rocklove Jewelry where a fan was helping the owner of the company give some flyers at a concert event that EA agreed to allow. She refused the flyers via her manager at the time and they were thrown away and the fan was permanently banned for "interfering in Asylum business." Rocklove Jewelry was also banned and it was covered up and she refused to deal or reimburse anything for the breach of contract. You won't find much information about this anywhere anymore though. It's been deleted from the Official forums and long forgotten.

    There was another case with another small business that wanted her endorsement. That resulted in another ban similar to the above. That too, the information was removed and probably long forgotten by now and isn't important anymore. The parties involved have long since moved on.

    There is another case with a particular fan that claims can press charges against EA for theft. I won't go into that since it's unlikely he will pursue charges. The statute of limitations will likely be up in a year or two give or take. If he hasn't pursued charges now, I doubt he will.

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