End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

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  1. outoforder Member

    End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    I want to help all those clams out there to move faster up the bridge. Does anyone know the various End Phenomenon of all the levels of the bridge

    Clear - you mocked up your reactive mind?

    OT1 - is to extrovert a being and bring about an awareness of himself in relation to others and the physical universe?

    OT2 - is rehabilation of intention and ability to project intention?
  2. A.Non Hubbard Member

    re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    The original OT3 was "being rid of all BTs," but obviously that's changed.

    OT8, I think, is the mocked-up past lives.
  3. Anonymous Member

    re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    Not exactly. It is:


    of course you could say that they are somewhat related. Any ex OT VIII care to elaborate?
  4. shadowchaser Member

    re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    8 is "Now I know who I am not, and I am interested in finding out who I am"

    as MikeOT8 confirmed in the operation siggie thread
  5. Suzette Member

    re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    Try here. The formal product statement for the OTs are in the OT documents, which you can get off wikileaks.

    Since Xenu's bridge chart lists the various books you'll need, if you can get your hands on those you might find the formal product statements for each of the bridge levels.

    One thing I've never quite figured out is how you know which level of the bridge you're actually on, or which course you should be taking. You can buy the basics books and tapes and listen to them whenever you like, for example. And you can attest to clear just by not registering any engrams on the e-meter, so in theory you don't need most of this stuff.
  6. shadowchaser Member

    re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    I think 3 might be "Cause over Life" but it also seems to be "Getting rid of all Body Thetans" or "No BTs Left"

    4 appears to be "Exteriorising" as well as "Certainty of self as a being"

    5 looks like "Cause over Mest"


    7 seems to be "Rehabilitation of Ability to project intention" but also appears to be "Cause over Life" again
  7. adhocrat Member

    re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    You can find the complete list under Classification Gradation and Awareness Chart

    It shows the complete Route To Total Insanity from the start to finish, on the process and the training routes, so you get double the fun along the way.
  8. Anonymous Member

    re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    An anon made that up to enturbulate scilons at a protest.
  9. 33755 Member

    re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    The "abilities gained" are on the Bridge to Total Freedom (wikileaks hosted). Read the right-most column of the chart.

    A Scientologist need only ATTEST to most of these, however unless they done "enough auditing" on a level, the Case Supervisor (C/S) will make the person continue more auditing on that level. Some of the levels have specific phenomenon that the C/S is looking for, and some are just that the person thinks they have achieved that level.

    Some people have achieved (or thought they achieved) the results of a rundown and tried to tell the C/S that they were finished, only to be told that they needed to continue. In Scientology, that's call "Suppressive auditing". (What else is new. <sarcasm>)
  10. anonequences Member

    Re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    You seem knowledgeable about the subject (too bad), and I don't know the context of that chart. Is that chart shown to scn members? Is it all layed out like that so that chart is well known by people on the bridge?
  11. 33755 Member

    Re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    Yeah, yeah, I know all about it. Your sympathies are accepted. Movin' on.

    That chart is posted on the wall in every org and mission. Most Scientologists have copies of it (it's given out quite freely). It's been changed a little over the years (in some cases it was changed a LOT) but the basic concepts are the same.

    Short lesson in that chart.

    Left side is training. Right side is auditing (counselling). You start at the bottom and work your way up.

    Notice on the bottom right that you start with the Purification Rundown (that sauna crap which Narconon does). You walk around "looking at things" on the next step (TRs and Objectives) or stare at each other (TRs). You do some other Scientology crap (the levels, etc.) then go on to Dianetics (the NED step), and hopefully "go Clear".

    Then on to the OT levels. OTI through OTVIII are currently available. OT9 thru OT15 are fictitious.

    That's the short lesson.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    As far as I know it really is a hubbardism and should be "The clear cognition is that you mocked up your own reactive mind"

    ot8 is "now I know who I am not and I am interested in finding out who I am"
  13. outoforder Member

    Re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    Thanks for the info 33755.

    What I'm looking for is the EP of each level of the BRIDGE. If a scio comes up to me & tell me they are at GRADE 0 of the BRIDGE, I believe it is my duty to help them on their way & and tell them the EP of GRADE 1. If they are at GRADE 3 then I will inform them about GRADE 4. If they are OT4 then I will tell them the EP of OT5. This should speed up their road to TOTAL FREEDOM. They will go into their next auditing session & hey presto Abra Ka Dabra 5 minutes later they will have completed the next level. On the other hand they might just run like Usain Bolt.
  14. adhocrat Member

    Re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE


    IIRC the EP of the Pro TRs Clay Table was to say you had the ability to talk to anyone about anything at any time.

    Is there a C/S in the house? They'd know the EP of any auditing action.
    IIRC either Level 0 or level 1 has about the same EP, ability to communicate anytime, anywhere, any place.
  15. Suzette Member

    Re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    From the OT manual:

    The end phenomenon of OT IV is “Certainty of Self as a Being.” OT IV Solo is
    designed to “proof up a being” against any possibility of being reimplanted in the future.

    From the New Vitality Rundown:

    The rundown has two major types of cognitions, and both of them should occur
    before the rundown is declared complete.
    The first is a realization that the person is himself. Some statement that adds up to
    “I’m me!” will occur if the rundown is done correctly.
    The second will be an awareness that the person is here, aware of the present
    environment, or “I’m here!”. These two cognitions are natural results of undoing the
    dumbbell phenomena.

    The "Bright Think" (say what?) Rundown

    The end phenomena of the process is a realisation by the pc that he’s really in present
    time. This EP is normally expressed with some variation of the statement “I’m Here!”
    This EP must not be caoxed by the auditor asking “Are you here yet?” and the pc must
    not be fed the cognition.

    Just searching around the doc at random: OT III is CAUSE OVER LIFE. Okee-dokee.

    New OT VI is: The EP of the Rundown
    is when: the Pre-OT has a transparent body and a clear area around it to some distance
    (barring perception of other people’s difficulties) and when he realizes he is alive and very
    much himself.

    There's a lot more; search in there for EP and End phenomenon. Some of them have intermediate end phenomena; some seem only to have e-meter movements. So if you want a neat answer, you may have to do some digging and editing.
  16. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    The CAPS have it right.
  17. Arsolycus Member

    Re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    The EP of OT-VIII is not and has never been what has been stated here so damn often. That phrase, is simply a cognition that was had on the summation of all the "information" contained in the OT-VIII course; I believe the actual OT-VIII end phenomena is the that OT realizes that all of their whole track was mocked up. Therefore, if someone were to say something along the lines of "I know who I thought I was, now I want to know who I really am" that would also be acceptable in the eyes of some reviewers.
  18. Spangly Member

    Re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    We're not really so interested in what the "promised end phenomena" is, more the magic words that let you get signed off on it. (Or at least, a terse-enough variation which would fit on signs, be readily memorized as copypasta, shouted at protests.)
  19. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    When did you do OT8?
  20. 33755 Member

    Re: End Phenomenon of each level of the BRIDGE

    Gee guys. It sounds like the same thing to me when I read both of these.

    Having said that, I think it would be a bad idea to put all the OT level "cognitions" on a poster for a protest. I have a real bad feeling about that.

    It's one thing to put a Clear cognition there, because scilons are used to people (and Hubbard) saying that Clear is about not having your own reactive mind, so stating it to a non-Clear that "I mock up my own reactive mind" (or something like that) is not gonna phase them much.

    But the rest of that? Oh holy hell will break loose.

    Then again... musing... maybe that's a good thing. When Corporate Scientology gets mad, they usually fuck up... again.
  21. EP OT3 used to be "Freedom from Overwhelm"...
    When you can get through all the can spot an OUT a mile a cannot be overwhelmed by OUTS....things that don't fit.....think of it as being an expert in..."what is wrong with this picture?" can therefore be in greater you are not distracted by the OUTS...the lies...

    Who are you? You are an ENERGY.....a Charge...and that is what you are auditing....the CHARGE, the energy of the negative experiences you have gone is a FLOW of energy....

    You are really a generic energy being... a consciousness....there is no real "True" just ARE.....I am....that I am.....

    That is a Spiritual Entity....and that is YOU....the rest is an OVERLAY of your experiences....positive and negative....

    We have all been "brainwashed" by our experiences...that is why I talk ENGLISH..."See Jane"...."See Jane Run"....1st grade....

    Everything that you are doing is an energy of some type. Everything in your mind is an energy...that is why the word "Charge" is used....Auditing, and even Freud's Talking Therapy, got at the TRAUMATIC that "erased" or "dissipated"...reduced or gone....and a person feels better, and the symptoms, psychosomatic or not, disappear...done it many times... Dianetics just uses a more detailed method of getting at it.

    So....what are you interested in running today?
    Pain in your left wrist? Good.

    Locate an incident of Pain in your left wrist....

    See...getting at and talking about the traumatic incident....gets at the trauma. You can watch the charge on the meter....the tone arm rises...the tone are falls....the tone arm "bops"....the needle Floats, and there is no tone arm action.....I would like to indicate that you needle is Floating. (Noticing VGI's.)

    It is the CHARGE you are after....When that charge is are better.

    This charge is something that you picked can use the Dianetics:MSMH book 1 technique of SOLO REVERIE....a relaxed state of remembering to get at don't need the full auditing technique to get at them...I contacted a full blown engram the first time I used ENGRAM, of pain, and UNCONSCIOUSNESS....3rd grade....knocked out....forgot for 16-17 years until I remember using the meter....real truth. You do not need an auditor to get at an engram. You just need a good regressive technique. the Bard would say....."The Charge is the thing...."

    Many techniques now days work on the Emotional is quite is not a trade secret....not just Dianetics.
    There is even a Kindle Book on Amazon in the Kindle Section....
    "Happiness Is No Charge" talks all about this....with a solo technique for getting at anything troubling you or bothering you....a Present Time Problem???? A negative emotion???
    That is problem CHARGE....the CHARGE is what you are after, and getting off.....FREUD....The Shock Charge of Shell Shock victims in World War 1.

    It is really very don't even need a meter...I don't use my left handed Mark 4....the batteries will not charge after so much time....useless...

    I used to WRITE answered back....

    You all have a VGI Day!!!!!
    This is the end of the session....
  22. Anonymous Member

    ^ have you considered posting on ESMB?
  23. The end phenom of OTIII is supposed to be freedom from overwhelm.

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